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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
- #GLAS-EN070

Negate all DARK monster effects activated on the field or in the Graveyard.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.0
Advanced: 4.0 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Oct. 28, 2014

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Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
We haven't reviewed either of the Imprisoning Mirrors till now.  They were commons so some overlooked them, but they're quality cards, of course when the meta favors LIGHT and DARK monsters.  And it often does.  The previous format was full of Hands and Fire Fists, so this card makes a bit less sense in those kinds of formats. 
Today, our top threats are Shaddolls and Burning Abyss.  Unless you use DARK themed decks (in that case don't run this), you need to be siding 2 or 3 Shadow-Imprisoning.
One of the players who topped ARG Indianapolis was using a Geargia-Hands deck that MAINED 3 Shadow-Imprisoning's.  Shaddolls and Burning Abyss put together probably makes up half to 2/3 of your matchups in tournaments so this was a gutsy but really smart move.  Most people would want to side it though.
And a cool trick with SIM: Crazy Box is an unbridled 3000 ATK beater.
Power -- 5
Versatility -- 2
Dependability -- 2
Advantage -- 4
Speed – 5
Traditional – 3
Advanced – 4

Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

This is probably the best side deck card in the format if your not using Shaddolls. Easily a 3 of to beat one of the big 3. Negating anything a dark player can do and have the security of fliping it as a surpise nets this card a VERY solid posistion in most side decks. Did I mention their cheap?

Traditional 1/5
Advanced 5/5


Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror.  Continuous Trap, and let's start simple...this card is amazing, IF YOU PROTECT IT.  Now yes, that should be a given with about any card, have a way to protect it.  The effects of ALL Dark Monsters from the Field and Graveyard are negated.  This is the card of a thinking man.  It's not broken, but can really do you a lot of good, but you are likely to have this effect you too.  So you need a Deck not necessarily constructed for this, but altered or around, would be prudent.  It's a card I wouldn't fault a player for using, or for passing up completely, to be totally honest.  It probably deserves a better statement than that.

Traditional:  Honestly, because of things like Chaos Emperor Dragon, it could be better in Traditional, but let's say 3.25/5 
Advanced:  3.75/5
Art:  3/5  Not great
T-REX Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
This card is one of the better known Anti-Meta cards/ Floodgate cards out there, especially since such a large amount of Decks rely on the effects of Dark monsters.
And against some Decks it can completely shut them down as not only does it Negate effects on the field, but also in the Graveyard.
Effects that activate in the Hand however are not effected, so Battle Fader still gets to end the Battle Phase and Summon itself, Gorz can also be Summoned, but no Token will get Summoned and Tragoedia which can also be Summoned by it’s effect will get it’s ATK and DEF stats because it’s effect is a Continuous effect and not one that activates.
However, now onto the more relevant uses of Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror.
The most obvious thought for many will be to use this against Burning Abyss and Shaddoll’s.
Both Decks have Field and Graveyard effects, and both Decks are primarily Dark Attribute, this means that if you play against these Decks and go first, you can give yourself an immense advantage, and since both Decks gain further advantage when their monsters go to the Graveyard, slowing down their ability to Destroy/ Search and Deck thin can go a long way towards you winning a Duel against these Decks.
Other Decks that this card is great against include Blackwings, Dark World (since it does stop Grapha dead in it’s tracks), Zombie type Decks that rely on Zombie Master and certainly Chaos Decks.
Traditional: 2.5. By the time you play this here, your opponent is probably far away from you, and being a continuous card makes it an even bigger liability. However if you can get it out on your first turn and can protect it, it has the potential to really hurt some Decks.
Advanced: 4. While vulnerable to removal/ negation, this card does it’s job extremely well as it can prevent some Decks from even being able to get actually started. The only Deck that this card should not see play in is a Deck that is primarily Dark!

Today’s card screams Anti-Shaddoll as today we look at Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror a continuous Trap that first debuted in Gladiator's Assault way back in 2007.

This card negates the effects of all DARK monsters that activate on the field and the Graveyard. A simple and powerful effect,, especially since DARK monsters are probably the most common monsters around. As mentioned this screams Anti-Shaddoll, since all Shaddoll effects activate either on the field with their flip effects or in the graveyard due to their other effect. Of course it doesn’t just work against Shaddolls, Dark World, Blackwings, etc are also affected. Of course, bare in mind, this does affect your monsters and this is a Continuous Trap so it has all the weakness of one of those.
Overall, if you are playing in a DARK or Shaddoll heavy environment make sure you have this in your side deck.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5


Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror has been a consistent choice for duelists in their side deck for several formats. Simple to use, and a plus as a Continuous Trap Card, negating any DARK monster effect(s) from activating on the field and in the grave can completely wreck your opponents strategy.
Shaddolls, Gravekeepers, Blackwings, Destiny Heroes, Dark Worlds, Infernities, and Evilswarms are the popular archetypes that are locked down by this card. While on the field, these decks only have a series of high-ATK monsters in their hand that aren't going to get their effects until the shadowy mirror is off the field. Dark Armed Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer are two boss monsters that also get hit by this card. Wait to activate this card until after a cost for an effect is paid, then negate the effect. Even if you play several DARK monsters in your deck, if this card will be a hindrance more to your opponent than you, then you should play it.
It may be an easy target as a Continuous Trap, but its presence to stay for multiple turns and lock down the opponent is what makes it a great card.
Until Next Time


Gladiator's Assault came out forever ago but it seems Konami knew even then what they were going to do in the future with the release of shadow imprisoning mirror. Back then you had Zombies to deal with, and in the very next set Dark Return, and TeleDAD a few months after that. Right now it hits Burning Abyss and Shaddolls the hardest. Now while Burning Abyss have stuff like Zenmaines to take care of Shadow Mirror, Shaddolls have to rely on stuff like Lyla, a teched Ryko or actually running Mystical Space Typhoon in order to play out of it. That, or just beat down with sticks like Squamata or Dragon.

Traditional 4/5 - Stops Emperor Dragon, Sangan, Cyber Jar, Magical Scientist, all those annoying cards that make playing the format a living hell
Advanced 4/5 - Equally stops annoying cards that make playing the format a living hell. No searches/free summons for Burning Abyss, no flip or graveyard effects for Shaddolls.

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