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Noble Knight Peredur
- #LVAL-EN085

You can only control 1 "Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr". Equip only to a Warrior-Type monster. Once per turn: You can target 1 Set card your opponent controls; the equipped monster permanently loses 500 ATK, and if it does, destroy that target. (This ATK loss remains even if this card leaves the field or the monster becomes unaffected by card effects.) If this face-up card on the field is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 Warrior-Type "Noble Knight" monster you control; equip this card to that target. You can only use this effect of "Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr" once per turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.20
Advanced: 2.80 

Date Reviewed - Jan. 23, 2014

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Nothing too exciting here, as this Noble Knight has the prominent text in his own form that you've seen on more than one occasion.  But he does have great things going for him...Noble Knight Peredur is Level 4, and Light attributed, with 1900 attack.  Those are the great things...a not so great thing, the 300 defense, it's insulting.  Another good-ish thing, if equipped with a Noble Arms card, this becomes a Level 5, Dark attributed Monster.  I've said before, as good as the Noble Knight theme may be/is, being too dependent on things like Equip Magic cards isn't good.  If this card is destroyed while equipped with a Noble Arms card, you can add a Noble Arms card from your Deck to your Hand.  Not a great effect, yet not a terrible one, just an effect.  I mean, a Monster would be better, and even being able to recycle the Noble Arms card to another Monster on the Field would help.  It's just slow.  These guys mostly and basically do the same things anyway.

Traditional:  2/5
Advanced:  3/5 
Art:  4.5/5 

John Rocha

We get more support for Noble Knights in today’s card, Noble Knight Peredur. What Peredur gives you is another Knight that becomes a level 5 Dark monster. The other two are Noble Knight Madraut and Borz. This is important for the summoning of Artorigus King of the Noble Knight and sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus. It is also important for the special summoning of Lady of the Lake from the graveyard to Synchro summon Ignoble Knight of High Laungsallyn.
The effect of Noble Knight Peredur is quite nice as well. With 1900 in attack, Peredur can hold its own with any level 4 monster. When you boost its attack with Noble Arms Gallatin, you have a strong 2900 in attack. If your opponent sends Peredur to the grave or you Synchro summon with it, you get one of your Noble Arms cards back from the graveyard.
Noble Knight Peredur does what the Noble theme is geared to do and that is offset the disadvantage that comes with playing equip cards. That disadvantage is that they are normally a minus one advantage when the monster is destroyed. The Noble Arms cards and Peredur all work to nullify that disadvantage. Noble Knight Peredur will soon become a staple in Noble Knight Decks. My ratings on this card reflect Noble Knight’s impact to the Meta.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 3/5


Noble Knight Peredur

Howdy there today's card is Noble Knight Peredur, one of the new Noble cards from Legacy, I believe he is one of the cards people aren't really taking much interest with, I believe he is a good revival card for the equip spells, I personally enjoy the XYZ end of Nobles more, since this one is more effective with Synchros obviously, it would have been cool if he got his effect while being XYZ material. Nevertheless, Nobles one day shall rise and never fall!

Traditional: 1/5 (Not much to do here)
Advanced: 4/5 (More maybe in the future with more support, but still has useage)

Art: 10/10 I am a HUGE fan of the Noble Knights, their art is gorgeous, marvelous, prestigious, brave, god so bad ass!!


Noble Knight Peredur

From what I see though, it's definitely a winner in self-sufficiency for an archetype-based card, but in context of the theme, it may not be as excellent as it seems. The ability to change level and attributes makes it quite flexible for Extra Deck summons. 1900 ATK for level 4 is very good. The ability to retrieve a Noble Arms card from the graveyard does make this card revenue-nuetral, so long as you aren't unlucky enough to have it die unarmed. In the end, graveyard retrieval effects are rarely the best kind (they suck early game), and low level beater stats don't matter much in YGO anymore, so this card is probably to be best remembered for changing it's attribute and level to accommodate more powerful monsters. Still, an overall well balanced card that is worth running at least 1 of in it's archetype, though not 3.  Not really recommended anywhere else. 

Traditional: 1/5 (Bad) – Don't take it personal Peredur; Trad format hates archetypes in general.

Advanced: 3/5 (Good) -- In context of the deck type


Hello, my guppies. I see you are here for your daily dose of enlightenment. Be still as the train of enlightenment runs you over.

Peredurrrrr sure is slow. We've known him for so long and it is now that he chooses to finally show himself fully. Peredurrrrrr, I am disappointed. But anyway, Peredur is an awesome guy! You can use Arfeudutyr with him to blow up a facedown card, and then he'll fall down to 1400 your opponent will have to run him over! And then you get back Arfeudutyr! Awesome ca....

Okay, that was a joke, you see. Peredur is actually a most unwelcome addition to the Noble Knight archetype, not doing much of anything for them and being slow while not doing anything. The only things he has going for him is being a Noble Knight, Light and a Warrior. All the Noble Knights have that going for them. Don't use this guy. Ever. He will be a sad man.

How to counter Peredurrrr: don't worry about it. You'll never see him.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5

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