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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Denko Sekka
- #NECH-EN041

Cannot be Special Summoned. While you control no Set Spell/Trap Cards, neither player can Set Spell/Trap Cards nor activate Spell/Trap Cards that are Set on the field.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.80
Advanced: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Nov. 18, 2014

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Over the past week or two, this card went from an unknown to a superstar. The price rose from $9 to $30, I heard. This card was a common in Japan but became an Ultra Rare in the U.S. This is because American players tend to covet splashable cards more than archetypes, on the whole.

But this rarity bump definitely rose this card to prominence. I think it would've been forgotten had it remained a common or even a Rare, looking at all of the past common cards that were great but never saw play (i.e. Trap Dustshoot) until someone discovered them.

I have my fair sense of skepticism of the card and I don't think it will live up to that degree of hype, but at the same time it still has a lot of use and potential. Tranorix would have called this card "rentsy" (quirky).

It's a more self-sufficient version of Dark Simorgh, or a Cold Wave with a good 1700-ATK body. It can be used for lockdowns, but moreso, this card is excellent for OTK's where you plan to finish the game out. First, you summon Denko. Unless they have Solemn Warning, they can't use any of their traps that turn. You're free to Special Summon whatever you want and attack for game (and unlike the body-less card Triangle Ecstacy Spark, you get to push for 1700 more damage.

It's a skill-card and a late-game card. It overall looks pretty good but its not for everybody. Qliphorts can't use it because of Skill Drain and most BA players won't use it because they set a lot. But it could work in an aggressive Shaddoll deck that doesn't set much aside from Vanity and Sinister Shadow Games. It will also work for a Nekroz deck which is aggressive and keeps the backrow to a minimum as well.

This card is dependent on two things
(a) A meta with decks that don't need to set cards often (so you can use it)
(b) A meta with decks that do set cards often (so you can hurt other decks)

Outside of this equilibrium, there will be a problem.

I have no idea how this card is going to play out. It could be really meta-relevant. It could be a quick fad, or (probably) something in between. Does it live up to the hype? We'll find out.


Traditional - 1
Advanced - 3.5

Denko Sekka

One of the most powerful anti backrow cards to exist in the game. If your playing the deck that uses minimal traps this card because an amazing card. The opponent cannot use set cards which can blow out chain burn. If your playing against satellarknights you also gain the upper hand with this card. A very useful card in the upcoming nekroz deck for side decking purposes. Currently, not many decks can use this card to its full potential; however, still a very good card to fight the metagame.

Traditional 2/5
Advanced 4/5
T-REX Denko Sekka
This card is certainly going to be the death of any Deck that relies on heavily setting multiple backrow cards, and for any “Haters” out there whom dislike Decks such as Burn, Exodia and Countdown, this card will have the ability to cripple them so much that it could mean auto-lose for them if played against them correctly.
Opening this against Meta decks such as Satellarknights and Burning Abyss, both of which rely on multiple backrow cards can bring about an end to their often enough ability to Summon 1 and then Set 4-5 and pass.
Such a powerful effect does of course come with quite a hefty disadvantage and advantage all rolled into one, as if you control no Set Spell or Trap cards neither player can Set or activate any Spell or Trap cards that are Set on the field.

This effect however does not prevent you from being able to use any cards that remain face-up, or from using Normal or Quickplay Spells, only from Setting them.
And now here is an interesting little fact that may well be of extreme interest to anyone who plans on playing Denko Sekka… And is something that you should know.

If you were for example to have a Set Compulsory Evacuation Device or Book of Moon (that you can activate this turn) and then Summon Denko Sekka, as it is your turn, you as the turn player have the priority/ right to activate a Quickplay Spell or a Trap card BEFORE your opponent can activate a card in response to your Summon in the Summon Response Timing.
And this can be used to sinister effect.
So for example, my opponent has a monster and Bottomless Trap Hole Set, on my side of the field I have Compulsory Evacuation Device Set, when I Summon Denko Sekka, as I’m able to activate a Quickplay Spell or a Trap card before my opponent can respond to my Summon with it, I can do the following.
Summon Denko Sekka, use my players turn “Priority,” and then activate Compulsory Evacuation Device.
Now my opponent is UNABLE to activate their Set Bottomless Trap Hole as I now no longer control any Set Spell or Trap cards!
Think of this as potentially a little “Trick” that you can use to essentially block the use of your opponent using any of their backrow.
Also note that you can only do something like this if you have only just the one Set card, as if you don’t, your opponent will then get the opportunity to respond before you’ll be able to get the opportunity to activate your second Set card… Potentially undoing any advantage that you could gain from this brutal effect.
Note, the effect of Denko Sekka does NOT block the activating of a Counter Trap like Solemn Warning when it is Summoned as Solemn Warning hits a Summoned monster in the Summon Negation Timing, or before the monster actually hits the field.
Some comparisons to Jinzo vs Solemn Warning could be made in this regard.
If a Denko Sekka were to already be on the field however, then Solemn Warning could not be activated regardless.
You could also use your own Solemn Warning to Negate the Summon of Denko Sekka as well… I’m not sure as to what twisted reason you’d ever actually have to do such a thing as this, but hey, if it’s ever a viable option, it’s right there for you to abuse…
And just to pump this card up just a little bit more, it has a GREAT attribute in Light, and has a healthy 1700 ATK.
This is simply one AWESOME card!
Traditional: 3. Not quite so much Setting here, so it’s less efficient.
Advanced: 4.5. WOW! This is GOOD, real GOOD.
Note: Thankyou to Redshift for taking the time to clarify some rulings/ mechanics for me. J

Denko Sekka
We continue looking at The New Challengers and we continue with Denko Sekka a new Thunder monster that has some hype it it, but is the hype worth it.
Statwise there isn’t much to shout about, it’s a LIGHT/Thunder which is good with 1700 ATK and 1000 which makes it at the low end for an acceptable beatstick.
Effectwise, first off it can’t be special summoned which is never a good thing.  The main talking about is the effect, while you have no Set Spell/Traps neither player can set or activate set Spell/Trap cards. Of course at first glance this looks great but the closer you look the more flaws appear.
First off, the effect only works while you have no set Spell/Trap cards, this means you have a choice to either set a card to protect it and therefore not get the effect which would be counterproductive or gain the effect but have very little protect except maybe honest.
Second the opponent can still activate Spell cards from their hand , so unless you have Anti-Spell Fragrance they can easily destroy this with a Spell card.  Also the effect doesn’t stop the opponent’s monsters so decks like Shaddolls have very little to worry about. Finally due to its low stats the majority of popular monsters can easily run over it, so it will be lucky to last a turn.
Overall, it is trying to be a big card but the card has so many holes in it, it makes it hard to be really useful. It might work as a side card.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced:  2.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Tuesday Pojo-goers and today we've got another card from the newest series: The New Challengers: Denko Sekka. This lovely lady has a lot going for her and can swing the momentum of a game just on her own.
An inability to be Special Summoned hurts her playability, but being a level 4 and a Light makes up for that. A Thunder type makes her even more unique, though she doesn't inherit much help from the type-specific support. If you control no set spell/trap cards, then neither player can set or activate set spell/traps. This is tremendous. With 1700ATK, Denko Sekka can hold her own against most Normal Summoned monsters, and, when combined with other cards, makes her a tough monster to overcome. Anti-Spell Fragerance and Safe Zone come immediately to mind. Set those two and summon her. On your opponents turn they won't be able to set any spell/traps and, until they get rid of Safe Zone, Denko Sekka won't be leaving the field unless by a monsters effect. If you eliminate the ability to play spells and traps you have narrowed what your opponent can do. Yes, monster effects and overpowering her are still options, but in a deck revolving around locking down your opponent you will likely have cards to help prevent this.
While this card could be handy as a tech against players that play a lot of set spell/trap, Artifacts get hit specifically hard by this card. Without the ability to activate set spell/traps, Sanctum and Ignition won't be causing you any grief. If Anti-Spell Fragrance is out it will be even tougher for Artifacts to get their plays going.
Denko Sekka isn't easily searched, nor supported by much, but she may be worth a spot in the Side Deck as an option against a heavy spell/trap user.
Until Next Time

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