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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

- #LTGY-EN077 

Special Summon 2 "Geargiano" monsters from your Deck and increase their Levels by 1. You can only activate 1 "Geargiagear" per turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 3.67 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
July 22, 2014

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Geargiagear was moved from 3 to 1 on the ban list.  I thought it was going to be Geargiaarmor, but that would be a bit sadistic toward Geargia players.
Talk about power creep.  A couple years ago, I thought Gottom's Emergency Call was a chainable Call of the Haunted for 2 (not just 1) monsters.  Now, you can pull them right from the deck.  You get 2 Geargianos and then you turn them into Accelerators and Armors.
Geargia are a deck that has been able to top due to spamming insane amounts of searching monsters that constantly plus one.  Then, they XYZ into other options.
Having three of these was a nightmare as it allows them to speed up their engine like crazy.  Now, at 1, it's still a helpful early-game option, but there's no certainty that they will get this card early game.  The fact that its less dependable only hurts the point of using it a little bit because it's still a great +1 card for the theme.
While this card is chainable, there is a weakness to it.  If you're able to pop this card without -1ing it (in my matchup against Geargias, I was using a Harpie-Stun deck), you will force them to activate it and they'll summon 2 monsters that you can just crush in battle.
IMO, Geargias are still going to be competitive (though probably not at a firm #1 anymore).  This limitation did sting them a bit, but they have plenty of other ways to make cheap +1's.
All Geargia decks need to use 1 copy of this card.
Traditional - 1.5
Advanced - 4


Geargiagear is a simple enough trap card to understand, and its easy to see why it warranted a limit to 1 in the TCG. For one resource, you can special summon two Geargiano monsters from your deck. This will allow you to thin your deck of two resources, while making one resource turn in to two. Once they are on the field, with the increased level effect, you can overlay into Gear Gigant X, which will grant you a formidable 2300 attack monster with the effect to add back a level 4 or lower machine type monster from your deck or your graveyard to your hand. Gear Gigant X can do this twice if left uninterrupted, and then when it leaves the field you add back yet another resource to your hand.

The consistency to get any monster you need from your deck which you haven't played yet, or from your graveyard which you have already played but had been destroyed or interrupted is almost unparalleled in any other deck this format. Geargia's work within the framework of having each monster be able to search out the other gear monsters either to the hand or to the field. One important note is that all of the monsters within the Geargia engine have potential to + in resource advantage. Combine this in a format with heavy backrow of other traps for protection to ensure plays go through smoothly, and the deck just works faster than almost any other archetype available, but with the added benefit of higher consistency.

Geargiagear is a key card in the strategy, and allows the Geargia engine to excel faster than a majority of all other archetypes. Limiting this card to 1 slows the deck down, but they are still extremely powerful this format despite the set back, when compensating with other cards such as fire and ice hand, which increase the ability of the deck to grind and still + at rapid speeds.


Mechanic Design-1.5/5 (What were they thinking with this one? The archetype is already extremely consistent and fast compared to other archetypes, and then a card that allows deck thinning and multiple instant +'s from the deck. Overpowered and unnecessary. )


Hello Pojo Fans,

Geargias rose to become a top-tier deck recently, so naturally it was time to lessen their advantage. Searching from the deck is good, and searching two monsters and bringing them to the field at once is great. There may be only two “Geargiano” monsters in the TCG to target with this card, but you still can create some havoc with just those choices though. Geargiano can Special Summon a level 4 Machine from your graveyard (effect negated), or use both monsters and go into a Rank 4, likely Gear Gigant X. This card syncs well with Karakuri monsters and the Special Summoning capabilities the Geargia monsters have. This was a move to slow down Geargias, even if you could only activate one of these per turn. Alone the card can result in a Rank 4, combined with other cards and things can get out of hand.


Until Next Time


Oh good golly gee, you mean summoning 2 monsters from your deck for an instant Xyz summon without drawback is powerful enough to be on the list? Who would'a thunk it? No, really, who could've imagined? Not Konami, that's who!

I find it funny just how many cards from Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is on the list. It's essentially the ZeXal era's PTDN, except on a far greater scale. Anyway, Geargiagear. What it does is give you a Gear Gigant X for no cost whatsoever, which then can add your Geargianos or other assorted Geargia monsters to your hand. This is assuming you choose to make Gigant X, of course, and not the other 240+ Xyz monsters in the game. It being a trap means you can also bait with it, bluff and trade it in when targeted (not that anyone bothers destroying backrow anymore since Artifacts became a thing).

It's a good card, backed by a good deck. Also, I shan't be reviewing any other cards this week. They're all good cards that speak for themselves.

Advanced: 4/5
Traditional: 1/5



Geargiagear is now at 1 on the current f/l list coming down from 3. Obviously the card was really good as it went from binder fodder to a staple in the deck, though it made people run the geargiano's which was certainly an interesting call. Don't get me wrong, plenty of good cards have seen play despite limitations, Rescue Rabbit still finds itself in Evilswarm decks and occasionally you'll see some kind of Dino Rabbit variant. Reinforcement of the Army was used in EVERY Warrior deck even at 1, even when said warrior decks had their own version of RotA(E-Call, Shien Smoke Signal). Geargia obviously have more support coming out with their structure deck and the possible Shonen Jump Alpha release of Geargiauger, that there will be plenty of ways to still play the deck despite the lack of Geargiagear. The question is, til then does it return to the binder or do you simply cut back on your geargiano count since you dont want to draw out your geargianos before you draw your gear.

Traditional 1.5/5
Advanced 3/5 - It definitely loses a step but on the merits of the card alone I cannot drop it much further in points. It still is a gamebreaker and with upcoming support, Geargia can potentially still make an impact.

Vendetta Hey guys, today we are talking about Geargiagear. Because its banlist week I'm going to look at the card in a different manner. Instead of looking at the cards power level itself, im going to look at how it affects the Geargia deck. With Geargiagear at 1, it may very well be that we should drop the card completely, because it comes with luggage. There is another version of Geargia that is is still very powerful and viable. I'm talking about Machina Geargia. The Gear Gigant X + Ancient Gear Box interaction is very powerful, because its a +2 everytime it makes your Machina Fortress drops virtually +1's.

I'm going to be experimenting with the deck this coming format, as i think it is still very, very powerful. I think Geargiagear going to 1 is good for YGO because it takes away yet another auto-win option. When you open Armor + Set 5 with one of them being Geargiagear, there isn't a whole lot your opponent can do to stop you winning next turn. But with it at 1, the chances of drawing multiple Level 3 names before your draw Geargiagear is increasingly high. You never really want those cards in your hand unless you search them.

Traditional: 3 - There is enough draw power in traditional to hit this early BUT traditional games rarely last 3 turns. FTK's are so prominent there. When Auger is legal FTK's are viable but now the only thing the deck has going for it there is Shock Master + heaps of traps.

Advanced: 3 - Its definitely playable due to the cards insanely high power level, its just not as good as it used to be.

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