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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!


Pay 500 Life Points. Destroy 1 face-up Spell or Trap Card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.50
Advanced: 3.10 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
May 22, 2014

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This week has been rough folks, but it gradually takes a turn for the better here.  Slightly...Twister is the Mystical Space Typhoon that has a cost (negligible at 500 Lifepoints) and can only hit a face-up Magic or Trap card on the Field.  Honestly, this wasn't bad when it was released, and it's still not that bad now.  But things are hella crazy, fast, and aggressive.  You might luck out and Draw into this at a good time, but nothing stays on the Field long enough for this to be relevant, especially with MST alone out there.  Still the best card this week

Traditional:  1.85/5
Advanced:  2.85/5 
Art:  4/5


Quick-Play Spell
Pay 500 Life Points. Destroy 1 face-up Spell or Trap Card.
Again, no more Dragons of legends and a look back at some old Spell/Trap destruction in this case Twister.  Twister requires you to pay 500 life points in order to destroy 1 face-up Spell/Trap card. This card would be okay but 3 years before this was released, a card called Mystical Space Typhoon was created which can destroy any Spell/Trap and it doesn’t cost you anything. With Mystical Space Typhoon at 3 there isn’t any reason to play a weaker version.
Overall just play Mystical Space Typhoon.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5


Twister was an under rated option a few formats ago until it began to get the recognition it deserves. Being a quickplay spell with an effect to destroy one spell or trap on the field means it bares a striking resemblance with Mystical Space Typhoon, a staple quickplay spell with an almost identical effect. However, Twister comes with an added cost of 500 lifepoints, and can only destroy face up spells or traps. At this point it could be easy to dismiss Twister as an inferior version of Mystical Space Typhoon and instantly relegated to "for collectors only". Yet a majority of the top duelists would disagree with this assumption.

The reason they would disagree is because Twister is best assigned to the side deck, in addition to already running 3 Mystical Space Typhoons in your main deck. It's a card you will never find yourself using instead of Mystical Space Typhoon, but it's a card that can be extremely handy in addition to it. In game 2 and game 3 of a match, if you are facing a competitive duelist as an opponent, they will be siding cards that significantly cripple your deck, or even cards that shut down its mechanics entirely. Usually continuous and thus needing to remain face up on the field, these counter cards include but are not limited to Skill Drain, Soul Drain, Vanity's Emptiness, Kaiser Coliseum, Necrovalley, Imperial Iron Wall, and Royal Decree. If your opponent sides in 3 copies of one of these cards that your deck simply cannot operate while it is out on the field, leaving only 3 copies of Mystical Space Typhoon in your main without additional spell or trap removal options is a risky decision because although it may be enough, often times your opponent will draw 2 or 3 copies of their sided counter cards while you draw only 1 or even no copies of your Mystical Space Typhoon's. To circumvent this issue, siding additional Twisters into the main will all but guarantee that when your opponent activates their counter cards, you will be able to immediately respond with an answer to be rid of it before it has time to significantly hamper your deck. When it's the difference between being able to make your plays and being held at the mercy of your opponents sided cards, the 500 lifepoint cost to activate Twister could not be more negligible or irrelevant. 

Although Twister is always a great choice to have at your disposal during a heavy backrow format, it isn't always a necessity during a heavy monster format. Not only are we seeing decks like Mermail and Dragons dominate the meta as of recent, now we have to add into the mix Sylvans, and most importantly Artifacts, as dominating archetypes. All of these decks are monster heavy and much less backrow dependent than lower tier decks, and because of this, even Mystical Space Typhoon isn't always a staple at 3 currently. Add to the fact that we have just been introduced to the Fire Hand's and Ice Hand's (which we recently reviewed, go check them out!) which are dominating the meta right now, and that leaves even more options for spell and trap removal, pushing the need for Twister even further back on the priorities list. 


Traditional:  1/5 
Advanced:   3/5 (Never necessary as a main deck option but extremely helpful as a side deck option, try running two copies if your deck has trouble getting rid of counter cards)

Mechanic Design: 3.5/5 (Insanely simple mechanics but extremely balanced yet still useful)
Art:  3/5 (4.5 out of 5 on the Ultimate Rare Version. The foil pattern is insane)



Hasn't been reviewed on Pojo for 7 years (when it was released). A lot has changed back then though. With the rise of archetypes, nearly every deck, bar Mermails uses face-up Spell/Trap cards to survive.

Mystical Space Typhoon is at 3 and it's a better card in every aspect. But this does not mean Twister is entirely useless. Far from it! It still manages to be a great card, but for the side deck.

Set it and blow up some Necrovalley's, Tenki's and such on your opponent's turn. Or, on your turn, blow up Madolche Chateau among other cards and go in for the push. Stops Skill Drain/Soul Drain/Prohibition and so many more cards people will side against you. And against rogue/stall decks, you will always be prepared! Unlike 2007, this is an era where Field Spells and Continuous Spells thrive. With Pendulum monsters coming you can destroy the Monster/Spell hybrids with ease.

To say MST is at 3 and better really does this great card a disservice. Because it implies that only 3 Spell/Trap removal options are enough. And that's far from the truth. Most decks use 20+ spell/traps. Is 3 MST really enough for them? Sure, your mileage will vary and some decks you won't need spell/trap removal to stop, but most will.

This could work for a main deck, but you should primarly use it in the Side Deck. I think every Side Deck should either run 2 copies of Twister or consider running 2 copies of Twister.

It's a timeless card. Face-up Spell/Trap cards will ALWAYS exist. They're never going to go away and therefore this card won't ever stop being relevant. A must-have for all collections.

Traditional: 2/5 (format doesn't rely as much on continuous cards)

Advanced: 4/5 (a must-have for side decking)
Art: 3.5/5 (as a spell card, the gray-green complements it well)


I apologize, my dears, about today and tomorrow's reviews being boring. I apologize. But you will still learn something, I assure you.

When you look in the Trading Card Game dictionary for "Side Deck Card," Twister is one of the cards you should see listed there. That's where this card belongs with Mystical Space Typhoon being at 3. This card only exists to blow away troublesome cards like Dimensional Fissure, Macro Cosmos, Soul Drain, Skill Drain and Vanity's Emptiness... oh, most of those are already on the list and will rarely ever be encountered. I suppose if you're using Dragon Rulers you might wanna get rid of that Imperial Iron wall that's stopping you, but that's what Blaster exists for. Or Mystical Space Typhoon.

That said, this is good, albeit limited in application.

I promised you that you would learn something new today. Allow me to teach you: "Gypsy" is actually short for "Egyptian."

Advanced: 2.5/5
Traditional: 1.5/5

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