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Morphing Jar
Ultra Rare

FLIP: Both you and your opponent discard all cards in your hands and draw 5 cards from your respective Decks.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.75
Advanced: See Below 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale

Date Reviewed:
March 31, 2014

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Welcome to another Ban List week, I did the best I could with what I had here.  As I assumed, at least this time, with more frequent changes in the list, it shouldn't be necessary to see many major changes per cycle.  Morphing Jar finds itself on the Banned end of the spectrum at present.  I'm all right with this, yet kinda pissed at the same time.  Morphing Jar can be a part of OTK/FTK Decks and combos, and can win you a game.  But it can just as easily lose you a game too, and because of that powerful (and unwieldly) balance, it shouldn't be Banned.  Now at the same time, it can bring you back from the brink too, I'm sure that has to be part of it.

Traditional:  4.5/5 
Advanced:   Banned 
Art:  5/5

Hello Pojo Fans,
Back from a wonderful vacation and ready to throw come CoTD reviews your way. Starting off, Morphing Jar. Newly added to the Ban List for the TCG, Morphing Jar has been a handy monster for years. A level 2 Earth, Rock-Type monster with 700ATK/600DEF, Morphing Jar, when flipped forces both players to discard their hands, then draw five cards each.
Morphing Jar has been part of an OTK/FTK with Book of Taiyou, Book of Eclipse, and A/D Changer until your opponent doesn't have a deck to draw from when you end your turn. It won't be doing much attacking (though I've seen a Morphing Jar land some direct attacks in my day). Though it could have some support behind it, you would be using support for its effect only. Flip Jar on your turn after setting almost everything, resetting your hand. If you run Dark Worlds, this could lead to a mass swarming of the field. This can also help Zombies load the Graveyard for later Special Summons (Mezuki and Plague at 3 each make this a serious possibility).
Morphing Jar's low stats don't hurt it as much as its ability to also help your opponent. If your opponent is low on cards you won't be setting Morphing Jar unless you are also low on cards. If your opponent hits Morphing Jar when they don't have a useful hand, or are low on cards, this helps them greatly and may swing the duel in their favor.
Morphing Jar is a combo card. You can run silly combos with it, FTK/OTK with it, but now that it's banned, it will only be possible in Traditional Format.
Side Note: I'd like to say I used to look forward to the Ban List. It was a time for excitement for a player. What would get hit this time? Would they get it right? Would they get it wrong? This list didn't really surprise me, nor did I really care about really anything touched. It hurt some players, but not a ton, and none of the decisions were ridiculous, so I guess it did its job. I think they should go back to the six months in-between lists though.
Traditional- 4/5- lots you can do with it in this format with nothing forbidden
Advanced- 3/5- if not banned
Art- 3/5
Until Next Time


Morphing Jar

First of all, one side note. I have to tie up a loose end. The 2013 top 10 list. I never had the chance to review Star Eater. Quickly, I would've given it a 3/5 in Advanced and 1.5 or 2.0 in Traditional. Can work extremely well for some OTKs, but it's level is too high and the same resources you could use on it, you can spend on other cards to OTK your opponent.

Okay, Morphing Jar.

This card was used quite a bit back in the day. It's been around since 2002. I remember when it was like a $100+ card in Tournament Packs. Up until the 5D Synchro era, it worked for some decks. It helped replenish the resources of burn or aggro decks that burned through their resources too quickly. Now, however, with the faster format, it's a different story. Set monsters are bait to more removal options. Field presence is lacking, on top of the fact that your opponent can benefit from it more than you do.

It's declined in years and pretty much only stands a chance in Empty Jar. And in such, Traditional Format, it's still somewhat viable, I guess. But if you aren't abusing it's effect like 10 times per turn, then this card is old and washed up.

Sorry, if I sound bitter this week. Empty Jar decks just bring up acerbic memories.



Oh my beautiful guppies, oh how you must've been in shock from my absence last week. Fear not, my words have returned and I shall satisfy your addiction for more. No longer will you have to endure the pain. 
Morphing Jar is a great card. It's always been a great card. Great enough to be limited? Sure. Great enough to be banned? Heck no. But I shan't pretend to understand the thought process behind most of the cards that have been banned and limited by the TCG, much the same way as you don't stop to question the thought process of something from another species. But you came here to hear about how this card's good, so I shall facilitate your learning requirements with my luminous beams of enlightenment. Ready?
1. It makes you discard up to and draw 5 cards.
2. It makes your opponent discard up to and draw 5 cards.
That's all there is to it. Lots of combos off the card, lots of utility in a lot of decks. Boom.
Advanced: 4.5/5
Traditional: 3.5/5
Trivia: This was originally used by Yami Bakura of the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime.

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