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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Top 10 Cards of 2015

#11 - Performage Trick Clown
- #CORE-EN018

Card Ratings
Advanced: 3.90 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Dec. 14, 2015

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An honorable mention.  There were a lot of great cards this year, so unfortunately, we couldn't fit them all in.  But Performage Trick Clown is certainly a notable card.  Since it specifies the word "card", it's effect still activates when detached as an XYZ material.  Also, since it allows you to summon any Performage monster AFTER it has been sent to the graveyard, it could revive itself (so there are no worries about needing graveyard advantage to make use of this card.
It gives you an extra level 4 for the making of a rank 4 XYZ, which both increases your firepower, makes the summon easier and helps you plus from its effect.  In that context, the fact that the ATK of the Performage reduces to 0 matters very little, and the 1000 damage you take doesn't matter compared to how much damage you can inflict to the opponent with a swarm.


So, before we start off the Top Ten Pojo Card of the Day Reviewer Top 10 List for 2015, we start with the Honorable Mention.

Although for me, Honorable Mention is a gigantic understatement, this card has alone changed the way you Rank 4 since it reduces the amount of cards that you ultimately require to do so, and this is because Once Per Turn, it is able to come back (or another Performage Monster) and then inflicts 1000 damage to your Lifepoints… Most certainly a small price to pay when Lifepoints currently matter not terribly much… As long as it is more than zero of course!

From the moment that this card was released it along with Heroic Challenger – Thousand Blades created the Deck called Clown Blade, but those of you whom follow the OCG would have already been aware that this Deck was coming, sadly it took an early hit when Lavalval Chain was unexpectedly Banned. More importantly this card crept into Shaddolls and Nekroz, Decks that until the latest Banlist, were highly relevant, however Performage Trick Clown also found its way into otherwise less competitive Decks like Lightsworn and some Chaos variants. Most recently it has become included in EmEm (PePe), although its inclusion in this Deck really is simply a continuation of its use from EmEm’s original founding Deck, Clown Blade.

And for all of those Decks that have used/ use Performage Trick Clown, while only one Deck, Clown Blade, continues to play 3 of them in many instances, 1-2 Trick Clown’s in a Deck is the amount that has become most ideal, and thus used.

Being able to use Performage Trick Clown tends to be an extremely easy thing to do, Normal Summon it, Xyz using it as one of the materials, detach it in order to activate that Xyz’s effect, Special Summon it or another Performage monster from your Graveyard and then use it along with another monster to Xyz Summon again on the same turn. Of course, having Performage Trick Clown in your hand isn’t always a possibility, however, for this type of inconvenience you have several ways with which to rectify it, firstly, you can Banish a Performage Damage Juggler from your Graveyard and then add it to your hand, you can use Foolish Burial, Mathematician or Brilliant Fusion. Plus, as an added benefit all of those mentioned cards benefit EmEm the Deck to beat currently, seamlessly… Those exact same cards are also able to be used in EmEm’s non Pendulum counterpart, Clown Blade. And finally, if you do happen to have a “Dead” Performage Trick Clown in your Graveyard you can use Instant Fusion to Summon Elder Entity Norden, revive it, Xyz Summon and then when that Performage Trick Clown goes to the Graveyard, you’ll be able to Summon it back to the field and then as long as you either have another monster, or can Summon another monster to the field, Xyz again.

And while I’ve mentioned Xyz Summoning exclusively thus far, Synchro Summoning with Performage Trick Clown is a perfectly valid option to do!

Because of how Performage Trick Clown has impacted the game, and with how many Decks it has been included in, I am extremely disappointed that this did not make the Top 10 list, it has changed the amount of resources that you require for Xyz (and Synchro (Tribute also potentially)) Summoning and because of this it has become far easier to Summon more monsters onto the field at one time and with less actual use of resources. 

Rating: 4.5. This card doesn’t see play in every Deck, but when a card sees consistent play in most of the Meta relevant Decks that have mattered over the last year… Nekroz, Shaddoll, EmEm, and all of them Tier Decks, it speaks volumes about how important a card this has been, and how much of an impact that it has actually made to it. And cards like this remain a force until something better comes along.


We’re starting our countdown of the top 10 cards of 2015 this week, but we had an extra day to work with this year, so today we’ll be going over the card that just barely missed the cut. #11 on the list was Performage Trick Clown.
Trick Clown has been a major card since its release in Clash of Rebellions. Being a self-reviving Level 4 monster lends itself to a lot of really powerful Rank 4 plays, and it also synergized well with Shaddoll (pre-banlist) due to being a LIGHT monster, as well as Nekroz for being a Level 4. The 1000 LP cost could also be played to your benefit if you combined Trick Clown with Heroic Challenger – Thousand Blades; this combo allowed you to constantly revive 2 Level 4 monsters for a large amount of Extra Deck plays, and was the cornerstone of the Clownblade Deck.
Trick Clown still sees play in just about any Deck running the Performage engine, but with a more Pendulum focus thanks to Performage Plushfire, Trick Clown is no longer a major component of the Deck and is generally only seen in copies of 1 or 2. It’s still a very solid card regardless.
Rating: 4/5

Hello Pojo Fans,
Performage Trick Clown's effect may be only for “Performage” monsters, but the splashability of these monsters helped decks like Shaddolls swarm even more before the latest ban list.
Searchable by Performage Damage Juggler and Performage Plushfire, Trick Clown has decent stats and Attribute to lend him support. A 1-for-1 when sent in any fashion to the grave, Trick Clown can even special itself from the grave. What makes that card so good is that ability. Shaddolls would send it to the grave for a Fusion Summon, then Trick Clown would come back, another Shaddoll would hit the field and a Rank 4 Xyz Summon would be next.
Despite the ban list hitting Shaddolls, this card can still help any deck willing to tech some “Performage” monsters or even just 3 Trick Clowns. Xyz Summon with this card, detach it, Special it, Xyz again and repeat next turn until the opponent can stop it or your life points are too low. Combined with 1000 Blades, this combo was even better, spamming the field with Rank 4 monsters the opponent would be quickly outnumbered.
You only need one of this guy to start the spamming, but if you can run the support behind him, he can be eve better.
Until Next Time

So I announced Friday a little bonus game for guessing the Top Ten that we'll be starting tomorrow. Since today's card is Number 11 on the list, I'll give you another day to post a predicted Top Ten list on the Forum Page that I have set up. So far, no one has gotten it, so your chances are great. Good Luck! 
We reviewers gave this card an average score of 3.6/5. This score makes sense for where it appeared on the list. This is a good generic Level 4 that can potentially allow for multiple uses at the cost(damage) of 1000 Life Points each. However, There are so many great ways to Special Summon Level 4 monsters now, that Performage Trick Clown might not be the best option for every deck. When it is used, it might just be the most revivable monster in your duel and in the entire game. 
Score: 4/5
Art: 4/5

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