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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

The Monarchs Erupt
- #PRIO-EN076 

Activate this card only if you have no cards in your Extra Deck and control a Tribute Summoned monster. Negate the effects of all face-up monsters on the field, except Tribute Summoned monsters. During your End Phase, if you control no Tribute Summoned monsters, send this card to the Graveyard.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.25
Advanced: 1.86 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
July 2, 2014

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The Monarchs Erupt doesn't provide much of an eruption, let alone a reason to be played...or to play Monarchs for that matter. This Trap (Continuous Trap mind you) almost does one thing right. Negating Monster effects is good. Negating ALL Monster effects is incredible. Negating your own also though, we're back to average. You can't have any cards in your Extra Deck, you MUST control a Tribute Summoned Monster, and you send this card to the Graveyard at any given End Phase of yours if you don't. The no Extra Deck thing is just nonsense. It should only negate your opponent's effects, and it most certainly should not be Continuous. Not enough good, too many conditions, this thing is jank folks.


1/5 both Formats

Art: 3/5


The Monarchs Erupt
Continuous Trap
Activate this card only if you have no cards in your Extra Deck and control a Tribute Summoned monster. Negate the effects of all face-up monsters on the field, except Tribute Summoned monsters. During your End Phase, if you control no Tribute Summoned monsters, send this card to the Graveyard.

Today we look at The Monarchs Erupt; another continuous trap that is trying to stop the swarm of special summoning monsters, (ah a bit late on that and Pendulum Summons isn’t going to help).

The Monarchs Erupt can only be activated if you have no extra deck and have a Tribute Summoned Monster. Both conditions already hurt this card and this card as the name suggests this clearly wants to be used in a monarch deck. The Monarchs Erupt main effect is that it negates all face-up monsters effect baring Tribute Summoned monsters. This card is very similar to Skill Drain but with one type of monster being excluded and two conditions instead of a cost. Still mass field effect negation as always been a dangerous thing, and it does help that for most monarch decks the tribute fodder monster have effects that work in the grave.

Finally if you don’t have a Tribute Summoned monster during your end phase this card is destroyed. Self destruct effects are never a good thing and it has the inherit problems of a continuous deck, both again hurt this card’s playability.

Overall a card might be useful in some Monarch decks depending on your play style. Anything else avoid.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2.5/5


Happy hump day folks. Today we look at the first of two new trap cards to support the Monarch theme, and in my opinion the more lackluster of the two, The Monarchs Erupt.

With Macro at one, I'm sure most people would agree the most popular and effective way to run monarchs is with the frog engine, especially since the release of Mega Mobius. Thus, you have to keep the backrow to a minimum, pretty much only playing normal and quick-play spells so as to utilize Treeborn Frog. So already, a continuous trap card would have to have an amazing effect to outweigh the importance of your frogs reviving every turn.

Sadly, I don't think this is that amazing card. First off, you can't have an extra deck. Everyone plays rank 2 and rank 6 monsters, to use spare frogs and used-up monarchs for a new purpose. Second, you must control a tribute-summoned monster. Chances are you're going to put that monster on the field by tributing a frog, meaning of course you don't have any backrow. So your monster would have to survive a turn, which in this format isn't that likely, given the extremely fast tempo of the game. Now granted you negate all monster effects on the field, excluding tribute-summoned monsters, but how many effects activate in the hand or grave these days? Fire Hand is enormously popular right now, Bujin players can attack over your monster or use Quillin in the grave, Sylvans can dump a Marshalleaf to pop your monster, and then you lose this card too. It's really not worth your time folks. Mega Mobius can set you up for success by wrecking the backrow freely, then attacking over nearly any other monster. Skip this trap.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5
Art: 4/5

Thanks for reading!


This card is bad. Too situational and handicaps a player from the very start. No matter what deck you may run, you will always have something in your Extra Deck. Choosing not to use an Extra Deck is eliminating resources for you to depend on. Needing a Tribute Summoned monster to activate and keep this card on the field isn't too bad, but that restricts it to only decks that do a lot of Tribute Summons. Having this card on the field eliminates Treeborn Frog from being used as continuous tribute fodder, counter-productive. Negating all face-up monster effects except tribute summoned monsters is a great effect, if it didn't cost you so much to activate this card.

Don't play this card...even in a Monarch or tribute heavy deck, just don't.



The Monarchs Erupt

The "no cards in your Extra Deck" restriction isn't really a problem since Monarchs barely use XYZ/Synchro's. As for the final effect which sends this card to the graveyard when you don't have a Tribute Summoned monster, its, fair of course, but lenient. It's not like it dies instantly. If your Monarch dies during your opponent's turn, you can cripple them during their turn and then still keep the effect for your next turn.

While its vulnerable to spell/trap removal like MST and especially Wiretap, decks that rely on monster effects as removal will have a tough time getting around this. It wrecks Madolche and Geargia, which rely on effects. Heck, even Bujins, Fire Kings and such need them. As well as the upcoming and insanely broken Shadolls. This is an era where players would give an arm to get a quality monster-effect negation card and Monarchs finally have one.

As for weaknesses, this card may be problematic against graveyard effects like Hands, but it will still stop the Traptrix part of the HAT decks, though this card won't be super-useful against trap-heavy decks. I'm aware of its vulnerabilities in the "Wiretap format". I'm aware of the dead-draw risk. I'm aware that Monarchs are not high-tier decks anymore. But the prospect of locking down the opponent entirely with one card is too good to pass up.

Monarch decks should ponder maining it, or at least side it if they're tight on space. If you find it too risky to main, then the side will allow you to keep it for those difficult monster-spam matchups.

Traditional – 2

Advanced – 3.5 (for Monarchs)


As you get older, fairy tales get scarier, no? Don't think so? Well clearly it means you're not spending enough time thinking about the twisted worlds that we went through in our childhood.

Hello and welcome to another Terrorking review. This time, dearies, we look at The Monarchs Erupt. It's a worse Skill Drain most of the time. If you gear your deck towards Tribute monsters and forego the massive toolbox that is the Extra Deck, you can run this card and shut your opponent out. The absolute best you can hope for with this card is having it face-up with Vanity's Fiend (and for extra points, have him targeted with Safe Zone). Not much to talk about with this thing, is there? The main thing with this is you have to decide what you prefer: the Extra Deck that handles every problem ever or do you want this Main Deck card you may or may not draw into, and even then you need to set it up. Well, do you?

Advanced: 2/5
Traditional: 1/5


The Monarchs Erupt

You know what readers, I love Monarchs. I may not be the most decorated duelist, I have exactly 1 regional top to my name, it came in 2007 but I did it with Monarchs..not Perfect Circle/etc versions but my own lil variant called Hydro-strike. Here we have Monarchs Erupt, a veritable Skill Drain that affects anything but tribute summoned monsters. Skill Drain is awesome, it's one of the best anti meta cards ever. This however, not so much. It's requirements are a little on the heavy side. You can't have a single extra deck monster and during your end phase you must have a tribute summoned monster or it destroys itself. They tried making good support for the archtype, and they had in the past, but this one fell flat on it's face in my opinion. They could have dropped 1 of the 2 negative requirements and made this card a LITTLE better but as it's printed, I wouldn't even waste my time.

Traditional 1/5
Advanced 1.5/5

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