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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Sinister Shadow Games
- #DUEA-EN072 

Send 1 "Shaddoll" card from your Deck to the Graveyard, then you can change any number of face-down Defense Position "Shaddoll" monsters you control to face-up Defense Position.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.75
Advanced: 3.83 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Sep. 2, 2014

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Hey yall.  Mr. Pojo (Bill) is taking a vacation this week so we're going to give you a three-fer.  We still have El Shaddoll Construct to go, but that aside, we reviewed all the Shaddolls.


Sinister Shadow Games


Sinister Shadow Game is a great card but not in the same sense that Winda is.  This card isn't a powerhouse that will win you games.  Its a consistency card that will speed up and prime your deck.  It will help compensate for some bad opening hands.  Shaddolls have 3x Mathematician to dump their monsters on your turn.  This card is for the opponent's turn.


Possible targets:


Beast – Draw 1 card.  (Becomes a Jar of Greed ; Sends Beast to graveyard for Falco combo)


Dragon – Destroy 1 S/T (This card essentially becomes a Dust Tornado)


Falco – Summons itself (Don't use on Falco before the battle phase because if the opponent attack its, it cant activate its Flip Effect on the turn it summons itself)


Hedgehog – Add 1 Shaddoll from deck to hand (Becomes a trap-form of ROTA)


Squamata – Sends another Shaddoll (Kinda circular, but having Squamata in grave can help your graveyard power)


In addition, this card flips your monster face-up.  If you chain it to an opponent's effect, your monster will be face-up before their card activates.  So, it cancels out Nobleman of Crossout for example.


Good uses for this.


1) If your opponent refuses to attack your monster and trigger your flip effect, you can trigger it anyway


2) If your opponent tries to destroy your monster via an effect but you want the flip effect instead of the graveyard effect, SSG will help with that.


3) If you want to activate the monster's flip effects, but you want to do it while your opponent is mid-combo (rather than during the Battle Phase).  Let's say the opponent is trying to XYZ/Synchro summon.  Use Dragon or Squamata's flip effect on the materials to essentially waste their summon.




Power – 3/5 ; Triggers a Shaddoll effect.  Not devastating, but since you can choose a wide variety of effects to activate with this card, you can pick the best effect for the situation.


Versatility – 5/5 ; Would give this card 6 points in versatility.  So many different effects you could possibly trigger.


Dependability – 5/5 ; Perhaps you won't have a lot of targets late-game, but early and mid-game, you always want to draw it.  It's cost-free and chainable.  It will work in your favor almost all the time and is overall pretty self-sufficient, though its nice to have a deck full of monsters to send and a face-down monster at least.


Card Advantage – 3/5 ; Yes, there are times where you can sometimes plus off of this, and this card can lead you into some plusses indirectly, but unless you chain it to a blind MST, its a 1-for-1.  But it's better kind of 1-for-1 than Smashing Ground.


Speed – 5/5 ; Chainable and can be activated at any phase of the turn.  That's as fast as a trap card gets.




Traditional – 2.5/5 ; Power creeped out.

Advanced – 3.75 ; Will be an important part of this format's tier 1 deck.

Mechanic Design – 3/5 ; Pretty much a safe versatile casual design for a card.  Helpful, balanced.


Artwork – 4/5 ; I won't even try to interpret what its trying to convey, but the background, ambiance and the smoke/clouds whirling around looks great.



All Shaddoll decks must run this card.  Preferably in 3's.


Sinister Shadow Games
Today is a whooping Three Review Tuesday and we are still looking at Shaddolls and main some of their support cards. One of our three reviews is this; Sinister Shadow Games.
Sinister Shadow Games is a normal trap which allows you to send a Shaddoll card from your deck to the graveyard. This allows you to thin your deck, get a Shaddoll’s Graveyard effect if you smartly send a monster and have a potential target for Shaddoll Falco. After you have dumped a card you can change any number of your face-down Shaddoll’s face-up. This allows you to activate their flip effects and best of all you can choose which (if any) to flip so you don’t have to waste their effects. Also if you use this during your opponent’s turn, you can then use your Shaddoll’s graveyard effects on your turn.
However Sinister Shadow Games has one giant flaw which stops this from being perfect, it doesn’t have “Shaddoll” in its name and therefore isn’t searchable by the likes of Shaddoll Hedgehog or Shaddoll Core, which is very annoying.
Overall, while it isn’t searchable like the other Shaddoll Spell/Traps it is still a powerful, chainable card. The Shaddoll power train just keeps rolling.
Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Shaddolls continue this week with three more cards from the latest set. The second of two traps meant for the Shaddoll arechetype, Sinister Shadow Games can set off a Shaddoll monster's effect that is sent to the grave by this card, flip any number of “Shaddoll” monsters you control that are face-down to face-up defense, thus activating their effects, or both. The card is flexible in the sense that you can activate it even when you do not possess any face-down “Shaddoll” monsters. Set a Shaddoll monster, then activate this card, send a Shaddoll from your deck to the grave, get its effect, flip your recently set Shaddoll, get its flip effect. The more monsters you have on the field, the greater possibility for bigger plays and more advantage over your opponent. At its least Shadow Games is a Foolish Burial for your archetype.
Unlike Shaddoll Core and Shaddoll Fusion, Sinister Shadow Games cannot be returned to the hand by a “Shaddoll” monster once it hits the grave. Unless there is a way to stall your opponent the likelihood of pulling off more than two flips with this card are slim.  Level 5 with 2200 attack isn't bad for a fusion,
Until Next Time


Our next 3 reviews really need no introduction. They are very straight forward and are key pieces to the shaddoll deck that are absolute necessities(well, 2 of the 3 are definite necessity)

Sinister Shadow Games is a trap card which allows you to foolish burial a shaddoll card from your deck to your graveyard thus triggering its effect while also flipping as many shaddoll monsters that are face down to face up defense and triggering their flip effects. It's a great counter to nobleman of crossout, which can really hurt a shaddoll deck. Of course a well timed wire tap or trap stun stops the sending and the flipping which makes crossout remain live. The only thing that hurts Shadow Games is the fact it isn't searchable or recursionable by cards like our next review, but overall it's a definite 3 of.

Trad 2.5/5
Adv 4/5


Sinister Shadow Games, aside from having one of the coolest names in the TCG, is a centerpiece of Shaddoll’s consistency. The card is a Foolish Burial for any Shaddoll card (including Shaddoll Core) that will also trigger the effect of any face-down Shaddolls you have. This causes the card to be insanely versatile in what it can do.
The card can be an aggressive defense card if you flip up a Dragon or Squamata, and can also be a passive defensive card if you flip up a Falco. Additionally, if there’s a specific Shaddoll monster you want on the board but it’s in your Deck, you can dump it with Sinister Shadow Games (without activating its effect) and then flip up a Falco to set it directly to the field. If you want a specific Shaddoll in your hand you can send Hedgehog to the Graveyard, and if you need an MST you can send Dragon.
The possibilities are pretty endless with this card, and it is a key player in the Shaddoll strategy. Keep in mind though that as the game goes on and more Shaddolls go to the Graveyard, the card becomes less live.
Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5


Up first is Sinister Shadow Games. A normal Trap card. You send one Shaddoll card from your deck to your graveyard and then you can change any number of face down Shaddoll monster you control to face up defense. This is really a great card for Shaddolls, as it allows you to set off multiple Shaddoll flip effects at one time. Sinister Shadow Games can also be used as a counter to what I believe is the bane of Shaddolls, Nobleman of Crossout. Very simple, very easy to use, and yet can get you what you need to win the game, especially if Hedgehog is one of those facedown monsters.
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 4

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