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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Top 10 New Cards of 2014

#7 - Qliphort Scout
- #NECH-EN021

Pendulum Effect : You cannot Special Summon monsters, except "Qli" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. Once per turn: You can pay 800 LP; add 1 "Qli" card from your Deck to your hand, except "Qliphort Scout".

Card Rating

Advanced: 4.20 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Dec. 15, 2014

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Qliphort Scout
Number #7, Qliphort Scout.  We just reviewed it a month ago and how this card plays hasn't meaningfully changed at all.  That's the downside of this end-of-the-year top 10 COTD lists.  Cards that came out a while ago have room for an update in the review, but recent cards are re-hashed.  The cut-off line should've been at November, but ah well.
Here's the basic gist, like I said a month ago.  All Qliphort decks need to run 3 copies because it's the heart of the deck.  If you don't have 3 Scout, don't bother with Qliphorts.  It's a +1 every turn, searches for consistency, helps with Pendulum Summoning and is a solid DEF wall when needed.  Use 3 Summoner's Art, 3 Upstart Goblin and 3 Pot of Duality to ensure you get it on turn one.


Qliphort Scout


While Qliphorts have only been just released, they have made quite the splash, and this card is at the forefront of the Strength contained by the Qliphort Archetype itself.


Since this card can search any “Qli” card from the Deck, it could be argued that Qliphort Scout is a prime target to hit the Limited and Forbidden list.

Since in a “Normal” Qliphort Deck, it can be searched out via 3x Summoner’s Art, 3x Saqlifice and any copies of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon that are included in the Deck as well as that it’s able to be re-used an additional time per turn via Performapal Trampolynx, makes this card an almost given to open with.

Add to that any copies of Pot of Duality and Upstart Goblin and a Qliphort player has to be almost so unlucky to not get a copy of Qliphort Scout in their opening hand that they should almost consider getting life insurance should such a thing actually happen.


Qliphort’s in general have also altered the make up of the Extra Deck, Fairy Wind is a common card to use against them, and even those Deck that would not find it an ideal card to actually use really need to Side Deck this unless they really are looking to lose.

Also Mystical Space Typhoon has almost become a 3 of in every Main Deck… Although this is not completely because of Qliphort’s alone.


Stopping Qliphort Scout helps to slow down the Deck, at least the main thing is that when the cost for Scouts effect is paid, a chained to effect Mystical Space Typhoon will not only Destroy Scout, but it will also prevent it’s effect from resolving.


Rating: 4.25. It’s the major key card of the Deck, and like I mentioned last time, stopping this is of paramount importance if you hope to beat Qliphorts!


Hello Pojo Fans,
Qliphort Scout, #7 on our list, is the engine that makes the archetype go. This Pendulum monster is on the right side of the scale with a 9, but its effect as a Pendulum monster is what makes it critical for Qliphort. 800 Life Points is nothing to pay for a free search for ANY “Qli” monster from your deck. Searchable with Summoner's Art, along with other cards to speed through the deck, this card can appear in the first hand with surprising consistency. Combine it with Performapal Trampolynx to bounce your Scout back to your hand and play it again, and you will get two searches and have everything you need for a big turn after your Pendulum Summon. 
Scout is meant to search out the Qli's you will be summoning and provide you with the high end of your Pendulum Scale. Though it can be searched by other things than Summoner's Art, Disk will Special Summon it, and you don't want it on the field as a monster. Searched by the archetype's equip spell Saqlifice will help if you cannot get to Scout on turn one through other means. This card is a must for the archetype and has to be run in 3's. Cards that go through the deck are also needed to be run in multiples to get to this card as quickly as possible.
Until Next Time


#7 on our Top 10 Cards of 2014 is Qliphort Scout.


Position on my list: N/A


I’ve been pretty busy recently, and as such I never got to review any of the Qliphort cards. I will say now that I have a deep hatred for the Deck, and it has joined the ranks of Evilswarm, Madolche, and Fire Fist as one of my least favorite Decks of all time.


Qliphort Scout holds the entire Deck together. As a monster it’s pretty pitiful, having no effect and only 1000 ATK; 2800 DEF is extremely respectable though, and being a Level 5 Normal Monster allows it to be searched out by Summoner’s Art (as such you’re effectively running 6 copies of the card).


As a Spell Card (since it is one of those newfangled Pendulum Monsters), Scout is a superb card. At the cost of 800 LP, once per turn it’ll search out any of the other Qliphort monsters, giving the Deck its massive consistency as well as the ability to slowly accumulate advantage. Having a Pendulum Scale of 9 works beautifully for the Deck, as all Qliphort monsters are Level 8 or lower.


This card is pretty much the main reason Qliphort is even viable as a Deck. Without it the Deck lacks the consistency and ability to constantly churn out advantage over time.


Still, I don’t think it deserves to be higher than Castel.


Advanced: 4/5


Moving on to number 7, we have the most one of the most recent additions to our humble little list, in Qliphort Scout. Being the first pendulum card on the list, this card is the heart and soul of any Qliphort deck, and without it, Qliphorts would simply not succeed.
Its attack, defense, and type, most of the time, simply don't matter, although 2800 defense can be a sizable wall. It truly shines in the pendulum zone. Once per turn, while it is in the pendulum zone, you can pay 800 life points to add 1 Qli card from your deck to your hand. Take note that it doesn't have a "You can only activate 1 Qliphort Scout's effect once per turn" or anything like that, so you can activate multiple Scouts in the same turn, usually through such means as Performapal Trampolynx. It is searchable by Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Summoner's Art, and Saqlifice, all of which see play in Qliphorts, and for good reason, they need to see Scout as much as possible.
While you have a Scout on the field, it is essentially netting you a +1 every single turn, adding fantastic cards such as Saqlifice and any Qliphort monster your heart desires, and even if it is destroyed in the Pendulum Zone, it goes to your Extra deck, so you can summon it as a defensive wall later. Being able to add a Saqlifice for further floating can be a massive pain to deal with, and eventually, can easily overwhelm your opponent.
As for this card's weaknesses? Well, this card dies to any spell/trap removal, but if you have another Scout handy, this can be circumvented. Fairy Wind is what you have to look out for the most, due to it's ability to clear your floodgates as well. Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss is a very recent card that shuts this card down hard, and your other face-downs as well. Its other weakness involves paying life points, and in long duels, you could easily run out of life points to pay, due to Skill Drain and this.
Altogether though, the crux of the Qliphort archetype.
Traditional: 3.14/5

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