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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Ghostrick Angel of Mischief
- #WSUP-EN035

2 Level 4 monsters You can also Xyz Summon this card by using a "Ghostrick" Xyz Monster you control as the Xyz Material, except "Ghostrick Angel of Mischief". (Xyz Materials attached to that monster also become Xyz Materials on this card.) When the number of Xyz Materials on this card becomes 10, you win the Duel. Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; add 1 "Ghostrick" Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to your hand. Once per turn: You can attach 1 "Ghostrick" card from your hand to this card as an Xyz Material.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 3.81 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
April 22, 2015

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To achieve the win condition is a minus 8 for your card advantage, so that's a total no-go.  On the other hand, it works as a searcher for Ghostricks (a fun deck capable of some surprises) and is relatively easy to summon.  Okay, for it's decks.



We haven't covered many Ghostrick cards but this is a really fun one, she comes with a "You Win the Duel" condition.  Ghostrick Angel of Mischief, which is a delightfully contradictory name, is a Rank 4, Dark attributed, Fairy type XYZ Monster, who is XYZ Summoned with two Level 4 Monsters.  Dark Fairies are almost as much fun as Light Fiends...2000 attack is meh for a Rank 4, but the 2500 defense is solid.  You can XYZ Summon this card by using another Ghostrick XYZ Monster as an XYZ Material, and any XYZ Material said card has becomes XYZ Material for this card, which is super relevant, as if this card has 10 XYZ Material, you win the Duel.  Pulling that off would undoubtedly be difficult...but use an XYZ that has two all ready, plus another card, and use its effect to add one once during your turn, and you're up to 5 of 10 all ready.  Furthermore, there are ways to transfer and add XYZ Material, honestly, you could pull this off in just a couple of turns.  If you can protect her honestly just say 2 turns after XYZ Summon, you can win.  The odds of that happening often may not be great, but she's going to receive a favorable potential score.

The Ghostrick Deck actually could do fair I think, not Tier 1, but it's not a bad Archtype at all, and this makes it worth playing.  3.25/5
Art:  4.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Ghostrick Angel of Mischief is the third Xyz monster to have a win condition involved within its effect, but the only Rank 4 to have one.
Two ways of bringing Angel out lend it more flexibility for play in other decks, but you likely won't see her except in a Ghostrick build. Use any “Ghostrick” Xyz monster as material (and any other materials attached) or an 2 Level 4 monsters. Good ATK and great DEF for a Rank 4, and plenty of support for the DARK Attribute.
If you are going for the win condition, once per turn Angel allows you to attach any “Ghostrick” card from your hand to her as a new Xyz Material. There are also various cards that will attach themselves to this Xyz monster and become new materials. Ghostrick Parade can also help you add cards to your hand for Angel of Mischief to attach to herself.
If you aren't going for the win condition, you can always detach a material and search out any “Ghostrick” spell/trap from your deck and add it to your hand. Eight Ghostrick spell/traps exist currently, giving you several options to choose from. Ghostrick Museum alongside Ghostrick Night can create a lockdown situation. Your opponents monster(s) get flipped face-down after attacking you while Museum is out, then activate Ghostrick Night, preventing them from being Flip Summoned.
There isn't really a fast way for you to achieve the win condition, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Having a win condition available is handy, and the card has a good effect to back up its win condition, making it essential for the archetype.
Advanced-2/5 (4/5 in Ghostrick)
Until Next Time

"Mean and Evil"

Ghostrick Angel of Mischief is the one card I looked forward to World Superstars for, and when it was revealed, it was a time of celebration: she was what made the "Ghostrick" theme almost good about a year ago! A year later, Ghostrick Angel of Mischief is not nearly enough to salvage the already forgotten "Ghostrick" deck - which denies me the opportunity to call her "fashionably late" - but seeing how the "Ghostrick" theme has to be the most marvelous archetype the design team ever came up with, and considering that the deck's strategy was seemingly never thoroughly explained in previous Card of the Day reviews, I decided to provide a short outline of the deck's tactics, and Ghostrick Angel of Mischief's function in it. Please bear with me!
The troll that is Konami of America decided to release Ghostrick Angel of Mischief just after limiting Tour Guide from the Underworld, forcing dedicated players to look hard for cards to rebuild their decks, as any "Ghostrick" deck lists prepared in advance took a harsh blow. A harsh blow indeed, as even variants that before did not feel the need to focus too much on XYZ summons (usually those focusing on Ghostrick Skeleton), now gained access to a "Ghostrick" XYZ that is too good to pass up. Indeed, Ghostrick Angel of Mischief is quite a boon.
First thing first, she sports 2000 ATK, higher than any other monster in the theme. Add to this that she can be XYZ summoned using Ghostrick Dullahan as an XYZ material after he halved an opponent's monster's ATK, and Ghostrick Angel of Mischief becomes a valuable offensive force. Moving on, 2500 DEF is fantastic, considering that with any "Ghostrick" field spell up, the opponent won't be able to attack other monsters than Ghostrick Angel of Mischief as long as they are face-down - Ghostrick Lantern and Ghostrick Specter will make sure to protect her and pump out new copies of her during our own turn.
Most importantly however, is her effect to add any "Ghostrick" spell or trap card from the deck to the hand by detaching an XYZ material. First of all, this provides the deck the opportunity to easily recycle Ghostrick Scare and Ghostrick Vanish by detaching Ghostrick Alucard or Ghostrick Dullahan, allowing players to use fewer copies of the not always as useful Ghostrick Vanish, and to entirely forego the battle-reliant Ghostrick-Go-Round; furthermore noteworthy is that Ghostrick Angel of Mischief has the stats to "back up" the Ghostrick Night she searches, preventing the opponent from flip summoning their monsters.
Alas, her most important feat is that Ghostrick Angel of Mischief basically streamlines the "Ghostrick" deck, providing one optimal setup that further emphasises the deck's unmatched defensive game, and from which winning the game is merely a formality in a good number of matchups - I'm inclined to compare the "Ghostrick" strategy to the strategy of decks usually seen in the Pokémon TCG, for those who have an understanding of both.
With the powers of searching and recycling on hand, Ghostrick Angel of Mischief will set up and maintain a field of herself, backed up by a copy each of Ghostrick Night, Ghostrick Scare, and Ghostrick Vanish without much issue, and with any non-XYZ Ghostrick to allow Ghostrick Scare's activation added to that, the opponent will find themselves facing a field that is difficult to overcome: Ghostrick Night prevents them from flip summoning their monsters, and Ghostrick Scare flips a possible threat face-down when they summon it. Lastly there's Ghostrick Vanish, who prevents the opponent from destroying the setup, and can even protect it from targeting effects with correct prediction. Did I mention that Ghostrick Angel of Mischief can attach any "Ghostrick" card from the hand to herself as an XYZ material to keep replenishing the selection of "Ghostrick" traps?
One more card deserves a mention, namely Ghostrick Nekomusume: surely relying on a lone trap to disrupt the opponent's monsters is easily played around, but using it as a backup while Ghostrick Nekomusume automatically sets any monster of level 4 or higher summoned? I think I'm on to something! There's no need to worry about her low stats: most decks lack many ways to through this setup get a monster to attack her on the field anyway, and let us not forget that Ghostrick Lantern will be there for her when she needs it.
So, once our primary "Ghostrick" engine (consisting of Ghostrick Jiangshi, Ghostrick Lantern, Ghostrick Mary, and Ghostrick Specter, lending itself extraordinarily well to stall the game) provides us with the means to set up a field of Ghostrick Datenshi, who in turn arranges a field of Ghostrick Jiangshi (or any non-XYZ "Ghostrick"), Ghostrick Night, Ghostrick Scare, and Ghostrick Vanish, all we need to do is win the game in some way right? I will be obvious that a deck including all the cards listed until now, while strong when on the defensive, has to work hard to deal the damage needed to win the game - it's a possibility nonetheless, and in the final section of this review I will suggest several ways to neatly end the game in our favour.
Obviously, there's Ghostrick Angel of Mischief's win condition, allowing one to win the duel once a tenth XYZ material is attached to her. Unfortunately winning in this way is not entirely realistic as one cannot protect Ghostrick Angel of Mischief forever, especially if no materials are to be detached from her to search for traps. There are ways to summon Ghostrick Angel of Mischief with ten materials in a single turn, using a lot or Rank-Up-Magic spells, but these tactics are not to be taken too seriously, requiring more than three specific cards in hand to work.
More feasible ways to end the duel are through damage, using Ghostrick Mansion to lower your opponent's life points to 0 over a turn or two by attacking while their monsters are restrained, or through deckout, using the effect of Ghostrick Skeleton to demoralize and infuriate the opponent. The second variant especially makes good use of Ghostrick Parade to set up in the early game, because the offset of the opponent not taking any more damage, is hardly an issue. It's also worth mentioning that there's a good chance that Ghostrick Skeleton manages to banish any outs to your lock the opponent included.
All in all, as is not unusual with cards we review, Ghostrick Angel of Mischief is a fantastic card in a not so fantastic deck. It pains me to say that "Ghostrick" will have trouble keeping up in ths day and age, even with access to this wonderful XYZ monster - although I don't believe "Ghostrick" was ever meant to be a deck that was competitively viable, seeing the many difficult-to-work-around restrictions the theme was given from the start; there are multiple ways to make a deck built around the theme work, and I for one will certainly try and see how far it can go.
Traditional: 4/5. Ghostrick Datenshi is a part of several obscure FTKs/OTKs due to her ability to search a "Ghostrick" field spell by detaching a material, as well as due to her win condition. Who knows whether she could make a splash here? Who plays the Traditional format? Would there be people who fall in both of these groups?
Advanced: 4/5. I don't care that the "Ghostrick" theme comes short; Ghostrick Angel of Mischief searches any themed spell or trap, and can be placed on any of the themed XYZ monsters, which recycle any "Ghostrick" card in turn when detached (except for Ghostrick Socuteboss, but she's rarely summoned)! If "Ghostrick" decks cannot keep up, Ghostrick Angel of Mischief is most definitely not the one to blame for it.
Art: Futari no Yoru no Konsaato/5.

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