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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Panzer Dragon
- #DUEA-EN097 

1 Machine-Type monster + 1 Dragon-Type monster If this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 card on the field; destroy that target.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.25
Advanced: 1.75 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Sep. 15, 2014

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Was out for a good while in Japan but now its here in the U.S.


Panzer Dragon


Let's make this clear.  This card is totally not worth fusion summoning in the traditional way.  This card is basically made to combo with Instant Fusion.  With that you either (a) Synchro or XYZ using Panzer as a level 5 or (b) wait until End Phase to destroy an opponent's card that's really bothering you.  In some moments of desperation, this can kill a floodgate.


It has low ATK and high defense, but neither of those things matter since you can't attack with it due to Instant Fusion's restriction.


Fusion monsters have generally been given lenient scores because you don't draw into them.  But in an era of tight Extra Deck space, only decks that specialize in level 5 monsters and want a quick XYZ will be able to use this.  The destruction effect is nice, but if you're not going to use this card as XYZ/Synchro material, then don't use this card period.


Rating this card is difficult.  It will get a lot of use for it's level more than its actual effect.  It's an upgrade to Musician King.  That's really all.  The praise is more for Instant Fusion.




Power – 3/5 ; This is the card you want to help turn the tables a bit when you're in a tight spot.


Versatility – 3/5 ; Kills any target (not just floating monsters) and helps you XYZ summon.  Either choice, but overall lots options with this.


Dependability – 3/5 ; No costs or requirements.


Card Advantage – 3/5 ; Whether you use it with Instant Fusion to destroy a card, or as material for a quality LV5 XYZ, it's a relatively smart 1-for-1.  Outside of Instant Fusion, the card advantage rating is a 1.


Speed – 1/5 ; You have to wait until this card is destroyed.  Basically, End Phase or later.




Traditional – 1.5/5

Advanced – 2.75/5




Panzer Dragon is here!!!  (and a wee bit power-creeped out)


Panzer Dragon

This card while not having very good stats, or even the best of effects is actually quite the gem… Which is of course a contradiction to what I first said, but once I begin to explain ways that this card can/ will be used, you’ll see why I say this.

The first way in which you can Summon Panzer Dragon is the most obvious, by Instant Fusion, then you could either use that Panzer Dragon to Xyz, Synchro or Tribute Summon with during that turn, or you could simply choose to leave Panzer Dragon on the field until the End Phase in which case Instant Fusions effect will destroy it, then you can destroy 1 card on the field. As an additional bonus, by using Instant Fusion you can Summon Panzer Dragon later as Instant Fusion counts as a Fusion Summon.

As for the destruction effect not only does it allow you to destroy any 1 single card on the field but it is also a “Can” effect, meaning that if your opponent for some reason has no cards on their side of the field, you will not be forced to destroy something of your own. Additionally, if your opponent is forced to destroy it upon Summon, it’s destruction only serves to give you the advantage.

Another way is to use Super Polymerization, and in this instance this also serves as a way to be able to get rid of an opponents problem monster while also giving yourself a monster. Dragons are quite commonplace (even though that may not be the case with the current Top Tier Decks), and if you are facing something such as Lightsworns, highly expected. Having a Machine-type monster on your side of the field provides you with an additional out to something such as the dreaded Judgment Dragon in this instance.

And apart from the obvious Polymerization, there is one more card that can be used to Summon Panzer Dragon although at much higher cost, and one that I would not personally recommend, unless you have some devious plan that I’m unaware of! And this card is Flash Fusion.

If you were playing a Cyber Dragon Deck, Cyber Dragon Nova also provides you with another opportunity to Summon this to the field, although with this use you may well be hoping to keep Panzer Dragon so that you can Summon into another Rank 5 Xyz, and also because Panzer Dragon is a Light Machine, Cyber Eltanin also becomes just that little bit easier to Summon and with a little more attack.

Another advantage to Panzer Dragon is that if you require the boost in Attack points that can only be provided by Limiter Removal, when it is destroyed by Limiter Removal’s effect you’ll be able to destroy a card on the field, allowing for less losses in advantage overall.

For Cyber Dragon Decks this card now becomes the Fusion of choice as it is simply such an easy slot into the Deck… Essentially if you are already using Fusions in the Deck, you should not even require a second thought about putting this in there.

Even as a standalone Level 5 Fusion that is put into an extra Deck to provide easier access to Rank 5’s, this really does benefit the player who can utilise it.

Of course for Traditional Format, being a Level 5 Fusion means that this is going to be easily Summonable via Magical Scientist or even Cyber Stein if you choose to live life on the edge…

And since it is a Level 5, even Summoning 2 of them via Soul Charge and then Xyz’ing into Number 61: Volcasaurus (for example) for some Burn damage, or destroying them via Torrential Tribute or Dark Hole in order to clear some of your opponents backrow could also be the way to go.

Good card, and that it’s a Rare makes it all that much better.

Traditional: 1.5. The fact that it is a Light and a good Level of 5 make this card desirable in some ways, however for the most part it really will not contribute sufficiently to make any real impact.
Only the advantages that can be gained by the Summon of this card via other cards make this card worthwhile. Additionally and most importantly it is also Summonable via Magical Scientist, and if nothing else, that makes it worthwhile here.

Advanced: 2. On it’s own, Panzer Dragon really doesn’t shine out, however that it is able to be easily Summoned via many ways, is Light Machine as well as being a handy Level of 5 meaning that anything from Cyber Dragons to Karakuri’s to Chaos and any Deck requiring an easier way to Summon a Rank 5 will be able to use it, and this means that this card is far better than it’s rarity, stats and effect suggests.


Panzer Dragon

Statwise Panzer Dragon is a LIGHT/Machine which is good with 1000 ATK and 2600 DEF which is standard for a low ATK/High DEF monster, though it is strange for it to have low ATK given the fact it has a Gun barrel for a tongue. To fusion summon it you need A Machine and a Dragon, and this is a big problem, barring a Cyberdark deck (and no-one plays them anymore) I can’t think of a deck which uses Machines, Dragons and Fusions. So despite being a fusion of two of the more popular and common types, it isn’t really easy to fusion summon normally. You can use Instant Fusion which would also allow you to get its effect.

Speaking of effect, if Panzer Dragon is destroyed by any method and goes to the grave you can target and destroy a card on the field. It is a nice effect but hardly worth the effort of getting this monster out.

Overall you would think a monster that is part Dragon and part tank would be really powerful, but it isn’t really. There are plenty of fusion monsters with better stats and effects and easier ways to destroy cards, it’s just not worth it.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5


Hello Pojo Fans,

Monday and we're starting it off with Panzer Dragon. A fusion that needs a dragon and a machine to be Fusion Summoned, it doesn't boast anything great in regards to ATK, but does have a high DEF. Light attribute and machine type give it some support. If it is destroyed and sent to the grave you can choose a card on your opponents side of the field and destroy it. There are a host of cards that can destroy this card while still granting you advantage (Scrap Dragon and Dark Hole being the most popular for this card). Instant Fusion brings this monster out easy and will destroy it in the End Phase, activating its effect. You could also combo it with Creature Swap and when it is destroyed in the End Phase take out another of your opponents cards.

This card is a nifty way of getting chaos fodder into the grave and taking out an opponents card, but with extra deck space at a premium, the only way I see this card seeing play is in a deck that uses machines or a combo of machines and dragons. For the latter, Flash Fusion is another option to get this monster to the field and gain its effect. Overall, there are more direct ways to take out a card on your opponents side of the field.


Until Next Time

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