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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Rose Archer
- #PRIO-EN093 

During either player's turn, when your opponent activates a Trap Card while you control a Plant-Type monster: You can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.63
Advanced: 3.05 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
July 15, 2014

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Today we are looking at Rose Archer, a very interesting card from Primal Origin. While you control a plant monster, Rose Archer can be sent from your hand to the graveyard to negate the activation of your opponent’s trap card. That is a pretty incredible effect and it is no surprise that Sylvans quickly found a home for the card in the main deck. This format has been very backrow heavy and Rose Archer allows Sylvans to make plays safely without fear. This is especially helpful for improving game 1 while going second as Sylvans have a very strong turn one, but they could easily run into disruption without Rose Archer.
Being a quick monster effect Rose Archer will be spell speed two, so your opponent will likely still be able to chain another Trap. However, since it is a monster you won’t be running into one of the incredibly common Wiretaps of this format. So they will get another shot, but it likely will not be answered.
There are a few things to keep in mind though. Sylvans are a very graveyard reliant deck, this means if Dimensional Fissure can come in during game 2, it will likely make this card a dead draw. However, it will be able to negate the activation of Macro Cosmos and Soul Drain which can really help to keep the deck from going dead. I guess that makes this kind of a push overall.
It is quite likely that any future Plant-type deck will use this card so long as we see heavy backrow. Though if we see fewer backrow in the future I could see this card seeing less play. Even so, this card deserves a review well above average.
Traditional: 2/5 (Can’t think of any common Trad decks that would use Plants, but handtraps are very good in Traditional overall. Very deck specific.)
Advanced: 3.75/5 (I feel like this card is very close to that coveted 4+ ranking, but it does have some specific requirements and is a little format specific.)


Rose Archer

An aggro oriented "hand trap" that you would typically use during your turn to back an offensive push or deny your opponent the tools to disrupt your strategies.

Obviously, this is for Plant decks only. Right now, though, Sylvans are that deck type. Since Sylvans are so focused on building combos they don't want to get bogged down in a trap-nest war. When I use Hermitree to get draws and excavations, I need to protect him from cards like Torrential Tribute and the like. This card won't hit Solemn Warning but it'll get everything else.

Typically, Wiretap is used to negate traps. However, you may consider running 3 Rose Archer and no Trap cards (just like Jeff Jones did when he topped ARG Milwaukee). Let the opponent draw into dead Wiretaps that will do them no good as you negate you negate their "Trap Hole" cards and the like. Stay above the Wiretap war!

Of course, when the next set comes out, the principle of competitive decks running 15 to 18 trap cards will be gone and Rose Archer will have to find a new purpose. That purpose, of course, would be the side deck. If you ever face against rogue decks, having 2-3 of these in the Side can prepare you. All in all, quality plant support for sure.

Traditional - 1
Advanced - 3.5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Rose Archer is a nifty little hand trap for Plant decks. Not very good stats and being a Warrior in a Plant deck isn't much help (unless you run a hybrid Plant/Warrior build or Twilight Rose Knight), but the ability to negate a trap by discarding this card while you control a Plant is a good effect. Few things can stop Rose Archer from negating one of your opponents traps, the downside is that she isn't much of anything else. While Effect Veiler is a Tuner and a Light monster, Maxx C helps your draw, Rose Archer is much like her artwork: one shot. Regardless, she's an Earth monster, so there is some support behind her. If you could find a way to use her multiple times it could lead to frustrations for your opponent.
Art-3/5- Don't really think censoring was needed, but the artwork survives intervention.
Until Next Time


Ho oh, today's card has gotten my attention. Getting my attention isn't necessarily a sign that something is good, I should preface by saying...

Hello kumquats, and welcome to another review provided to you by Terrorking, the king. Today's card is Rose Archer, played by Akiza Izinski/Aki Izayoi in the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's manga. Its effect from there remains largely unchanged: discard it to negate a trap card, except the real life version requires you control a Plant-type monster. Fair enough, I suppose. That severely limits what this card can do. If this was a Plant, it would have so much more synergy with what it was meant to support. If this was a Tuner, it would have so much more utility. But "if it was X thing it would have been good" can be said for just about any card. As is, this card is just side deck material for whatever Plant Deck is on top at the moment, so I suppose Sylvans.

Advanced: 2/5
Traditional: 1/5


Next up we have a card played by Aki from the 5Ds manga; Rose Archer. Statwise it is an EARTH/Warrior which is good with 1000 ATK okay for a level 3 and 100 DEF, which is rubbish no matter the level. Of course stats means nothing to this card as unless you desperately need something to protect your life points, this card will never see the field.
Effectwise, Rose Archer is a powerful hand trap that works against well… Traps. Thanks to its quick effect, if you control a Plant monster and your opponent activates a Trap, you can discard his card to negate and destroy that trap. That’s it, discard a card and instant trap negation and destruction. What’s more there are no restrictions apart from you need a plant on the field, no it can only be used in Main Phase 2 or you can only use this effect once per turn. This gives your plants a lot of protection from just 1 card.
Being a Warrior doesn’t  stop this card from unplayable in a plant deck, as Plant decks have used Plant support Warriors ever since plants became big again thanks to Aki in the anime. Granted it is harder to search for without using something like Reinforcements of the Army, but that would tell your opponent that you have it in your hand. But still that can be a psychological weapon. Also if this was a Plant this card would be nearly broken.
Overall, despite being a Warrior this is a must for Plant decks.
Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5


Rose Archer

I remember when LVAL exclusives were announced and we got Rose Witch, almost everyone on the Pojo Forums was screaming "This over Archer?!" PRIO hit and boom, their wishes were granted as Rose Archer arrived stateside. Rose Archer is kind of an odd one being a Warrior but only runnable in Plant based decks(last seen in "Twilight Rose Knight"). Sylvans of course are currently the number 1 plant deck and I've noted a few instances of them running the max compliment of 3. It's an amazing out to cards like the now limited Geargiagear since you can't typhoon it and trap negators all have to be set. It also prevents non continuous stuff like Breakthrough Skill from stopping your monster excavation effects. I don't recall seeing anyone running Reinforcement of the Army to search this(doesn't mean they haven't), though with RotA now at two, it isn't the worst idea and if you are in a clear field situation, dealing a quick 1000 damage isn't that bad either.

Traditional 1.75/5 Getting a plant on the field and stopping things like Exchange of the Spirit, Sixth Sense, etc, Granted you have to GET and KEEP a plant on the field first.

Advanced 3/5 - With Mirror Force and Dimensional Prison coming off the F/L list entirely, Rose Archer just got a whole lot better. Lets not forget the people who love running Breakthrough Skill, Fiendish Chain, Torrential Tribute and others, Sylvans definitely need to pack 2, if not 3 of these.

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