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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

 Cyber Valley
- #SDCR-EN006

You can use 1 of these effects. ● When this card is targeted for an attack by an opponent's monster: You can banish this card; draw 1 card, then end the Battle Phase. ● You can target 1 face-up monster you control and this card; banish both that target and this card, then draw 2 cards. ● You can target 1 card in your Graveyard; banish this card and 1 card from your hand, then place that target on top of the Deck.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.67
Advanced: 3.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
March 13, 2014

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Today we're reviewing a monster that was part of the Diamond Dude Turbo deck in the past: Cyber Valley. Valley follows the theme of the “Cyber Dragon” deck, being a Light, Machine-Type. With a level of 1 and 0ATK/0DEF, you are playing it for it's effect(s). “You can use 1 of these effects.● When this card is targeted for an attack by an opponent's monster: You can banish this card; draw 1 card, then end the Battle Phase.● You can target 1 face-up monster you control and this card; banish both that target and this card, then draw 2 cards.● You can target 1 card in your Graveyard; banish this card and 1 card from your hand, then place that target on top of the Deck.”
Despite having the lowest stats possible for a monster, Cyber Valley has enough effects and possibilities to make up for that. If attacked, you can banish Cyber Valley to end the Battle Phase and draw a card. Even in a top-decking situation you will at least be able to survive until next turn without battle damage, and get a card for banishing Cyber Valley, and this effect of Valley is unaffected by Skill Drain. The second effect possible is if you target 1 face-up monster you control and your Cyber Valley; banish them both and draw 2 cards. You can take control of your opponents monster, summon Valley, banish them both and draw 2 cards. Tokens are also able to be banished, opening more possibilities to draw and set up plays. The final effect to choose from is when you target a card in your grave, banish Valley and 1 card in your hand, and you get to place the card you targeted in the Graveyard on top of your Deck. If you need a card that is in your grave, and you have a card in your hand that you can spare, Valley is the key to getting that card back. Any card is able to be targeted, and if you have a way to get that card immediately (a draw card in your hand after this effect resolves) then you won't need to wait until your next turn.
Cyber Valley is useless in terms of attacking for the most part. Unless you have a way of powering it up, it will never attack. If you can't steal a monster from your opponents side of the field, you will be down two monsters, with two cards in your hand. If you used your Normal Summon on Valley that turn, you'll have to Special Summon to regain field advantage. For the third effect, if you don't have a way of getting that card you put on top of your deck right away, you have to wait, meanwhile you are down a monster and a card in your hand. Though it could be used in several decks because of its Battle Fader-like effect to stop the Battle Phase, only a deck built to plus off of Cyber Valley's effects is suitable (Token, Final Countdown, D.D removal-theme, etc.).  It can help in a Cyber Dragon-themed deck, but its playability is suited more for Traditional Format.
Traditional- 4/5
Advanced- 2/5
Art- 2.5/5


Cyber Valley

Cyber Valley is an interesting card to say the least. It's a defense wall that protects your life points, slows down the opponent and even replaces itself by allowing you to draw. On the down-side, it's not always a reliable wall because it's susceptible to removal (though, what card is it).

If you can give up another card, you get to draw 2. If what you banished is a floater (a card that has paid for itself by already causing you to gain advantage), it gives you even more draw power. Though, by doing so, you sacrifice some field presence.

It's weak stats prevent make it less versatile, especially in a game that has adopted more aggressive gameplay over the years. At the same time, its stats/attribute/level open up lots of different opportunities to search and summon it. The fact that it banishes your monsters and itself can set up interesting combos with cards in the vein of Return of the Different Dimension, D.D. Survivor and others.

It tries to a lot of things, and while each thing it does may present a minor problem for you, it's hard to name many cards that pull off everything that this one does with such grace.

Traditional – 3.0 (Good)
Advanced – 4.0 (Great)


With this review I have now saved you 50 times. My power is immense, and I shall continue saving you in the future. What this means, my guppy, is that this is my 50th review. Bask in my glory and hope that one day you will attain it.

Hello and welcome, you silly guppies, to my review of a card that I very much enjoy due to its usage in Final Countdown decks: Cyber Valley.The card is simple and good at buying you a turn through ending the battle Phase. You should use a few of him since he has combo potential in being able to be used as Fusion material for your various Fusion monsters, or act as another target for Machine Duplication in the event that you didn't draw Cyber Dragon Core.

Trivia: "Cyber Valley" is apparently a shoddy translation. It was supposed to be named "Cyber Vary" because it has "various" effects.

Advanced: 3/5
Traditional: 1/5 (you can't buy time here; OTK or bust)


Cyber Valley
Cyber Valley has lost much of the allure that it once had. It used to be a solid stall card for alternate win condition decks with its first effect allowing you to end the battle phase and replace itself by drawing 1 card. Now, however, summoning Valley is painting a big target on the card. Your opponent will be able to use monster destruction on Valley that is otherwise ineffective against alternate win condition decks. There are many cards like Fire Fist Bear that can destroy Valley without the need to attack it.

The second effect, where you can draw 2 cards, is pretty good if you have easily expendable monsters to use it with. In a deck that can easily summon something like Scapegoat tokens, Cyber Valley becomes essentially a normal summonable Pot of Greed. Compared to Cardcar D, another monster that allows you to draw 2 cards, Cyber Valley is less consistent, as you need to have a second expendable monster to banish, but Valley lets you special summon and use your battle phase that turn.

The third effect is really bad and should rarely, if ever, be used.

So Cyber Valley has 2 decent effects that often aren’t as good as they used to be. There aren’t really any decks at the moment that support Valley though. Despite being a “Cyber” monster, Valley contributes very little to a Cyber Dragon deck. The only deck where it would really be worth it to play Valley would be a deck that can fully maximize the potential of its second effect. To my knowledge, there isn’t really a deck at the moment where this is true.

2/5 (ok)

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