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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Top 10 New Cards of 2014

#6 - Denko Sekka
- #NECH-EN041

Card Rating

Advanced: 4.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Dec. 19, 2014

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Denko Sekka
Initially I was a skeptic, but I was proven wrong.  This card did see a good amount of tournament play, by Shaddoll decks of course (which naturally don't set a lot), who used 2-3 copies of it. Integral to it's success, it's near-impossible to negate.  The only out to this card I see, is Effect Veiler, which isn't really used anymore.  Once you lay down Denko Sekka, you're free to do whatever you want until the end of the turn.  It's a really good counter to Burning Abyss, the most powerful deck out right now, which relies a lot on setting traps.
That moment when your opponent lays down Denko and you know that they can do whatever they want, while you can't do anything, is highly frightening.
Yeah, Denko's reign isn't going to last forever.  Nothing does.  In formats where people (a) need to set or (b) rarely set, it will suck, but in in-between metas, it will thrive.  I can certainly seeing it being a perennial favorite.


Denko Sekka


It was only very recently that this card was reviewed.

The only thing that I think has really changed since then is that now almost everyone actually realises the power of this card.


This card is vicious, having an effect that is essentially Cold Wave on “Legs” makes this the perfect card to allow for the Special Summoning of several monsters that will be able to inflict enough damage to win game.

More likely though, inflicting enough damage in one turn to win game is more unlikely, what is most likely is that the monsters that you Summon will be able to be used to first safely clear the opponents side of monsters, and then through their effects will be able to prevent your opponent from being able to Summon to their full potential.

Some likely candidates would be Shaddoll Winda, Majesty’s Fiend and Vanity’s Fiend.


And of course against Backrow heavy or reliant Decks, this really does kill their mojo and this card alone is more than capable of crushing any hopes that they might actually have of winning.


This card is so good that I could very easily see this card being hit sometime in the future, especially as it’s likely to become an even better card shortly with the release of Necroz.

While this card also mainly resides in the Side Deck, a Deck such as Shaddoll’s can quite safely Main Deck this since it can always be used as the Light monster when it comes to Special Summoning Shaddoll Construct.


Generally though, this will be a Side Deck card, regardless it’s a card I expect to see sticking around for quite a long time.


And apart from Negating this cards Summon with a Counter Trap, the only real way to stop this is normally going to be destroying it during your turn, that is if it’s not too late!


Rating: 4.5. One of the best generic cards ever released IMO, and really too good to be at 3 for too long I’d hope. Fantastic card. Myself, I rated this card higher.


Hello Pojo Fans,
Denko Sekka is our #6 in this years Top 10. Fresh out of The New Challengers set, this Thunder type has good stats and its LIGHT attribute makes her strong chaos fodder. Not being able to be Special Summoned hurts her, but the ability to prevent the setting of spell/traps if you do not control a set spell/trap is huge. Sekka on the first turn along with Anti-Spell Fragrance could spell trouble for certain decks. Combine her with a Safe Zone and it will be even tougher for her to be destroyed. Her effect doesn't prevent you from setting spell/traps, but having a set spell/trap will stop her effect. Set spell/traps you will be quick to activate as to not allow your opponent to set spell/traps of their own. Sekka is one of the few lockdown monsters that doesn't need a certain decktype built around her to succeed and could work well in a side deck if an opponent uses an abundance of spell and trap cards.
Not being a Warrior-type, along with the not being able to be Special Summoned are the few things that hurt this card. If you get her out and can keep her out things can become frustrating for your opponent. She isn't good against everything, but she is good.
Until Next Time


We close out the first half of our Top 10 with #6: Denko Sekka.


Position on my list: #9


Anybody who played from 2009-2011 will remember the monstrosity that is Cold Wave. This Spell Card, which is almost as old as the game itself, would lock both players out of the ability to activate or Set any Spell/Trap Card until the user’s next turn. Not that great initially, but as the game became more aggressive it quickly turned into one of the most powerful cards in the game, allowing someone to make a large push for game with almost no chance of being stopped.


Denko Sekka does pretty much the same thing, but is a monster. And at 1700 ATK, it is a very respectable monster. The card does have some setbacks though. It only locks out Spell/Trap Cards as long as its controller does not have any Set Spell/Trap Cards in the first place, meaning it does nothing if you already have a defense lined up. Likewise, it is only able to lock out cards as long as it remains on the field; 1700 is respectable, but not big, so it doesn’t take a lot to take out Denko Sekka.


In a metagame dominated by Burning Abyss and Qliphort, two backrow-heavy Decks, there isn’t much of a place for Denko Sekka. However, the card has fulfilled a niche role in Shaddoll Decks, which have begun to use no Trap Cards besides those that are directly related to the Deck. This allows Shaddoll to take a hyper aggressive approach more easily, as they’re power plays can’t be interrupted with Denko Sekka on the board. At worst, the card is LIGHT, allowing for easy Construct plays.


Denko Sekka hasn’t been out for long, but it’s already proven to be a powerful card, and over time I can only see it getting better.


Advanced: 4/5

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