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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Mistaken Arrest
- #CORE-EN065

Until the end of your next turn after this card resolves, neither player can add cards from their Deck to their hand except by drawing them.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 3.06 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
August 13, 2015

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Mistaken Arrest
Following cards like Mistake and Shared Ride, we have another flanker.  And I dedicate this one to the American for-profit prison system.  All around, though, Mistake seems like a better card because it can lock the opponent for several turns while still being chainable.  At the same time, MA has the benefit of being activated on your turn (in case you're attacking into a searcher or something), and it doesn't lock you out in case your deck is search heavy.  It's a tolerable niche side option for certain decks and metas.



Closing our short week, we come to Mistaken Arrest.  This card is sort of a Quickplay version of Deck Lockdown, except the latter prevents Special Summoning as well.  Gaining an edge obviously in being a Quickplay, makes it a bit more preventative, at least from a defensive standpoint.  Not being able to add a card to your Hand, save the Draw Phase, even just for the short time this card does, enables you to slow the game down.  Only for a minute or two, but it does nonetheless.  Honestly, I see this as Tech.  Good enough to be played, but not game breaking or broken enough to see a lot of it.
Rating:  3/5
Art:  4.5/5

T-REX Mistaken Arrest
In a nutshell, this is the Spell counterpart to Mistake… With some advantages, and disadvantages.
Unlike Mistake, this is not a Continuous-type card, so MST cannot be used to prevent its effect from applying.
This cards effect only lasts a couple of turns, meaning that only ever just 1 of your opponent’s turns is actually going to be effected by this card, but it does mean that if your opponent were to Summon Deneb for example via Call of the Haunted on your turn you can make that Summon rather unrewarding, and as a Quickplay Spell, this is simply something that Mistake cannot do unless you’d already Set it upon a previous turn.
But since this card can escape cards such as MST and Royal Decree, you are lugged with the inconvenience of this card only applying for such a short time, meaning that in some instances this card will be less effective than you’d like, on the other hand however as its effect does run out, it also won’t prevent you from Deck searching, especially if your Deck also relies upon searching out cards from the Deck.
Rating: 4. Preventing searching from the Deck is always going to be an extremely effective and powerful effect, and this Spell form of it adds depth to the slowly growing list of cards that can do so.


Hello Pojo Fans,
Mistaken Arrest is a handy card that belongs in most side decks. Quick-Play gives it playability during either players turn, and the ability to stop all additions to the hand except through drawing will likely slow your opponents moves and give you the advantage.
Nekroz, Ritual Beast, and Burning Abyss depend on searches throughout their deck, and though the ban list has limited what a few of these decks can do, they still have a great deal of big-play potential in them, and you can stop that for a turn with this card. Even if you are playing a similar deck, search out all your monsters, then play this card when your opponent attempts to search. They will burn that search and be unable to search anymore until the end of your next turn.
This card belongs in a side deck, and in some decks a main deck. Even if you add cards a lot from your deck to your hand, you can still use this card to slow your opponent.
Art-3.5/5- Sangan is the reason why I don't take the bus.
Until Next Time


Mistaken Arrest has one of the funniest card art ever. Poor Sangan. Anywho, This is a quick-play spell card and it's quite simple and effective. Until the end of your next turn, neither player can add cards from their deck to their hand unless they draw them. This card shuts down any type of search ability for a little while, and most top decks rely heavily on this. You have it, it's most likely in your side deck. Smart move.


Mistaken Arrest is almost the exact Quick Play Spell Card of Mistake. Mistake is the Continuous Trap card that keeps both players from adding cards to their hand from the Deck. Mistaken Arrest does the same thing for 1 opponent's turn and 1 of your turns. This might be appealing to players who have already made their plays or have an established board and want to keep the opponent from mounting a comeback. I particularly see this card as useful in a Nekroz mirror match. Nekroz would never run Mistake because they don't have an easy way to get rid of it once it is activated. This option is ideal for short term negation. Monster cards that add cards to the hand after normal summon have one more set card to fear.
There isn't much more to say about this card. It has no cost and can be used during either player's turn. It is an excellent disruption tactic, but is definitely better in the early or middle game. It is also searchable by those few cards that like to search Quickplay Spell Cards (Quick Booster being my favorite of those options).
Score: 3.5/5 Chainable cards are good. It would be better if it also prevented adding cards outside the Draw phase or adding cards to the hand from the Graveyards.
Art: 4/5 I wonder if Sangan will ever find its way off the ban list.


Oh. Um... Hmm.... This card's art is really awkward when you consider the fact that most of the “arrested monsters” are all banned in today's meta.

So basically what this card does is stall both you and your opponent from getting cards straight from the deck. For one whole turn. I can see reasoning for side decking this card, especially if you're up against someone who relies on search cards like Mother Grizzly, or Mystic Tomato, or... Hmm. Do Sylvans suffer from this effect? *Quick research mode, activate!* Sylvans excavate cards (not draw) from the top of the deck, and if you're not dropping one off to the Grave then you're going to send the rest to the bottom of your Deck. So, Sylvans can potentially work around “Mistaken Arrest.” ….Or, maybe I'm just confused by the rules.

So overall, this is a potentially good if not fun stall card. However, since you yourself would be stalled by its effect, then I would assume you'd have a very slow deck to work with if you feel the need to use up to three of these. Sorry, but I'll pass. 

Final Score: 1/5


Hey everyone its CJ here and its so awesome to be apart of the COD team. :) 

So it looks like my first review is going to be on  

A very handy quick play spell for todays game. Every top deck has something that lets them search. So just chain this little baby when they play cards to search and they lose it. No search for you! Plus with it being quick play you can chain it to MST or anything else wanting to take out your spells and trap. True you can't search either, but if you already have field presence then the game could swing in your favor. :) Great, balanced card in my opinion. 
Everyone have a great day. Ill be seeing you all around. :)

Rate 4/5 

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