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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Shaddoll Hedgehog
- #DUEA-EN024 

FLIP: You can add 1 "Shaddoll" Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to your hand. If this card is sent to the Graveyard by a card effect: You can add 1 "Shaddoll" monster from your Deck to your hand, except "Shaddoll Hedgehog". You can only use 1 "Shaddoll Hedgehog" effect per turn, and only once that turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.63
Advanced: 3.88 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Aug. 29, 2014

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Sonic's gone evil.


Shaddoll Hedgehog



Flip Effect – Search 1 Shaddoll Spell/Trap from deck

Graveyard Effect – Search 1 Shaddoll monster from deck


The signature opening of many Shaddoll decks is to set their Hedgehog, if they do not have a Shaddoll Fusion in hand, as this card will search it right away.  Shaddoll Fusion is a crucial card in the deck and you NEED it early on if you expect to win.  It can also search of Shaddoll Core.


It's graveyard effect isn't quite as vital, but is still very useful.  Often times, you don't really want more Shaddoll monsters in your hand.  Then again, you might need them for Shaddoll Fusion if your opponent isn't summoning Extra Deck monsters.  A lot of the time, it doesn't matter so much what you search so long as you plus. 


I generally search a monster that I don't have in my hand or grave.  Because I always want one of each monster in the deck just in case I need a target for Sinister Shadow Games.


Some of the other cards in the deck caused a little bit of controversy amongst players.  Shaddoll Beast is a LV5 so is harder to summon.  Shaddoll Dragon isn't good against decks that don't set many Spells or Traps.  Shaddoll Falco is slow.  Shaddoll Squamata's flip effect isn't the most versatile and its graveyard effect can be circular.  But Hedgehog doesn't seem to have any big flaws.


This is why many Shaddoll players run 3 of it, while cutting some of the others to 2.




Power – 3/5 ; It helps the consistency of the deck so you can make power plays but it isn't a powerhouse in itself.


Versatility – 5/5 ; This is a card you want to draw in the beginning of the duel, but its also helpful at anytime in the duel (except maybe late game).  But early on is what's most important.


Dependability – 5/5 ; Its self-sufficient.  It doesn't require anything.  Unlike a tribute for Beast.  A backrow for Dragon.  An XYZ/Synchro for Squamata.  And patience for Falco.


Card Advantage – 4/5 ; You can easily plus off this with a chained Sinister Shadow Games or a Shaddoll Fusion or a discard off Shaddoll Beast.  All in all, it gives you Shaddoll Fusion which makes you plus.


Speed – 4/5 ; A flip effect is as fast as a flip effect can be, but the graveyard effect is an instant search, so it gets points on that.




Traditional – 1.5/5 ; Just not devastating enough or splashable here.

Advanced – 4/5 ; Perhaps the most humble monster in the deck, but nonetheless, core to the deck.

Mechanic Design – 3/5 ; It's a standard searcher.  Balanced but not super creative either.


Artwork – 3/5 ; Looks cold, tough, hard and fierce.  Not bad.



A near-flawless searcher for Shaddolls.  Run 3.


Shaddoll Hedgehog has a lot to offer for such a tiny monster. It searches your Shaddoll Fusion when flipped so you can have access to the extra deck at almost any point throughout the duel. Also, if you ever send it to the grave you can grab whatever shaddoll monster you need to the hand. It fits in the theme perfectly, being a dark spellcaster. Hedgehog is also a level 3, so with Shaddoll Falco it can make good use of a level 5 synchro, Armades, Keeper of Boundaries, which absolutely crushes the meta currently as well as the mirror match.

Hedgehog adds quite a bit of consistency to the Shaddoll engine since it allows access to your boss monsters, and most builds will use three copies or at  the least two. It's a very solid card with two very useful effects and as such, comes with high recommendations. 
Traditional – 2/5 

Advanced – 4/5 

Mechanic Design – 4/5 ; Consistency for searching both the core monsters and help for special summoning the boss monsters
Artwork – 4/5 ; All of the shaddoll monsters really look neat and original in my personal opinion


Shaddoll Hedgehog


For how the Deck works, this could in many ways be considered in the best of category of Main Deck monsters, especially because when it is flipped face-up, not Flip Summoned or a Flip Effect, you get to add a Shaddoll Spell or Trap straight from your Deck to your Hand. Shaddoll Fusion and Sinister Shadow Games being good targets to consider due to how good those effects are/ can be for the Deck.


Additionally, if Shaddoll Hedgehog is sent to the Graveyard via a card effect you get to add a Shaddoll monster from your Deck to your hand… Mathematician and Foolish Burial work to great effect here among others.


In a nutshell, Hedgehog is the KEY searcher for the Deck, you run 3 plain and simple.


Traditional: 2.75. Since this does so much for the Deck and really gets it going this on its own boosts the Deck and allows potential for first turn Fusion Summoning of exactly what you want even more consistently, and when you consider how powerful opening with Painful Choice can be!


Advanced: 4. Staple, dual purpose, allows you to grab not only a monster, but also Spell and Trap cards, luckily its only able to use one effect per turn and only once per turn. Really only overshadowed by the Fusion monsters since they are the Decks ultimate aim.


Shaddoll Squamata

Welcome to Twofer Friday, as we close Shaddoll Week with Shaddoll Squamata aka Shaddoll Lizard. Statwise it’s a DARK/Spellcaster which is very good with 1800 ATK and 1000 DEF both are common for a level 4 beatstick.

As with all main deck Shaddoll’s, Shaddoll Squamata has two effects. The FLIP effect is similar to Man-Eater Bug, only it is optional, but still being able to destroy a monster with no cost is always a good thing.

The second effect allows you to sends a Shaddoll card from your deck to the graveyard. While it can be any card, it is more than likely you will be going to for a Shaddoll Monster so you can get its graveyard effect and thin your deck. So another solid effect.

Overall another solid Shaddoll Monster, a beatstick with a destruction effect and a deck thinning effect. Another one for the Deck.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
A two-for-one Friday. Shaddoll Squamata is another beatstick for the new Shaddoll archetype. Good attack, decent defense in comparison to other Shaddolls. When Squamata is flipped, you can kill any monster on the field, when it's sent to the grave by a card effect, you can send a Shaddoll to the grave from the deck.
Shaddoll Squamata has the power to activate other Shaddoll monster effects regardless of what effect you play for. You can kill your own Shaddoll monster to activate its second effect, or, somehow send Squamata to the grave with a card effect to fill your grave with another Shaddoll, activating the next Shaddolls effect. Squamata is problem-solving monster. If you don't like a monster on the field, set Squamata and wait for the Man-Eater Bug effect to kick. If there's a spell or trap on the field, get Squamata into the grave with a card effect (Torrential Tribute, Foolish Burial, etc.) and then send Shaddoll Dragon to the grave and nuke the spell/trap.
Squamata should be run in 3's as well. Strong attack, big play possibilities off either effect.
Traditional- 2.5/5
Advanced- 3.5/5
Art- 3.5/5
Until Next Time,

Shaddoll Hedgehog
While it isn't Sonic, this hedgehog definitely helps speed up the deck with his effects. If its flip is triggered, it searches a shaddoll spell/trap to hand, which obviously is limited to core/fusion at the moment(think how ridiculous it'd be if shadow games was searchable, amirite?). If sent to the graveyard by effect, search a monster. This is the key. Fusion in hand? Summon Mathematician, send Hedgehog(or squamata and then hedgehog) and add any other shaddoll monster to your hand to have the perfect discards to use shaddoll fusion and bring out your boss Winda.

Traditional 2.5/5
Advanced 4.25/5 While the core of the deck is easy, this will likely be your last chance to get it reasonably priced if they do well next weekend. Have a great labor day pojo readers! Get some duels in this weekend!


Squadala! We are off!


Shaddoll Squamata is, unlike the others, not the corrupted version of a monster per se. Rather, it is a corrupted version of the armor of Satellarknight Unukalhai. It’s quite… interesting.


Squamata shares Unukalhai’s stats of 1800 ATK and 1000 DEF and being Level 4, making it only slightly below Dragon in terms of offensive power. When flipped face-up, Squamata will destroy any monster on the opponent’s side of the field, meaning the Deck has its own themed Man-Eater Bug (jeez, anybody remember that card?).


Squamata’s second effect is particularly interesting though; when it is sent to the Graveyard by card effect, it will send any other Shaddoll card to the Graveyard. Thus, in a sense, Squamata can be effectively any Shaddoll card you want it to be. This is particularly useful if you want to have a Shaddoll handy but can’t decide which one you want. Additionally, Squamata can send Shaddoll Core to the Graveyard, allowing you to get back Shaddoll Fusion immediately after using it.


Squamata is probably the most versatile Shaddoll monster. The card is incredibly solid due to its offensive prowess and its ability to toolbox whatever Shaddoll you need at the time.


Traditional: 4/5

Advanced: 4/5


Fun Fact: A squamata is taxonomic classification of a scaled reptile. All lizards are squamatas, which probably explains this card’s name change from its Japanese name, “Shaddoll Lizard.”

Miguel Shaddoll Hedgehog is just like the other Shaddolls. EXCEPT.....he gets you that precious Shaddoll Fusion from your deck with its flip effect, or another Shaddoll Spell/Trap card of your choosing. If sent from deck to the grave, you can add a Shaddoll monster from your deck to your hand, except another Hedgehog. Shaddoll Hedgehog has the once per turn rule as well. Hedgehog is a must in any Shaddoll deck, no questions asked. Despite is low stats, you want his flip effect to go off, get that Shaddoll Fusion and go to town on your opponent. 
Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 3.5

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