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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Archfiend Eccentrick
- #CORE-EN042

Pendulum Effect You can target 1 other Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy both it and this card. You can only use this effect of "Archfiend Eccentrick" once per turn. Monster Effect You can Tribute this card, then target 1 monster on the field; destroy it. You can only use this effect of "Archfiend Eccentrick" once per turn.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 3.58 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
August 11, 2015

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Archfiend Eccentrick
Definitely one of the best generic Pendulum monsters we've seen yet.  Atop of providing the overall Pendulum works, it can pop a spell/trap and then come back to pop a monster.  Since Pendulum monsters revive themselves with ease, it could potentially be like having an Exiled Force for free every turn.  The pure fact that the monster's effects both have a Once Per Turn clause should suggest to you that it's good (i.e. Shaddolls, Satellars, Burning Abyss).  Definitely a must-have from the set.



Another Archfiend card hey?  Archfiend Eccentrick is a Level 3 Monster, and a 7 on the Pendulum scale, with a craptacular 800 attack and 1000 defense.  One of the ever growing army of Light type Fiend Monsters also.  For a Monster effect, you can Tribute this card and target another Monster on the Field to destroy it.  For a Pendulum effect, you can target a Magic or Trap card on the Field and destroy it, along with this card.  I just don't like this card.  It's 1-for-1 destruction either way, but there are far easier and more advantageous ways to go about these things.
Rating:  2/5 
Art:  4/5

T-REX This tiny little Fiend actually has quite the ability to be rather useful, regardless of whether you are using it in a Pendulum Deck or not.
Archfiend Eccentirck essentially has 2 different “Modes,” the first one is where you can Summon it as a monster and use it like Exiled Force, and the second is where you can essentially activate this like a Continuous Spell card that you can Destroy in order to Destroy another Spell or Trap card on the Field.
And it is this duality that means that you can use it to remove either an annoying monster or a Spell/ Trap card without necessarily needing to fill your Deck with additional Monster or Backrow removal as this card can indeed do both.
As such it can support your Deck for the unexpected.
This card does of course get better when used in a Pendulum Deck as its first able to be used to destroy a Spell or Trap card if you want, and then in subsequent turns you can use it each and every turn to remove a monster from the field by Pendulum Summoning it.
And for additional “Funzie’s” if you like, Archfiend Eccentrick can be Summoned straight from the Deck via Tour Guide From the Underworld.
Outside of a Pendulum Deck, this is a quite nifty little Tech card and can allow you to deal with problem monsters or problem backrow depending upon the situation at hand… In a Pendulum Deck, this could be a little more annoying!
Rating: 4. While I mostly consider this a sort of “Tech” card, its use cannot be understated especially since it can essentially do so much for so little.


Hello Pojo Fans,
While it isn't terribly good for Archfiends,  Archfiend Eccentrick is a good Pendulum Monster, and holds a usefulness to decks that run a lot of monsters and don't wish to run many s/t.
Low stats, but a Fiend-Type and LIGHT Attribute, lending it good support,  Archfiend Eccentrick is a 1-for-1 trade regardless of being in the Pendulum Zone or the Monster Zone. While being an Exiled Force for any card on the field is good, and Chaos fodder after it hits the grave, it isn't a good asset by itself. It is a tool to clear out something troublesome that could stop a swarming attempt by you that turn.
Tour Guide can pull her from the deck, but she won't have her effects. Archfiend Heiress can search her, as well as Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. It's an alright card, but it doesn't stand out, and doesn't directly help its archetype.
Until Next Time


Hello Pojo Universe! I am Warlockblitz and have just joined the Yugioh Card of the Day staff. I have been playing for a very long time in New York City, and I hope I can give some unique insights into the chosen cards for this and future weeks. 
Archfiend Eccentrick. The first thing I can say about this card is that it is hard to pull. My friend and I opened a case of Clash of Rebellions, that's 288 packs, and did not pull a single one of these cards. The second thing that I want to say about this card is one word: Versatility. This card is the solution to many problem cards you may be facing. Problem field spell? pop it. Boss monster? pop it. The only cost this card has is itself. It is the very definition of one for one advantage. If you're lucky, you can destroy something and remove that Vanity's Emptiness that has been keeping you from your plays. 
I haven't even mentioned that this is a pendulum monster with a decent set of scales at 7 on either side. There is no restriction on the monsters that can be pendulum summoned with this card. It is extremely splashable in most decks in multiples. It's a level 3 Fiend so Burning Abyss players could use this to have some more targets for Crane Crane or Tour Guide, without the effects. I'd even consider it in Shaddolls as a good Light target for El Shaddoll Construct. 
Time for some comparisons. Were you still running Breaker the Magical Warrior? If you don't need spellcasters, consider Archfiend Eccentrick to be the monster solution to your Spell/Trap removal. Were you running Exiled Force or Exploder Dragon? If you don't need the warriors or dragons, consider Archfiend Eccentrick to be the monster solution to easy monster destruction. 
I hope I am not over selling this card. 800 Atk and 1000 Def are not great. It Targets, so be careful with that. 
Score: 4.25/5 Run three if you can afford it. There isn't a time when this will be a dead draw. It would be perfect if you could activate this during your opponents turn. 
Art: 4.5/5 I love crazy chicks. 


Archfiend Eccentrick (Ah, I see what you did there!) 

Tee-hee, I'm so cute! Look how cute I am as I drag you down to Hell! 

A simple one-for one for either a Spell/Trap or Monster? Sounds great! ….Oh, wait. I have Raigeki and MST for that.

Well, in all fairness, some decks need the extra instant kill, like when your opponent plays a Spell-heavy deck like the new Aquarium/Aquaactress theme- believe me, this particular one has given me trouble lately. And I can see the potential here for Archfiend decks, or Fiends in general. Plus she's searchabile through Shining Angel, which is a plus.

And, let's see... is Chaos still a doable theme in today's meta? We still have Chaos Sorceror at least, right? ...What's that, you say? Envoy is back too?? Well, congratulations Konami, you have once again broken the game for the rest of us.

In all seriousness though, this card is only reccomended for decks such as Chaos, as it requires you to basically throw a monster into the Grave. If you can utilize that to your advantage, then there's no reason for you not to use this card. Otherwise, I'd stick with the good ol' field-wipe Spells and Traps for a quick and easy advantage, no sacrifices required. 

Final Score: 5/5 Chaos Deck, 4/5- Pendulum/Archfiend Decks, 2/5 Overall

Pleb the

For you older Yu-Gi-Oh players, there once was a time when MST was semi-limited and even limited. These days have since then passed, but the sheer usefulness of MST still shines today, and in Clash of Rebellions, a new Light Fiend type pendulum monster has been released. Its pendulum effect allows you to pop an opponent’s spell or trap card, with the cost of Archfiend Eccentric being destroyed. Its monster effect is similar to Exiled force. The card seems simple at first, but is very abusable with various pendulum strategies being able to use either effect, and since it is sent to the extra deck when destroyed, pendulum summon it back and use its monster effect to destroy an opponents monster. Overall, a good card that helps nearly all pendulum decks, yet still retains nearly all of its usefulness in a non-pendulum deck. The only downfall is that to use its monster effect in a non-pendulum deck, you will most likely have to waste a normal summon to use its monster effect.

Rating: 4/5

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