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Stellarknight Triverr
- #NECH-EN054

3 Level 4 "tellarknight" monsters. During the turn you Xyz Summon this card, you cannot Special Summon monsters, except "tellarknight" monsters. If this card is Xyz Summoned: Return all other cards on the field to the hand. Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; send 1 random card from your opponent's hand to the Graveyard. If this card with Xyz Material is sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 "tellarknight" monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 3.75 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Nov. 21, 2014

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Triverr is a card that takes patience and skill to accommodate, but it's a very rewarding card.  It's a step up from the other triple-Satellar XYZ, Delteros, though by requiring 3 monsters, it does share the same risks.  What if they Breakthrough Skill it or, worse, what if gets Solemn Warning'd?  That's why you should have a Trap Stun (or something) handy. 

It requires 3 monsters, which is feasible for Satellars but still a considerable cost.  It recoups the resources by the random discard effect (which could either be a solid hit or simply just dump a graveyard-floater) and it replaces itself when destroyed.  But the real meat of this card is the on-summon effect of returning everything to the hand.

It gets rid of the opponent's XYZ's and bounces their traps, giving you room to deliver a 2100-ATK beating.  It also recycles cards like Fiendish Chain and Call of the Haunted (which you'll be using 3 of) in the deck.  So use Call on Vega, Special Altair from hand, Special Deneb from Grave to plus, then XYZ into Triverr, and then return the dead Call.

It's the nuclear option.  You only need one of these in the Extra Deck but Satellar players should definitely add this card to their collection.


Power - 5

Speed - 5

Versatility - 4

Dependability - 3

Advantage - 3

Traditional - 1
Advanced - 4

T-REX Stellarknight Triverr
So, Stellarknights get a new toy… Christmas comes early for some Archetypes it seems!
The first thing that most will notice about this card is that it can only be made by using 3x “Tellarknight” monsters, and although some may see this as a drawback to this card, the reality is that this clause keeps it from being a generic card and instead it will only see play in a Satellarknight Deck.
The second seeming downside to Stellarknight Triverr is that during the turn you Xyz Summon it you cannot Special Summon any monsters except for “Tellarknight” monsters.
Again, this really isn’t an issue, it is simply a very minor inconvenience to the use of this card.
When it is successfully Xyz Summoned, you return EVERY other card on the field to the hand, essentially this should allow you to inflict 2100 of direct attack damage to your opponent. This makes Summoning this card very useful in certain situations, although not always as it could ruin some set-ups.
And even if your opponent destroys it thanks to a Bottomless Trap Hole or removes it via Compulsory Evacuation Device, the effect of clearing the field will still be successful.
And if the it’s Giant Trunade’esqe effect isn’t quite good enough, you can detach an Xyz material from this card to send one random card from your opponents hand to the Graveyard. And while this effect may not always be useful against every Deck that you face, it can give you an opportunity to get rid of any annoying continuous, equip or set-up type cards that are in your opponents hand and have the potential to cause problems.
It could also get rid of something annoying like a Royal Decree.
Luckily for your opponent, you can only use this effect just the once per turn.
But wait, there’s more…
And FINALLY, once this pesky (for your opponent) annoyance is dealt with, you get to Special Summon one “Tellarknight” from your Graveyard, all of which allows you to again reload your field and even your hand, depending on your choice. Altair and Deneb of course being prime candidates in most cases, but like always with this game, depend on the situation at hand.
Traditional: 3. More toys, more fun!
Advanced: 3.5. Only this cards low attack are what actually lets it down, as such it will likely never last past the turn that it is Summoned. One is most definitely needed as an addition to the Extra Deck for Satellarknights.

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