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Realm of Light
- #SDLI-EN025

Each time a card(s) is sent from your Deck to the Graveyard, place 1 Shine Counter on this card. All "Lightsworn" monsters gain 100 ATK for each Shine Counter on this card. If this card would be destroyed by a card effect, remove 2 Shine Counters from this card instead.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.25
Advanced: 1.68 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
July 10, 2014

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It's good I think we're doing both these cards at the same time. I don't see why they aren't just one card, and the second card might as well be a Field Magic card too. Realm of Light isn't bad at all. It's a Field Magic you should read and at least put some considerable thought into playing in Lightsworn, IF you have room. Usually any attack boost that works in increments of 100 is an absolute joke, that isn't worth your time. But since it's 100x per each time a card(s) is(are) sent from your Deck to the Graveyard, the attack can increase pretty high, and just as fast. Say an average of at least two a turn, and that's just off at least one Monster on your Field. It also somewhat protects itself. If destroyed by a card effect, two counters are removed from it instead. I know you're probably looking for more from a Field Magic card (again to the original point of having all this stuff put together in one card) but I'd try one out . I think it'd work in your favor.


Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Art: 4/5


Realm of Light

Wrapping up our two review Thursday and this Lightsworn week we have Realm of Light, the Lightsworn field card.

As with Lightsworn Sanctuary which is also reviewed today, this card uses Shine Counters and again you get a Shine Counter every time cards are sent from the deck to the Graveyard. These shine Counters have two uses with this card, first all Lightsworns gain 100 ATK for each Shine Counter on this card. This effect isn’t much, with the speed Lightsworn decks are played, the ATK boost will be so small it isn’t even worth mentioning and of course chances are you will Summon Judgement Dragon and this card will be destroyed.

The second effect allows you to remove 2 Shine Counters from this card, to save itself from being destroyed. This effect would have been better if this card actually had an decent effects to start off with. I’ve been building Lightsworn decks for years and I never used this card, it just a waste of deck space. They only useful thing this card can be used for is Shine Counter Bank for Lightsworn Sanctuary but you might as well just play multiple Lightsworn Sanctuarys.

Overall, this wasn’t played when it came out and there still is no reason to play it, if you want to use a card with Shine Counters and has a better first effect, just play Lightsworn Sanctuary.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5


Realm of Light
This card was actually released in 2008 in Light of Destruction and I have no recollection of it.  I just found that out now.  It was such a forgettable card that I actually thought it was actually a new release in the deck.  And the structure deck decided to name itself after this unfortunate card.
Stat boosting isn't important in Lightsworns because they're not a beatdown deck.  Lightsworns use their effects to control the field or they set themselves up for a Judgment Dragon OTK.  The stat boosting here is also slow as an IV-drip.  Keep in mind it works for each time - not for each card.  So if you can mill twice per turn, you have to wait like 4 turns before the stat boost of this card is remotely attention-worthy.  And for the fast-paced Lightsworns, 4 turns for them is like 8 turns for a lot of decks because the deck mills itself out quite fast.
It's difficult to destroy, unless the opponent is able to destroy it early on, but early on is what matters the most.  This card is a waste of space because you could be using cards that could further help you search, draw or fill up your graveyard.  It's a quite bland card with a simple residual effect that doesn't really do much.  Maybe your monsters can become behemoths if you wait long enough, but by then you'll be dead because you didn't focus enough on consistency.
Traditional - 1
Advanced - 1.25

Terrorking Judgment Dragon: Finally as a common, it's actually worth its price. I am the king.
Today's a double review. The two Lightsworn Field Spells. I'm gonna spoil this for you: it isn't Realm of Light. Let's start with the classic Field Spell Lightsworns never needed. Realm of Light gets a counter each time you mill. Each Lightsworn monster then gets 100x the number of counters on the card. If it would be destroyed, remove two counters instead. The protection effect is good. Nothing else is. Lightsworns don't typically go for long games, preferably ending them at turn 2-5, so for this card to really become noticeable, you need to make the games go longer. Further, most times your Lightsworns will only have a 500 boost, and if it's that much, it means you're maintaining field presence and likely in a good position already. Perhaps this would be worth something if it gave 100 ATK per card/monster milled, but it didn't and thus is bad.
Advanced: 1/5
Traditional: 1/5

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