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Magical Stone Excavation
- #CP02-EN001

Discard 2 cards, then target 1 Spell Card in your Graveyard; add it to your hand.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.00
Advanced: 1.25 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
April xx, 2014

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Hello Pojo Fans,
I was advised to not “mine at night” so lets do it right now. That's right, were going mining with Magical Stone Excavation. A Normal Spell card, this card lets you discard two cards to get a Spell Card back to your hand.
A card that drops two from your hand in return for one (a minus 2 in all) wouldn't be a very good card. This card can't be played in every deck, nor would you really want to. The only decks that will be playing this card are decks that can really gain an advantage from playing it. Decks that fill the grave like Zombie, Destiny Hero, Dragons, and Lightsworn could play this card (but may choose not to). Dumping monsters like Treeborn Frog and Dandylion are best for this card to attempt to break even off its negative. I've seen the card played in a Diamond Dude Turbo years ago, but I don't Magical Stone Excavation being played much nowadays. Infernities could potentially play it, as could Fables, but I've never came across an Infernity or Fabled deck using it. There are better cards to play in both formats to return a Spell Card to your hand from the Graveyard that won't cost you two cards. Destiny Hero decks could still use it and hope Diamond Dude hits it with his effect, avoiding the discarding. With Monster Reborn gone this card lost a lot of support for playing it. If you play it, you'd better be getting back a game-changing card like Dark Hole.
Traditional- 4/5- a lot more options to choose from, deck possibilities, etc.
Advanced- 1.5/5
Art- 3.5/5
Until Next Time


Magical Stone Excavation

There were times when this card has been given lavish praise and I never understood what the hype was about. It's literally a -2. No Spell Card is worth that cost. And for only 1 discard, Monster Reincarnation gives you a monster. Monsters are more powerful than Spells, right now. Even getting Pot of Greed would make this card a -1, unless you discarded 1 or 2 graveyard floaters. Even then, sounds dubious to me.

While in Traditional Format, there are some Spell Cards you might want to bring back (ehh...), in Advanced, no Spell Card is not worth the cost. Dark Hole? MST? Pot of Duality? Book of Moon? For two cards, no thanks.

Traditional: 2.0 (Mediocre)
Advanced: 1.0 (Horrible)

Terrorking Hello my lovelies, and welcome to your hero's [my] review of Magical Stone Excavation.
Card's outdated and junk by today's standards. The real powerful spells you'd want to bring back with this card aren't exactly legal for play right now, so dumping three cards just to get back one spell card is not a very attractive position. In the past this card was part of some first turn kill with Kuraz and Magical Explosion, but Explosion's limited. Also, a nearly identical card in Spell Reproduction has always been a thing and has never made any kind of splash. This card's not very good.
Advanced: 1/5
Trivia: This card was first played by Yami Marik in the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime.

Magical Stone Excavation has a good effect, but the cost is so exorbitant that the card is generally terrible.  For the cost of 3 cards, you get to re-use one of the spells in your grave.  For this to be worth it, the spell would have to allow you to go at least plus 2.  Spells that broken (think Dimension Fusion, Gateway of the Six, Harpie's Feather Duster, etc) simply aren't legal anymore.  The spell would have to be on that level of brokenness to consider the cost to be worth it.
Now there are ways to circumvent the cost.  The primary example of this is Diamond Dude.  Diamond Dude Turbo is the reason the card was limited in the first place.  Of course, that deck is not even close to an issue anymore.  Keeping Magical Stone Excavation on the list because of Diamond Dude really doesn't make any sense.  I doubt the deck would even play the card anymore with all of the power spells forbidden.
Rating: 1.5/5 (Very Bad)

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