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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Time-Space Trap Hole
- #DUEA-EN079

When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) from the hand or Extra Deck: Shuffle that monster(s) into the Deck, then you lose 1000 LP for each returned monster.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.38
Advanced: 3.63 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Aug. 19, 2014

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$80 secret rare.  Here we come!


Time-Space Trap Hole


Some basic things to know about this card:

1. This card stops XYZ/Synchro summons.

2. This card does not stop Special Summons from the graveyard

3. The life point damage you take is negligible compared to the harm you can do with this card.  You will disrupt your opponent's plays, prevent ignition effects and leave their field wide open.  That's a lot for just 1000 LP a piece.


The 1000 LP cost per monster seems influenced by Soul Charge, but this card will also have you thinking about your life points as well.  You will decide if you want an aggressive deck that uses Soul Charge or a defensive deck that disrupts with Spacetime.  Because it would be quite hard to accomodate both, unless you only use 1 copy of each. 


Naturally, I think deck types that are prone to abuse Special Summoning will pick Soul Charge, and the rest will pick Spacetime.  Obligatory mention: Traptrix will get another target out of this.




Power – 4/5 ; Returning to the deck gives the opponent less graveyard power than simply destroying.  As said earlier, it disrupts combos, precludes effects and leaves their field wide open.


Versatility – 3/5 ; Depends on your matchup.  This card will do little against graveyard abuse decks, but if those decks start XYZing, this can stop that.


Dependability – 4/5 ; A pretty self-sufficient card, with no huge weaknesses, life points aside, that will get in the way.  Most of the time, you'll only be stopping 1 monster, so you'll only take a measly 1000 damage.


Card Advantage – 4/5 ; Expect to get a 1-for-1, but sometimes you might get (as Bill/Pojo likes to call it) a two-fer.


Speed – 4/5 ; Main Phase 1 trap, so it's faster than the majority of viable traps out there.




Traditional – 2/5 ; Graveyard Special Summoning is big in this format.

Advanced – 4/5 ; All decks should main/side (total) 2 copies of this card.

Mechanic Design – 3/5 ; I like the "life points matter" idea, and since it doesn't affect the graveyard, it has a fair weakness.


Artwork – 3/5 ; Pretty basic art, but the secret rare printing makes it look really good.



A great "Trap Hole" card that takes care of Pendulum Summoning and Extra Deck summoning.


Time-Space Trap Hole
Here we have the latest addition to the “Trap Hole” line-up.
Oh how far Trap Hole has come from its original release in LOB.
This card only effects your opponent when they Special Summon a monster(s) from their Hand or Extra Deck, so immediately the downside to this is that it doesn’t prevent Normal Summons or Summons made by something such as Soul Charge, still, I see this as more of a complimentary Trap to add to your Deck rather than being your number 1 go to card.
The great thing about this card though is that it returns all the monsters Special Summoned back into the Deck, this is going to mean that against Pendulums all of those monsters will be returning to the Main Deck since they are Main Deck monsters.
This is where I see this cards greatest strength, being used against Pendulum monsters since it could realistically wipe out their entire set-up, otherwise T-STH is most likely to hit only 1 monster at a time.
As for the Life points lost by using this card, I can see at face value that many players may be concerned about such a thing, especially since it could quite easily impede on being able to use Soul Charge, also many will prefer other alternatives such as Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute and as such may consider overlooking this card.
Well firstly, you only lose the Life points if the monsters actually return to the Deck, so if it gets Negated, the good thing about this is that you do not actually lose them, this is a good thing as I see it, because if it was a cost this card could become essentially far too risky to use in some instances.
In many cases you should not really be paying that many Life points when you activate this card, against 1 monster you only pay 1000 LP, and this is more than reasonable. Against Pendulum monsters realistically you’d expect to pay 3000 LP (I use what I estimate to be an average here), but this is a loss of Life points that I perceive to be more than reasonable, after all if you are able to crush your opponents Pendulum set-up this cost is more than fair and reasonable I feel.
As to what I said originally about this card being a complimentary card… Space-Time Trap Hole is NOT going to replace many other Trap cards that already belong in the deck, but along side those other Traps it’s going to be extremely useful.
Finally, T-STH has some advantageous good points:
It doesn’t target, so it gets around those pesky “Cannot be Targeted” monsters.
It doesn’t Destroy, again this is very important, and against oh… El Shaddoll Winda you can actually have a good response to it.
It can remove multiple monsters at the same time, very few other Traps available in circulation can actually do this, only real comparative cards to it are Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute.
You only lose the Life points if the effect to return to the Deck is successful, so if it’s Negated or the monster doesn’t return to the Deck for some reason you would not lose those Life points.
Traditional: 2.5. Monsters here are Special Summoned, quite often in their masses, so being able to respond in a way in which they can be removed from the field and not go to the Graveyard is certainly of great benefit.
Advanced: 3.75. Against 1 monster, 1000 LP is fair cost, but against a theoretical 5 it could be far too much to pay. Biggest real issue that I see is that it doesn’t stop all Special Summons. But the above stated advantages should however be of more than enough reason to make one consider this card…. STRONGLY consider!

So obviously since the National Championship there really haven't been any regular advanced "big" tournaments to garner any results from because the only way to get results is for the fine users on Pojo and other sites to post their decklists. However this past weekend was TCGPlayers 2.5k open, and there are a degree of results from that. What does that have to do with our COTD? Well it shows there's USE. At least 3 decks in the top 16 saw use of Space Time Trap Hole, 2 of them mained them, 1 deck sided them. It's amazingly solid in use, I've seen people complain about the Lifepoints but to be fair, come on, we all played either 3 solemn judgment or 3 solemn warning at one point. You return a monster special summoned from the hand or the extra deck back to the main deck/extra deck and afterwards you pay 1000 lp for each one returned. Now few things are more annoying than activating solemn warning, paying 2000 lp and having it wiretapped. At least here, you don't pay unless you return, similar to soul charge. Even better, it's searchable by Traptrix Myrmeleo, which has become the new Tour Guide from the Underworld in recent history.

Traditional 3/5
Advanced 4/5 - Searchable, splashable, one of those cards that just will see play once we have our first YCS of the season, get them now before they skyrocket.
Continuing our look at Duellist Alliance we look at Time-Space Trap Hole aka Anti-Pendulum Trap Hole. Effectwise it is quite simple if your opponent Special Summons from the hand/Extra Deck; the monsters return to the owners deck; however you lose 1000 LP for each monster. To be honest this card could do you more damage than your opponent. You lose life points just to delay your opponent, you haven’t gotten rid of the monster or negated the summons, so they are in your opponent’s deck ready to be used again.
The life point damage is a concern but it is basically the same gamble you play with cards like Soul Charge and you are only going to use this is you can afford the damage. Also this card doesn’t stop special summoning from the deck and graveyard which are pretty big areas to ignore. Furthermore we already have two cards that deal with multiple summons, Torrential Tribute and Bottomless Trap Hole. Bottomless is way better than this card, barring the need for the monsters to be 1500 ATK or more, it will banish the monsters and it doesn’t care where they came from.

Overall, more of a potently expensive delaying tactic than a proper solution to deal with Pendulum Summoning.

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Hello Pojo Fans,
Time-Space Trap Hole is another weapon for players to use against the new Pendulum Summons, as well as other forms of Special Summoning. The Pendulum monsters don't hit the graveyard when destroyed regardless, so shuffling them into the Extra Deck isn't a negative. By not “destroying” or targeting the monster(s) Special Summoned from the Extra Deck or hand when Time-Space Trap Hole is activated, you get around monsters that can protect themselves or gain effects when destroyed.
This card will cost you only 1000 Life Points most of the time, which isn't bad at all. However, this card has the potential to get expensive. Bottomless does the same thing this card does but covers all forms of Special Summons and doesn't cost anything.
If you have an open slot you can run this card with little worry. It will give you help against Pendulum Summons and aid you against your opponents Extra Deck.

Gentleguppies and Ladyguppies, I know you may be wondering why I did not review yesterday's card. Well that is a simple one. I was busy infiltrating Konami R&D. With the aid of my dad's uncle's best friend's cousin's aunt who works at Konami, I was able to sneak in and record things R&D said about cards. This week I will be providing you with quotes for each of the cards I review. For the sake of anonymity, I will not disclose the R&D guys' names. Enjoy.
Hello and welcome to Terrorking's review of Time-Space Trap Hole. Let's be honest with ourselves: the only way to play Yu-Gi-Oh these days is to summon a bunch of monsters, either from your hand or the Extra Deck. That's why this card only hitting monsters summoned from the Extra or the Hand is a laughable restriction. Though this card hits pretty much every deck out there, it's main use is probably hitting Pendulum. They go to the Extra Deck when they die, so when your opponent tries Pendulum Summoning them from there, just flip this and return all the Pendulums to the deck. Further, should your opponent try to Pendulum Summon a bunch of monsters from their hand, you can just flip this and send them all back to the deck. 
It basically shuts down whatever play your opponent tries. See, this would be a better design if the card destroyed them so your opponent has room to counter, but nope, this uses a form of removal no card has protection against. Oh, and I guess Traptrix now has another powerful "Trap Hole" at their disposal. Whoops. How dare they try and play the game while I have this face-down! Anyway, your quote for this card:
"Wait, why is this unlimited while Bottomless Trap Hole, that uses a less powerful form of removal, isn't?"
"Because you pay life points, obviously!"—Konami
Advanced: 4/5
Traditional: 1/5 


Time-Space Trap Hole is the newest Trap Hole to be released, and it’s certainly a powerful one. The ability to send back any Special Summoned monster back to the Deck is a highly useful effect that allows one to bypass the monsters that are immune to destruction or have effects upon destruction. With the advent of Decks like Shaddolls, Yang Zing, and Burning Abyss, this is certainly a good trait to have.
Being a “Hole” Normal Trap Card means it is searchable by the ever-popular Traptrix Myrmeleo, meaning players who use it can have something besides Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare (which, while good, is situational) to search out along with Bottomless Trap Hole.
Time-Space Trap Hole will also prove strong as Pendulum-based Decks rise in popularity, as it is an easy way to completely remove every monster Pendulum Summoned as a threat; be wary of your Life Points though, as 1000 per monster can be very steep if you’re taking out multiple at once.
Much like Bottomless, however, Time-Space Trap Hole is not very effective if you are already in a losing position, and does not help break established boards. Thus, outside of Traptrix Decks, I would not recommend playing more than one (two if you opt not to run Bottomless).
All in all a very welcome addition to the Trap Hole series and certainly one that will be seeing some play with Bottomless Trap Hole currently sitting on the Limited List.
Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5


We look at a Timey-Wimey card from Duelist Alliance, Time-Space Trap Hole. A Normal trap card, its effect says that whenever your opponent special summons a monster(s) from their hand or extra deck: Shuffle that monster(s) back into the deck and you lose 1000 LP for monster that is returned. This card was made to stop Synchro/XYZ/Pendulum summoning dead in its tracks. Al for the low cost of 1000 LP per monster returned by this card's effect. Don't look at me like that, if you can play Soul Charge, then you can play this. The ability to make your opponent's strategy all wibbly-wobbly by hitting their extra deck/hand special summoning and sending their monster(s) back to the deck will leave them most likely without a lot of resources after that. The bad side of this card, it doesn't stop special summoning from the deck or graveyard, so your life points may be deleted. Also since it only can go off when you opponent special summons a monster or more from the extra deck or hand, so it could be exterminated by Mystical Space Typhoon or something like it. A safe place is the side deck for this card. Overall, this card isn't fantastic, but it is clever.
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 2.5
Side Note: In case you missed it, I really like Dr.Who.

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