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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

- #DUEA-EN043 

This card gains effects based on the total number of cards in both players' Pendulum Zones. ● 1 or more: This card gains 800 ATK and DEF. ● 2 or more: At the start of the Damage Step, if this card battles a Pendulum Summoned monster: Destroy that monster. ● 3 or more: Monsters your opponent controls must attack this card, if able. ● 4: If this card destroys a monster by battle or by its own effect: Draw 1 card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.00
Advanced: 2.20 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Oct. 20, 2014

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Only good in a Pendulum meta, and right now they're not really being used at all.  The first effect makes it a burly 2100 ATK monster which isn't bad but at the same time doesn't make up for it being a weak monster otherwise.  The 2nd effect is a bit situational, and if anything, it should banish the Pendulum so it doesn't come back again.  The 3rd effect assumes 2100 ATK is really flattering, which its not.  The 4th effect is where a little card advantage comes in but too little too late.


Not good right now.  Might be playable a year from now, but chances are that this will be obsolete by then.




Power – 2

Versatility – 1

Dependability – 1

Advantage – 2


Traditional – 1

Advanced – 1.5

3rd Place YCS Indianapolis


This card is simply horrible. Having both players attempting to play pendulums in a format where they have just been released is horrible. The effect on this card does not generate any real advantage if its just your pendulums. Overall, I would never play this card and its a horrible super rare.

Advanced: 1/5
Traditional 1/5



He's back!  Retirement didn't suit Old Man Paladin too well, so I've come back out of the shadows.  Pojo had a hard time keeping me in my shackles and various other restraints.  You wouldn't believe the security around here.  But that's a story for another time.  Hypnosister is a very interesting card, that has two things working against her.  She's a Psychic Monster.  That's not at all a bad thing, but it does hurt her playability, as you aren't very likely to use her, even in a Psychic build.  And she isn't the most splashable piece of tech to be thrown in the Deck either.  But, having said those things, she's not bad, and may get better over time.  She's Wind, which is moot in her case, the Level 4 helps, but the 1300 attack and 1400 defense make her weak. 
So she gains the following effects based on the total number of cards in the players' Pendulum Zones.  
One or more:  She gains 800 attack and defense (2100-2200) respectively, explaining her initial shortfall.
Two or more:  At the start of the Damage Step, if she battles a Pendulum Summoned Monster, that card is destroyed.  
Three or more:  Monsters your opponent controls must attack her, if able.
Four or more:  If she destroys a card by Battle by her own effect, you Draw a card.
Cumulative effects are good.  But realistically, and given the small enough number of Pendulum cards, I don't see her as very good right now.  One and Two of her effects shouldn't be too difficult to pull off, and I wouldn't fault anyone for using her in the Side-Deck.  But in the now, I think she's something just to hold on to.

Traditional:  1/5

Advanced:   2.5/5 + X / 5 where X = 0.5 for each Pendulum staple we get at least before the next Ban List
Art:  4.5/5




Like Doomstar Magician this is a monster specifically designed to deal with Pendulums as a whole, and if Pendulums become really dominant this card becomes useful, most especially in a Pendulum Deck mirror match.


If there is only 1 single card in a Pendulum Zone, this card gains 800 ATK making it a rather generous 2100 ATK… Most of the time I’d expect that there would not just be a single card in the Pendulum Zone unless it were to be something like Qliphort Tool for example.

This said, once there are 2 Pendulum Zones filled this card gains the hand effect of automatically destroying Pendulum monsters that it attacks, or that attack it at the start of the damage step and this makes it essentially comparable in that regards to both Ally of Justice Catastor and El Shaddoll Construct. Except that it only works on Pendulum Summoned monsters, so while it may well be very effective against them, an opponent could simply Synchro, Xyz or Tribute Summon themselves out of trouble. And of course 2100 isn’t all that difficult to get over either.

This means that against a Deck that isn’t completely reliant on Pendulum Summoning, it will only last so long.


Now if there are at least 3 Pendulum Zone cards, the fun REALLY starts to happen because then monsters your opponent controls MUST attack this card if they are able to. I’m not 100% certain on the exact rulings for this card, but as I read it your opponent would be forced to enter their Battle Phase and attack this card with any face-up ATK position monsters that they control, and if they were all Pendulum monsters the pain would be quite immense!


Finally if there are 4 Pendulum Zone cards, each time this cards effect destroys an opponent’s monster OR you destroy a monster by battle with this card you’ll get to Draw a card, so this could all add up quite quickly.



If this card were to become viable, you would want to protect this card against Extra Deck monsters so that you could lock your opponent out from Pendulum Summoning effectively.


Traditional: 1. Even if Qliphort’s become good here, this still wouldn’t be.


Advanced: 3. I see potential, but whether or not that potential can ever be truly realised, that’s another thing altogether. Time will tell… I expect for the most part that it won’t see very much play.



Another week of Randomness; starting off with Hypnosister a monster clearly designed to battle Pendulum Summoning.

Statwise, Hypnosister is a Level 4 WIND/Psychic so it can fit into a couple of decks like Gusto, with 1300 ATK and 1400 DEF, we’re back in Original Series acceptable level 4 stats here.

Effectwise, Hypnosister has 4 all with cumulate and are all designed with Pendulum Monsters in mind. It gains 800 ATK and DEF making it 2100 ATK and 2200 DEF for a level 4 which is incredible, it can instantly destroy a pendulum summoned monster that it battles, it forces the opponent to attack only this card and they must attack and if it destroys a monster you get to draw a card.

All four effects are great and there is no downside to any of them. Of course this does require you and your opponent to use Pendulum Monsters in order to get the most out of this. Of course the monster can be easily stopped even if your Opponent Pendulum Summons; if the opponent uses his Pendulum Monsters to Fusion/Ritual/Synchro/Xyz summon a monster with more that 2100 ATK/2200 DEF this card can’t to anything to stop it. Also the fact that very few decks/archetypes are even using Pendulum Monsters at the moment means this card won’t be seeing much play.

Overall the effects are great but Pendulum Summoning hasn’t kicked off as much as Synchro and Xyz has and chances are there will be better anti-Pendulum cards in the future.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2.75/5


A new week of reviews! First up is Hypnosister, who's card art is the perfect combination of cute and creepy. A level 4 WIND/Psychic type monster, with ATK/DEF of 1300/1400. Hypnosister is a bit different from her Psychic brethern, as her effects are based on how many pendulum monsters are in both players pendulum zones. 1 has her stats increased by 800, sending her to 2100/2200 for ATK/DEF, if there are 2 monsters in pendulum zones, if this monster attacks a pendulum summoned monster, destroy that monster at the start of the damage step. 3 pendulum monsters in the pendulum zones means any monsters your opponent controls must attack this card first, and 4 means if this card battles destroys an opponent's monster and destroys it, by either it's own card effect or battle, draw a card. Hypnosister, under the right set of circumstances, can lock down your opponent's pendulum strategies. Even with one or two monsters in the pendulum zones and this card can be hard to deal with. With 3 or 4 monsters, your opponent will have to use some other way around Hypnosister, especially if they rely on pendulum summoning. It's hard to say if Hypnosister is worth a spot or two in your deck or side deck as the pendulum mechanic hasn't quite taken off......yet. When it does, then Hypnosister will really shine.
Traditional: 1 (Nope)
Advanced: 2.5 (I hope we review this card after pendulum summoning really takes off)

Hypnosister is one of the many cards for Duelist Alliance that was overlooked, and honestly, for good reason. It’s one of the first cards to usher in the era of Pendulum monsters, but I fear the effects just aren’t relevant enough for Hypnosister to see any play. It’s a Level 4 Psychic monster which bears little weight pertaining to any other support, but at least the art’s cool, right? Gotta love the black cat and the trippy picture, right?
The first effect is neat, transforming the Level 4 monster into a semi-useable beatstick, but it pales in comparison to a lot of other monsters that you could have. 2100 ATK doesn’t progress your game, and it’s entirely dependent upon how many Pendulum monsters are faceup in the pendulum zones. Put a second pendulum monster on the field and Hypnosister turns into a Catastor against every Pendulum monster that’s chilling as a monster.
I hoped that its effects would get drastically better, but even if every Pendulum Zone is occupied, you’ve barely done anything useful. If you want to get down to it, I’d rather have a Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear equipped with a Horn of the Phantom Beast.
Traditional – 1/5
Advanced – 1/5

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