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Crush Card Virus


Card Ratings
Advanced: 3.88 

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Date Reviewed:
April 17, 2015

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Closing the week is Crush Card Virus, a card that has currently to date seen three different Erratas.  This card is a shadow of its former self, and to be candid, it didn't need to be nerfed anywhere near to the degree it has been.  Honestly, before they fiddled with it at all, yea it could be a huge bane to your play, but it wasn't something you couldn't recover from.  The no Damage part until the end of the next turn is completely unnecessary.  It's a shame when a card tries to be less powerful and ends up being nothing.
Rating:  2.5/5 at best
Art:  5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Crush Card Virus is once again on the limited side of the ban list. While it took a change in its text to do so, I never considered this trap would be back in the game. The crippling effects of the original CCV have been altered to allow its return, and have taken a large chunk out of its reasoning to be played directly in the main deck.
While some effects remain the same, lets touch on what has changed:
            Your opponent takes no damage until the end of the next turn after this cards activation.
            Your opponent CAN choose to destroy up to 3 monsters from their deck that have 1500ATK or more.
You won't be finishing your opponents Life Points off by playing this card to clear their field/hand anymore. You can do a ton of damage, then activate this card, but they will not be taking any damage until the end of the next turn. No longer spying on your opponent for three turns, the change that allows your opponent to destroy their own monsters (up to 3) from their own deck allows them to plus off of a card that is meant to all-but kill their chances. This is meant to balance out the hand/field wipe they will likely suffer from CCV. Shaddoll, Qliphort, and Burning Abyss players plus greatly off of this effect. And while Burning Abyss have few targets above the 1500ATK or more line, they do and can take advantage. Nekroz use their graveyard and could set up their next moves by moving monsters into the graveyard to be affected by their Spell Cards. Qliphorts would send three targets to their grave, which would redirect to the Extra Deck to be Pendulum Summoned likely on the players next turn.
CCV is still a great card. It robs your opponent of their strong monsters from their hand and field. It's a problem solver and good in a pinch, it's just been altered so it isn't as much of a death blow as it used to be.
Until Next Time


It’s difficult to evaluate Crush Card Virus because my opinion on it keeps changing. Since its unbanning I’ve gone from thinking it’s alright to thinking it’s outright broken to thinking it’s absolutely terrible to thinking it’s pretty good when used correctly.
Crush is extremely powerful in the correct situation, but when used incorrectly it can very well cost you the game. So, what is the correct situation?
Well, it’s matchup dependent. Against Nekroz, using Crush preemptively is a bad idea; it’s best used when you know they can’t recover with a Cycle into Trishula. Nekroz in particular is the matchup where Crush requires the most finesse, because it will make or break you in that matchup. Against Decks like Satellarknight and Qliphort, it’s useful to completely wipe out their setup, but be careful to make sure they can’t recover it easily.
Against other matchups, Crush is very hit or miss; Ritual Beast primarily contains a large number of monsters below 1500 ATK, and the Fusion monsters can dodge it. Yosenju can protect themselves with their Counter Trap or the Pendulum monster that prevents destruction. Against Shaddoll it can be used to intercept a Fusion Summon, but it also gives them a free Squamata and Beast, so use your best judgment there. I wouldn’t recommend it against Burning Abyss at all, since a majority of their monsters are below 1500 ATK and resolving it gives them a free revival with Cir.
Crush Card Virus is nowhere near the monstrosity it was before its errata.  Regardless, the amount of knowledge and advantage you can gain means the card is still very brutal in the right situation. The card requires a lot of thought to use effectively, but if used right it can win you games. Use it wrong and you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a lot of stuff. Personally I like cards like that.
Rating: 4/5

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