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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Reinforcement of the Army

Move 1 Level 4 or lower Warrior-Type monster from your Deck to your hand. Your Deck is then shuffled.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.83
Advanced: 4.46 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
July 23, 2014

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Reinforcements of the Army
This card was initially put at 2 when release in '03.  Was limited to 1 during the Synchro era.  Now is being put back at 2.  
So, what's the difference?  My guess is that during the Synchro era, most of the tuners were Warrior-types.  ROTA allowed you to pull them out instantly and combo.  Synchro-spam decks with Librarian and such could have abused ROTA if it weren't limited.  Nowadays, Warriors aren't as broken as they used to be, especially with the expansion of other types.  But Warriors are still one of the most supported monster types and are core parts of numerous different archetypes.
Warrior-heavy decks need to use 2 copies of this card.  Decks that are borderline cases are: (a) decks without a high Warrior count and (b) decks where the Warrior monsters aren't the most urgent or valuable cards in there. 
So what's the ratio now?
Use 1 ROTA if your deck has at least 3 (4, on the safer side) Warriors to target.
Use 2 ROTA if your deck has at least 5 Warriors to target.
An exception: sometimes a deck, however, might only have 2-3 Warriors, but those cards may be so vital to the deck, you'd risk a dead ROTA just to run 2 ROTA's.  For consistency sake.

Also, I have a little tech called Pro-ROTA'ing, much like Pro-Heavy-Storming.  I set ROTA and pretend its a trap.  Then, next turn I use it to search exactly the Warrior I need for the situation.
So, um, yeah.  What are you waiting for?  Run this card.

Traditional - 4
Advanced - 4.25


Reinforcements of the Army is a spell card that has been with us since the beginning era of the game, with a simple straightforward effect that has only become more powerful over time. The idea behind the card is to increase consistency within your deck. Perhaps a key strategy of your deck involves a specific warrior monster, but you can only have 3 copies of it within your deck. Reinforcements of the Army, or ROTA, as it is often called, was created to alleviate that problem.

This card will thin one card from your deck, increasing consistency in a similar way that the card terraforming does allow, but is also quite versatile in warrior decks letting you select any monster of your choosing as long as it is level 4 or lower. If this card would have been allowed at 2 or 3 copies instead of 1 for these last formats, then decks like Noble Knights might have actually seen some more form of competitive play, since the deck focuses on being able to summon either Medraut or Borz early game in order to have a fighting chance. The card moving up to 2 now will sure increase consistency for decks like the Satellarknights, but it might be too little too late for the Nobles, just depending on what the new support cards allow for the archetype in the form of Merlin and others.

If you have warrior monsters that you normal summon in your deck, then you will want to run ROTA in as many copies as are allowed. This card moving to 2 is happily accepted by many of the Warrior Themed decks that see play in today's current meta.


Mechanic Design-3/5 (Standard, run of the mill, increased consistency card for warrior theme. A basic necessity for the typing.)


Reinforcements of the Army

This card is extremely simple to understand, it’s a Normal Spell card that allows you to add 1 Level 4 or lower Warrior monster to your hand from your Deck.

And even better, this card has now gone from being Limited, to Semi-Limited, and that’s a great boost to anyone that is playing some, or lots of Warrior’s in their Deck.

Search cards provide your Deck with consistency, and consistency is exactly what this card does provide, and it’s going to see play in everything from Hero’s to Six Sams, to Noble Knights and to the new Stellar Knights as well as everything in between.

Essentially generic, any Deck that plays even a few Warriors will be able to benefit from this card being at 2 rather than 1.
Origianlly, 2 RotA’s and 4-5 Warriors in a Deck was enough to make RotA be included in everything.

Traditional: 5. Why 5? One card exists in Traditional, Makyura the Destructor, and getting it quicker results in you FTK’ing even more consistently!

Advanced: 4.5. Theoretically I’m over rating this card, however the reality is that for what this card does, there is nothing that can be faulted with it, and any Deck that can run it can only be better with it, but not only that, there is never going to be a good reason to not run the maximum allowed amount in that instance. It’s not game breaking, but then realistically it’s only ever as good as the searches that it can search for, which could technically be a flaw.


Hello Pojo Fans,
With RoTA now at 2, it opens the door for Samurais to attempt to return to Tier 1, along with giving added support to Noble Knights, Destiny Heros, etc. Search any Level 4 or lower Warrior in your deck and add it to your hand. Simple, effective, capable of setting up your move for the turn, or add a resource to use later. The only mainstream card that isn't banned that prevents this from being used is Thunder King Rai-Oh. You could also find yourself facing an Anti-Spell Fragrance, but only in certain decks (along with Deck Lockdown). Find a way around these cards and you are golden. Helpful when topdecking, helpful almost anytime its drawn.
Nine times out of ten you will play this card the second you see you've drawn it.
Until Next Time


Reinforcement of the Army
This had to be the 2nd biggest surprise of the list behind Goyo. The effect is simple enough, grab a Level 4 Warrior from your deck and add it to your hand. Back in the day this typically meant searching a DD Warrior Lady/Assailant, and later on grabbing a Stratos. Nowadays RotA is a huge coup for Evilswarm/Constellars, searching a key piece of their optimal first turn plays even easier. It also can be seen in Infernity to search a Dark Grepher/Armageddon Knight(which also sees play in Inzektors), or Lightsworn to grab a Garoth, Ehren or even Jain to make a play, even if it's just grabbing a discard for something like Solar Recharge.

Traditional - 3/5 - TeleDAD/Chaos builds greatly benefit from this
Advanced - 4/5 - Warriors are more a splash now than a core necessity but the warriors that are used make tons of plays more viable and being able to search those warriors even easier is a huge benefit.

Vendetta Wednesday - Reinforcement of the Army

Hey guys today we are talking about Reinforcement of the Army. This card is actually so good and there isn't a whole lot to say about it. So... Its extremely generic... It gives any warrior based deck options... It pushes Constellars, Infernities and Evilswarms even higher into the competitive spectrum... The card at 2 is insane, end of story. Don't compare this card to Fire Formation - Tenki, because RoTA is very good but its not abusable like Tenki is, thats a completely different ball park.

Traditional: 4 - The infamous Makyura FTK becomes even more viable, maybe even basis to make it a 5 :/

Advanced: 5(/5) - Yes a 5. I believe cards this generic and this powerful are 5s and nothing else. It is so good. Probably, in my opinion, one of the best yet balanced cards in the game.  And back to the Tenki comparison, they are completely different cards, Tenki is so much easier to stop.

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