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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Satellarknight Altair
- #DUEA-EN019 

If this card is Summoned: You can target 1 "tellarknight" monster in your Graveyard, except "Satellarknight Altair"; Special Summon that monster in Defense Position, but monsters you control cannot attack for the rest of this turn, except "tellarknight" monsters. You can only use this effect of "Satellarknight Altair" once per turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.00
Advanced: 4.42 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Oct. 2, 2014

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Satellarknight Altair


I am sorry if I don't have a whole lot to say about these Satellarknight cards, but they're just so simple in design.  They're designed to gain easy +1's and that's all.  And they're ripped off of other cards.


This card is ripped off of Coach Soldier Wolfbark.  Except that this card revives a Satellarknight monster even when it's Special Summoned.  And this is really crucial to the deck.


Cards like Soul Charge and Call of the Haunted are used by this deck to generate plusses.  First, you revive Altair.  Then, Altair revives Deneb.  Then, Deneb searches your deck for a monster.  That monster could either be Vega (to summon Unukalhai to gain its effect) or Unukalhai itself. 


But the point is that with 1 card, you gain another monster, which is good for XYZing.  Not only that, but you can do this during either player's turn at any time.  That, and if that monster you revived is Deneb then you +1 even further with it.


Satellarknight decks must use 3 of this card.




Power – 4/5 ; Definitely can help turn the tide of the duel.  Its essentially equal to whatever XYZ monster you want, including the LIGHT-exclusive ones.


Versatility – 5/5 ; Since it gets you any XYZ monster you want, and the Extra Deck is a toolbox, this is a really versatile card.


Dependability – 3/5 ; You need another Satellarknight (usually Deneb) in graveyard to use this.  Which isn't that hard, especially with Unukalhai.


Card Advantage – 5/5 ; At the very least this card is a +1, but when you combine with Deneb and then XYZ, then you get a +2 from this.


Speed – 5/5 ; Effect works on summon and the effect of the monster you summon applies shortly after.




Traditional – 2/5

Advanced – 4.5/5

Satellarknight Altair

The additional summon from the Graveyard. This card is the second power house to the deck. Getting the ability to summon off of Call of the Haunted allows this card to be broken.
Traditional 3
Advanced 5

Satellarknight Altair

We continue our journey through the stars as we look at Satellarknight Altair. Statwise Satellarknight Vega is a LIGHT/Warrior so there is loads of support for him and has 1700 ATK and 1300 DEF making him at the low end of a Level 4 beatstick.

Effectwise Satellarknight Altair can special summon a ‘tellarknight from your graveyard in DEF mode, but only ‘tellarknights can attack for the rest of this turn. The effect is great, special summoning a monster with no cost and get the special summoned ‘tellarkight’s effect as well. Barring the obvious once per turn condition, the other conditions are largely pointless, the monster being in DEF mode means it can’t attack anyway and it’s going to be used for a Xyz summon anyway and only ‘tellarknights the only monsters that can attack is also pointless since you are only going to be using this card in a ‘tellarknight deck.

Overall a very powerful card and a must for ‘tellarknight decks.
Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Today is the other of the Tellarknights that start their swarming: Satellarknight Altair. With all the light and warrior support all Tellarknights benefit from, Altair has respectable ATK and DEF for a level 4. Whenever Altair is summoned, you have the option to Special Summon a Tellarknight in defense from your grave that isn't Altair.
Altair, like Vega, is an instant Rank 4 if its effect is successful. Xyz into a Rank 4 with other Tellarknights, then summon Altair and do it all over again. Altair has the benefit of being the strongest of the Tellarknight non-Xyz monsters, and can be used as a regular attacker. Altair may be the best Tellarknight, as it can vastly improve your situation. Summon Altair, Special Summon Vega from your grave, Special Summon another Tellarknight from your hand, gain that Tellarknights effect, then Xyz into Delteros. Summoner Monk or Shining Angel can start a chain reaction that could end up with 3-4 level 4 monsters on your field.
“Only once per turn” restriction like all “Tellarknights”, Altair also has the restriction that only “Tellarknights” can attack the turn you activate this effect. This is a bigger deal, as it will prevent you from using any other Rank 4 monsters you may summon this turn that aren't “Tellarknights”. Despite this, it shouldn't hurt your ability to swarm or control the field.
Traditional- 3.5/5
Advanced- 4/5
Art- 3.5/5
Until Next Time,


Today we look at the number 2 card of the Satellar lineup Altair. He's actually number 2 in several ways, the 2nd best stats, and the 2nd card you want to play in the deck. If your first turn play is summoning Deneb, this is what you wanna search if it isn't already in your hand(and if it is you're likely searching yesterdays Vega). This is the 2nd major piece in summoning Stellarknight Delteros(or the 2nd 3 material Xyz coming out in NECH but more on that at another time). If it's early game and you haven't fully set up, you're summoning this to bring back Deneb to search likely another Altair. A better play is to attempt to Call of the Haunted this out of the graveyard cause sadly, Altair has one major drawback in that only tellarknight monsters can attack the turn its effect is used meaning going into a Castel or ARK will not allow for a damage push after unless you have other monsters already on the field. Still he's a definite 3 of and thanks to the F/L list not hindering satellars in any real way(cause face it, hitting soul charge to 1 when you have 3 call of the haunteds at your disposal is pretty meh)

Traditional 2/5
Advanced 3.75/5 I'd go higher if that pesky can't attack clause wasn't there but it's still a great piece of the puzzle in one of the top 3 decks of the format.

Satellarknight Altair
Onto the fourth monster in the Satellarknight week, we have the totally-not-Wolfbark-card, Satellarknight Altair.
Like literally every other monster this week, he is a level 4 light Warrior. Searchable by everything you can use to search a level 4 warrior, ROTA, Deneb, Summoner Monk, Delteros. Like every other Tellarknight, he gets his effect off of any summon means, and unlike yesterday's monster, has a much more formidable attack. Like almost everything these days, he has a once-per-turn clause tacked on, but it is not without purpose. Also, like every other Tellarknight monster, he can be tributed for Stellarnova Alpha.
What Altair does for the deck is completely unparalleled. He is as vital as Deneb. One card rank 4 XYZ monsters are most definitely a threat these days, with the main ones being Number 101, Exciton Knight, Castel, and Cairngorgorn. But as a light, level 4, warrior, he brings quite a few more things to the table. For one, all warrior-exclusive XYZs, such as Excalibur, Blade Armor Ninja, and Gandiva. Not only does he give access to these great cards,  but as a light, he also allows for Light-Exclusive XYZ's, such as Constellar Omega and Starliege Paladynamo. Of course, he also allows for accessing Delteros and other 3-monster XYZ's.
The most important factor of this card is its interaction with Deneb, as discussed earlier this week. It allows for a pseudo-loop, with Altair summoning Deneb, then Deneb adding Altair for use in the future. This is the mainstay grind power of the Tellarknight deck, and what makes it truly fearful.
It has the drawback of only being able to attack for the rest of the turn with Tellarknight monsters, but this can be avoided through a multitude of ways, such as its downright amazing interaction with Call of the Haunted.
Overall, the(along with Deneb) best card in the deck, because this is what makes Deneb so good.
Advanced: 4.5/5

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