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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Shaddoll Dragon
- #DUEA-EN026 

FLIP: You can target 1 card your opponent controls; return it to the hand. If this card is sent to the Graveyard by a card effect: You can target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy it. You can only use 1 "Shaddoll Dragon" effect per turn, and only once that turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.50
Advanced: 3.88 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Aug. 27, 2014

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Shaddoll Dragon




Flip Effect – bounce card to opponent's hand

Graveyard Effect – destroy spell/trap card


Flip Effect


It's decent.  It returns a card to the opponent's hand.  You would usually only do this against an XYZ or Synchro monster.  It can be good in a mirror match against Winda or Construct as returning it to the Extra Deck doesn't let them add a Shaddoll card from their graveyard to their hand.  It can also be used as a desperate defense against a swarm.  This effect isn't amazingly good, but it can help a lot of the time.


Graveyard Effect


This is where this card shines.  You can clear out Spell/Trap nests early on before you make your big plays and start attacking.  Face-up Spells/Traps like Field Spells are easy targets.  Decks like Madolches are dead.  You can also blindly destroy face-downs to clear the way for attacks.  It's a good dump for Mathematician if you go second, and it's a good dump for Shaddoll Fusion to preclude the thought of your fusions getting hit by Spells/Traps.




With 1900 ATK, its the strongest beater of the bunch, which can run over a lot of things and push for some damage.  If all else fails, it is a good beater.  It's also a LV4 for Rank-4 XYZ's.




Power – 4/5 ; Perhaps the return to hand effect isn't as good as Squamata's straight-up removal effect, but the spell/trap removal effect makes this card really worthwhile.  As Spells/Trap are rarely floaters.


Versatility – 4/5 ; Your opponent may not have a monster that needs to be bounced to the hand, but they're most likely going to have a spell/trap that needs to be removed.  Atop of that, it can also be a strong 1900 beater.


Dependability – 4/5 ; Self-sufficient overall, but you'd need a card to send to the graveyard as you wouldn't be setting him in Defense Position most of the time.


Card Advantage – 3/5 ; As an isolated case, its a 1-for-1 but cards like Shaddoll Fusion make it plus.  The plus side is that spells/traps are rarely floaters, so you won't minus.


Speed – 4/5 ; Effect instantly activates in grave.  Fast enough for me.




Traditional – 1/5 ; Spell/Trap nests and Synchros/XYZ's aren't a problem here.

Advanced – 3.75/5 ; I think of all kinds of removal, Spell/Trap removal is my favorite, since as I said, it hits live cards – not floaters.

Mechanic Design – 4/5 ; I like how diverse both effects are, but at the same time they both can hit spells/traps.


Artwork – 3/5 ; Just looks very typical to me for some reason.  Looks more like a tiger than a dragon.



A spell/trap removing monster-bouncing LV4 beater.  Use 2-3.


Shaddoll Dragon is one of the main Shaddoll monsters deserving play for the archetype. With 1900 attack in a level 4, it has plenty of strength to help put pressure on the opponent. Since it destroys a spell or trap of your opponents when it is sent to the grave by card effect, it's a safe bet to send Dragon out to the forefront of battle. Even if its attack isn't successful, you can still end up +1 in card advantage if it's destroyed. 

Dragon also has a flip effect which allows it to return a card your opponent controls to the hand, so setting it in face down defense position can be an excellent option for getting over problematic monsters, especially ones which were summoned from the extra deck. Or you can flip Dragon face up to return a backrow before attacking for additional peace of mind, or rid the field of a floodgate so you can make your normal plays for the turn even if sided against in certain scenarios. It also combo's well with several of the Shaddoll's staple cards such as Foolish Burial, Sinister Shadow Games, and Shaddoll Squamata. Whenever you feel the need to rid the backrow before pressing, there's almost always a way to dump Dragon into the grave to clear potential threats. Of course naturally being a level 4 also helps open XYZ options or even synchro 5- 6 options with Effect Veiler or Shaddoll Falco. 


The utility Shaddoll Dragon offers while being attached to a 1900 attack body certainly helps propel it into becoming a central component for the archetype, and it should be ran at 3 copies in a pure build. There really isn't much negative to be said about this card beside for its 0 defense, which is a completely forgivable drawback given the circumstance. Dragon ends up being a core combo piece and a main reason Shaddolls are such a force to be reckoned with!




Traditional – 2/5 

Advanced – 4/5 ; Two effects which both result in + card advantage. Strong attack value and it combo's fluidly with the rest of the archetype

Mechanic Design – 4/5 ; Well rounded and stable. Multi-functional and all-purpose


Artwork – 4.25/5 ; Really neat concept and coloring


Shaddoll Dragon

After yesterday’s milestone we are know back to Shaddolls with Shaddoll Dragon. Statwise Shaddoll Dragon is a DARK/Spellcaster, despite it looks like and is called a Dragon, which is very good and keeps in with the rest of the archetype. It has 1900 ATK making it a good Level 4 Beatstick and 0 DEF with is awful no matter what the card is.

Effectwise as with the main deck Shaddolls it has two.  The first is its FLIP effect which allows you to target a card the opponent controls and return it to the owner’s hand. This is an amazing effect a compulsory evacuation device for any card. The only problem is with Shaddoll Dragon’s awful defence unless you can protect it; Shaddoll Dragon is going to die and wouldn’t be able to benefit from its great effect.

Shaddoll Dragon’s second effect activates like the rest of the Shaddolls when it is sent to the Graveyard by a card effect. This effect turns it into a Mystical Space Typhoon, which is another great effect. Of course like Shaddoll Beast, you can only activate one of these effect per turn, so you can’t clear the field completely of trouble.
Overall a great monster with two great effects, if it had better DEF it would be near perfect. Furthermore since neither effect require Shaddoll cards it is splashable too.

Traditional: 4.5/5
Advanced: 4.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
The powerhouse level 4 monster for the Shaddolls, Shaddoll Dragon has two effects like all Shaddoll monsters. Sending a card back to the opponents hand can stop an oncoming direct attack, get rid of a powerful monster, or do both if you get rid of something like Call of The Haunted or Safe Zone. If Dragon gets sent to the grave by a card effect, target a spell/trap on the field and destroy it. Regardless of which effect you activate you are breaking even when it resolves. Combo it with a variety of cards like Foolish Burial, Mathematician, or Armageddon Knight to get rid of a spell/trap on your opponents side. Clear the field with Torrential Tribute and kill a m/t on top of it. All Shaddolls combo with a variety of cards, which makes them very playable not only in their archetype. 1900 attack is very good for any level 4 monster, and with the previously mentioned ability to break even if sent to the grave by effect or being flipped, Shaddoll Dragon could be put into an aggro style build or DARK type deck.
Only one effect of Shaddoll Dragon can be activated per turn, preventing you from gaining access to both effects. If destroyed by battle it won't gain any of its effects, and with it's 0 DEF that guarantees it will be destroyed if in defense mode, but you will still get the flip effect. Shaddolls seem to be more Fiend than Spellcaster, and being a Fiend-Type would have opened up more combinations with type-based cards.
Until Next Time


shaddoll dragon
After my...hilariously awesome Blue Eyes Ultimate review yesterday we're back to the grind and the darkness of the Shaddolls and amusingly enough we kick it back up with Shaddoll Dragon. Just like all the others it has 2 separate and similar effects. If it gets flipped, you can target any card, spell/trap or monster, and return it to the hand. Meanwhile if it's sent to the graveyard by effect, you can target a spell/trap and destroy it. With 0 defense it's unlikely your opponent won't outright kill it in battle meaning its 1900 atk is almost useless....almost. There's always good, and or fun stuff that can be used to trigger it's sent by effect effect. I know some people discussed Magical Dimension which considering you can snag some good effects off Dimension while destroying an opponents monster it isn't the worst idea. Regardless Shaddolls are posed to do big things over the format, I challenge everyone to put their thinking hat's on(wink wink) and come up with some different ideas with how to make these already good cards even better!

Traditional 2/5
Advanced 3.75/5 - Spell and trap destruction looks like it'll be even bigger as Artifacts fall out of favor with the competitive scene.


Returning to Shaddoll Week, today’s card is Shaddoll Dragon, the corrupted version of Suanni, Fire of the Yang Zing. As such, Shaddoll Dragon has 1900 ATK and 0 DEF, making it offensively the strongest Shaddoll that can be Normal Summoned without Tribute and defensively the weakest. When flipped face-up he bounces any card your opponent controls. When sent to the Graveyard by card effect he will destroy any Spell or Trap Card on the field.


In the OCG, Dragon is generally seen as a 1-of or 2-of. In the TCG, however, I would argue that Shaddoll Dragon is the most important one and can certainly be seen as a 3-of. Why is this? Well, the TCG is a lot more backrow heavy than the fast-paced aggressive OCG format. If the most recent ARG event in Atlantic City is anything to go by, virtually every Deck is maining at least two copies of Vanity’s Emptiness, and Decks like Satellarknight can and will side in every floodgate imaginable to shut Shaddoll down. This is where Dragon becomes extremely important, as it serves as your out to these cards (except Dimensional Fissure, Macro Cosmos, and Soul Drain). Even if it doesn’t hit a floodgate, Dragon can help simplify the gamestate and allow your push to go through more easily.


Being able to take down a lot of low level threats with its 1900 ATK is also a major point in Dragon’s favor.


Overall, Shaddoll Dragon is one of the strongest cards in Shaddolls arsenal.


Traditional: 4/5

Advanced: 4/5


Shaddoll Dragon is one of those stand out cards, and by that, I mean it can be placed in a deck outside of Shaddolls. Dragon stands tall with 1900 ATK but falls over when someone looks at it the wrong way with 0 DEF. It has a flip effect that targets 1 card your opponent controls and sends it back to the hand. That can be a problem solver right there. But if Dragon is sent to the grave via card effect, you can target 1 spell/trap card and destroy it. The once per turn rule applies here. Using its flip effect can clear a path for your other monsters to charge at your opponent. But If you need it to go from the deck to the grave, you can use Shaddoll Fusion, (Given your opponent has the right monster on the field), The Mathematician, Foolish Burial, Lightsworn, and Card Trooper to name a few. Whether in a Shaddoll deck or not, Shaddoll Dragon can work in a deck that likes to put cards in the grave quickly. That is what makes this card go from good to really good. 
Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 3.5


Wednesday - Shaddoll Dragon
Whats up guys? Wednesday today bringing you guys a review on Shaddoll Dragon. This, in my opinion is one of the best monsters in the archetype. Boasting 1900 Attack, the ability to Pop a S/T when sent to the grave and the Flip effect to return a card on the field to its controllers hand, Dragon is definitely one of the best main deck monsters you want to abuse is Shaddolls.
Traditional: 1.5 - Winda has minor effect on Traditional.
Advanced: 4.25 - Archtypal S/T Destruction, big early game body.

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