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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Super Polymerization

[Quick-Play Spell Card]
Discard 1 card. Send, from either side of the field to the Graveyard, Fusion Material Monsters that are listed on a Fusion Monster Card, and Special Summon that Monster from your Fusion Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon.) Spells, Traps and Effect Monsters' effects cannot be activated in response to this card's activation.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.71
Advanced: 4.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Oct. 6, 2014

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Hey guys.  Happy Monday.  I have a few things to say.


The ban list came out a bit over a week ago.  And this week is going to be ban list week.  It's a bit late because Konami published the list a bit late.  RAGE!!!


I realized I've been making a big mistake in picking the COTD's.  Not enough variety.  10 Shaddoll cards in a row was overkill.  From here on out, I'm spreading things out.


This month is going to have a lot of revisits on cards Pojo COTD has neglected, especially once overlooked but now relevant commons.


We haven't reviewed Super Polymerization in 6 and a 1/2 years




Super Polymerization


For a while, this card was kinda bad because none of the high tier decks had Fusion cards.  But with the perennial rise of Elemental Heroes as well as Shaddolls, this card has gotten much better.  This card was rightly limited to 1, as it was being used and abused in 3's lately in tournaments. 


Super Poly should be something you save for the right moment and not a contest as to which Shaddoll player draws into three Super Poly's first.  Against Shaddolls, you could have no monsters, they can have a Construct and another Shaddoll.  You can get rid of both of their monsters, summon your own, plus off of that, all off just one card and 1 discard.  Hell, I'd even put a Shaddoll monster in my Extra Deck just to side Super Poly.


So many good things about this card.

1. Back then destruction was the best way to get rid of monsters.  Nowadays, monsters are often immune from destruction or float off of this.  This handles that well.

2. Chainable and works during either player's turn.

3. When more Shaddoll fusion monsters come out, all archetypes are in danger of being Super Poly'd – not just LIGHT and DARK cards.


If you're a competitive player you already know how good this is.  If you aren't a competitve player, you now know that this is an excellent card.  But of course, its for relevant decks that can use your opponent's cards as materials. 




Power -- 5

Versatility -- 3

Dependability -- 3

Advantage -- 3

Speed -- 5


Traditional – 2

Advanced – 4.5


Super Polymerization


Although this card until recently has completely escaped the limelight, this isn’t the first time that Super Polymerization has had an impact on the game, it’s just that this time because of Shaddoll’s, it’s use is truly able to change the outcome of games single-handedly!


Put quite simply, the power level of this card is quite insane, for example you cannot respond to the activation of this card, and even the Mandatory effect of Light and Darkness Dragon CANNOT activate in response to it, yet to make it even worse, even Counter Trap cards are unable to prevent it either, as they cannot respond to it, meaning that there are actually very few cards in the game that can actually stop/ prevent the activation of this card.


Even cards that are otherwise behemoths to get over such as Shooting Quasar Dragon (if you are in a zone where SQD is legal to play) and Gladiator Beast Heraklinos (if by some chance you were happening to be playing against Gladiator Beasts that is) are helpless against this card. Even having a “Safe” field of Six Samurai Shi-En or Naturia Beast is equally useless.

Until it’s recent use in Shaddolls, Super Polymerization was a card that you’d expect to see in most Hero Decks as regardless of what Attribute (apart from Dark) card your opponent had, this card was the decks answer to removing problem cards, and this was always the card that I feared the most when playing against Hero’s, and certainly was a card that I’d hope to have when playing them… But most especially when in a tight spot.

Even cards such as the rarely seen Supreme Arcanite Magician greatly benefited from this card, and I found that this card was almost essentially the only way in which it would be Summoned ever.

It is also somewhat useful in Cyber Dragon decks also, and could be found in Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Decks.


The cruellest thing about Super Polymerization, apart from the fact that it cannot be responded to is the fact that it can remove your opponents monsters to Fuse with, and in best case scenario’s you’d get to remove both of your opponents monsters and end up with a +1 as well as what should likely be quite a hefty monster.

And the fact that it doesn’t destroy the monsters that are used for the Fusion Summon means that there is also close to no negatives to using this card… Only the discard cost is it’s only downside.


Which brings us to Shaddolls, but especially in the mirror match, as it has the potential to create essentially free Construct’s and Winda’s all while using your opponents fusion monsters.

This card can single-handedly change the outcome of games… You can very easily go from winning during your next turn to losing this turn.


When the new Hero Support all arrives, this card will also form an essential part of that deck and it can also be used as a surprise card in almost any Deck to Summon Elder God Noden, (if/ when it gets released into the TCG) by using your opponents Xyz and Synchro monsters guaranteeing you a +1 as well as a Rank 4 Xyz or Level 8 Synchro.


So, how do we stop this essentially unstoppable card?

Well, Spell Canceller, Prohibition, The Fabled Unicore and for Traditional Format, Imperial Order are all excellent options as Super Polymerization can still be Negated or be prevented from being able to be activated.

Although do keep in mind that Imperial Order will need to be active BEFORE Super Polymerization is activated as once it is activated, Imperial Order cannot be activated in response…


And so, did this card deserve to be Limited?

Most certainly! It always has had the potential to be overpowered, and conditions in the form of a Deck that can abuse it to it’s fullest extent have finally arrived.


Traditional: 3.5. While Shaddoll’s may not quite be enough of a threat here, this card allows even just a few splashed Shaddoll or Hero cards to be quite annoying. And of course when Legal, Elder God Noden. Otherwise, there simply isn’t the scope for this card to exist here, regardless of how good it is. Hence why I have scored it a little lower… Because it’s effect is thus diminished.


Advanced: 4.75. The ONLY negative to this card is the requirement of the discard, but otherwise, in Shaddoll’s this card changes games single handedly. And depending on what the upcoming Hero support is exactly, I’d expect this to be an important card here also.


It’s Ban List week, and we start off with Super Polymerization, which is currently Limited. So why is it Limited? First off there is the effect, for the price of 1 card you have an unstoppable fusion card which even allows you to use your opponent’s face-up monsters as Fusion Material. The main decks that use Super Polymerization are Manga Elemental Heroes and Shaddolls.
For Elemental Heroes it allowed you to get any of the Manga Fusions and Nova Master, while Shaddolls used it as a way of getting any Shaddoll Fusion Monster that required a Non-DARK attribute and you didn’t have Shaddoll Core on the field. Being a quick-play was also a big bonus, allowing you to take one of your opponent’s big guns the minute they summon it and they couldn’t do anything about it.
Being Limited, only slightly slow downs these decks, especially as both archetypes have their own fusion cards which aren’t affected by the ban list.
Overall it is still a powerful card and for certain fusion decks it will still be a must.
Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Ban week begins with Super Polymerization. Limited now to 1, this was done to contain the Shaddoll archetype. With new fusions coming out in the next set, Super Polymerization was going to be a devastating card for them. Discarding one card to use any monster on the field for a fusion material is a small cost, and can be supplemented if the discarded card can even itself out (like Shaddolls do). With no cards and effects able to activate to counter Super Polymerization, the opponent can only activate something in response to the summon itself. Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute are both limited to one, so their options are already stretched thin to balance out against this card. In mirror matches, Shaddoll players could use Super Polymerization and nuke their opponents field and bring out their own Shaddoll fusion monster.
The limitation hurts Shaddols the most, but also hurts decks like E-Heros and decks that ran several fusion monsters like dragon decks. A pretty good card, it needed to be limited. 
Until Next Time


So this week we cover majorly impacted cards from the Oct 1st F/L list and we start with a new limit in Super Polymerization. The running gag is Super Poly is one of 2 Spell speed "4" cards in the game, as it cannot be chained to by anything. It's also one of the most unique cards in the game as its utility and "plus factor" is so wide ranged. It can just as easily be a 2 for 1(giving up poly + your discard to get rid of 2 of your opponents monsters while special summoning a fusion of your own), to being a -3(losing super poly, the discard, 2 of your own monsters and only gaining 1 fusion). It can be used offensively AND defensively. While being at one, you're going to see more people complaining about the sack nature of the card "You only won cause you drew yours and I didn't draw mine", or "You won cause you got yours after I got mine", never ending cycle, eh? Regardless it will still be used in Shaddolls, and definitely in HEROs once we get the Japanese Structure Deck Support. If you can run a deck that can utilize it, why not run it?

Traditional 1/5 - I say this only because there are so many ways to utilize fusion support in traditional, Metamorphosis, Magical Scientist, etc  and for the fusion monsters that were played, nobody really ran the fusion materials to make them useful.

Advanced 4/5 - It's chainable, it can make monsters that miss the timing, miss timing, It can't be responded to by Warning, it's an amazing card that really gave Fusions a lot of support. Gotta love how old cards can suddenly become relevant once something new hits the game


I love banlist week. The first card we’re reviewing is one of the only two to actually move down on the list: Super Polymerization, a card from way back in 2008, which went from Unlimited to Limited.


There several factors of this card that, when put together, blatantly scream “unfair”. Being unable to respond to a card at all is a major red flag; such a card has no real “counters”, and it really comes down to whether or not your opponent has the means to deal with whatever you are about to do after it happens.


Super Poly costs a card in your hand, and can only use Fusion Material from the field, but it can use your opponent’s monsters. This effect does not target and does not destroy, making it a very potent removal card that also rewards you with a powerful monster of your own. Also note that because you can’t respond to Super Poly, you cannot Solemn Warning the monster that’s summoned (as you would have to respond to the card that caused the summon), nor can you attempt to stop the summon with Vanity’s Emptiness.


Really, what kept this card unrestricted for so long was the fact that no Deck until Shaddoll could make good use of it (HERO tried, but the discard cost made the card too unreliable in a Deck that pretty much needed every card it had). In Shaddoll, the card was (and probably still is) arguably the most broken card in the Deck; in a metagame infested with LIGHT and DARK Decks, the card is live in almost any situation. It allows one to dodge a Vanity’s Emptiness that was used in response to a Shaddoll Fusion, and in the mirror match it allows you to take out two opposing monsters and replace it with your own. The card will also only get more powerful as more El Shaddoll monsters of different Attributes are released.


Overall, Super Poly is a card that probably should not have been made in the first place; its design is one that was bound to be made broken eventually, and a Limit was certainly a step in the right direction.


Traditional: 4/5

Advanced: 4/5


This week we look at cards that were affected by the new F&L list released some time ago. Super Polymerization is up first and given the rise of Shaddoll and whenever we get the new E-Hero fusions, this card had to be dealt with. It pretty much uses one of your monsters to help your opponent fuse into a monster you don't want to look at. And it's a quick play too, ouch. It really had to be hit with the hammer of justice and it has fallen to one. A great card if you use fusions, but use carefully, as you only now have one to use.
Traditional: 2
Advanced: 3 (It loses a few points since it is at one, but it still can be hard to deal with)

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