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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

 Sylvan Charity
- #PRIO-EN062 

Draw 3 cards, then, if you have a "Sylvan" card in your hand, reveal 2 cards from your hand including at least 1 "Sylvan" card, then place them on the top of the Deck in any order. Otherwise, reveal your entire hand, then place it on the top of the Deck in any order. You can only activate 1 "Sylvan Charity" per turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.50
Advanced: 3.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
June 5, 2014

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Sylvan Charity is a wonderful card and great support for a theme. Something you can break open into advantage if used correctly. You Draw three cards, reveal two cards in your Hand, one which must be a Sylvan, and place them on your Deck in the order you wish. Otherwise, you reveal and lose your Hand to the Deck. Just use it intelligently and you can bust it open well in your favor. Not much else to say. You can only use one a turn, but you don't need more than that anyway.

Ratings (Deck specific):

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Art: 4/5


Sylvan Charity
Normal Spell
Draw 3 cards, then, if you have a "Sylvan" card in your hand, reveal 2 cards from your hand including at least 1 "Sylvan" card, then place them on the top of the Deck in any order. Otherwise, reveal your entire hand, then place it on the top of the Deck in any order. You can only activate 1 "Sylvan Charity" per turn.

Next we have Sylvan Charity, so more support for Sylvans. If you are like me, then when you heard of a card with something Charity you will instantly think of Graceful Charity and this card is a version of that classic and still banned card.

Sylvan Charity as with Graceful allows you to draw 3 cards, however if you have a “Sylvan” card you have to reveal 2 cards including a “Sylvan” and then place them on the top of the deck in whatever order you want. This is quite good, as well as more draw power, so converse deck size and can place a Sylvan from your hand that would be better being Excavated that being in your hand. Also the “Slyvan” card doesn’t have to be a monster, which again helps.

Of course don’t play this card if you don’t play Sylvans unless you want to lose your hand. This is clearly done to prevent this card from being Splashable, except maybe in some strange Infernity deck..

Overall great for Sylvans otherwise avoid.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,

The Sylvan cards are back in the CoTD review with Sylvan Charity. A Normal Spell, when activated you draw 3 cards, then, if you have a "Sylvan" card in your hand, reveal 2 cards from your hand including at least 1 "Sylvan" card, then place them on the top of the Deck in any order. Otherwise, reveal your entire hand, then place it on the top of the Deck in any order. You can only activate 1 "Sylvan Charity" per turn.

The draw power for the Sylvan archetype, this card draws and sets up moves. Reveal two cards from your hand after drawing three, at least one card must be a “Sylvan” card. After that, place those two cards on top of your deck in any order. Any Sylvan monster placed back on top of the deck will be excavated by a Sylvan spell/trap or a Sylvan monster. If you cannot do this, you have to reveal your entire hand and place it on top of your deck in any order. In a Sylvan deck you are likely always going to have at least one Sylvan card in your hand to complete this effect. The cards you draw count towards the “reveal 2 cards from your hand including at least 1 :Sylvan” card” effect, increasing your options of completing this cards requirements. If you have two or more of the same Sylvan card in your hand after the draw, reveal them both and not tip your hand to your opponent. Playing this card in three's in the deck is necessary and will help you set up moves every time you play it. The only downside to this card would be top-decking it. The chances of you obtaining a Sylvan card off the draw remain good, but there's more possibility of this cards penalty if you can't meet its requirements. It could be thrown in to make a combo here or there (like Infernities with losing your hand), but there are better cards for that.

The card in the decks archetype is a 5/5, but like most archetype specific cards, it isn't playable anywhere else.


Until Next Time


Sylvan Charity

So, you draw 3 cards and then stack the other 2 cards in your favor.  Strong draw power that is also relevant to the theme of the deck and triggers effects.  Is never a -1.  Can lead to a +1 when you set up an excavation.  And above all, it helps the consistency of the deck.

The restrictions on this card are all manageable too. There's no reason not to use this gem whatsoever. If you have a hand of cards and you draw 3 cards, there's no reason why you shouldn't have a Sylvan amongst them to prevent your hand from being discarded. Using this once per turn is a reasonable clause but it's not like you wouldn't want to use this card for three consecutive turns. Because it doesn't restrict your Battle Phase or Special Summoning.

Any criticism of this card would probably have to do with the archetype itself.  Not this card in particular.  "You can stack your deck however you like with Sylvans... but they still don't top!!!". Whatever the faults of merits of the archetype, I'm judging the card itself. And the card itself is amazing.

Run 3 in Sylvans or you are noob-sauce. LOL.

Traditional – 4 (For Sylvans. With Pot, Graceful and Painful around, this card looks a bit more ordinary)

Advanced – 4.75 (For Sylvans. Essential for the theme and a must-have if you are using them.)


Today's card, man. Just, today's card. It's a thing of many laughs. Look at it and laugh.

Hello, and welcome to another of Terrorking's reviews. Today we look at Sylvan Charity, and why it's good. Do you seriously need me to tell you why? Okay...

1. It is a Graceful Charity (for Sylvans)

2. Searchable by Sylvan Flowerknight

3. It stacks your deck for the Sylvan effects.

Seriously, this card is borderline absurd. What else can be said about it? Uh, if you draw multiples you can put one back and then excavate it away since you can only use one of them per turn, I guess?

Traditional: 1/5 (The real Graceful Charity exists here)
Advanced: 3/5 (This would obviously be a 5/5 if it wasn't restricted to Sylvans, but the theme weighs it down)

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