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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

 Batteryman 9-Volt
- #DUEA-EN038

When this card is Summoned: You can add 1 "Batteryman" monster from your Deck to your hand, and if you do, this card's ATK and DEF become double its original ATK and DEF. You can only use this effect of "Batteryman 9-Volt" once per turn. During your End Phase: Destroy this card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.0
Advanced: 3.75 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Aug. 18, 2014

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It's been a while since I ran Batteryman.  In 08.  They were poor man's Lightsworns or something.  Short Circuit and Industrial Strength just got better due to the fact that people have heavier backrows.  And the Special Summoning abilities of the Batteryman cards lead into XYZ options.


Batteryman 9-Volt


So, what are Batteryman decks up to today?  They're OTKing now with Charger (tribute summonable via The Monarchs Storm Forth) and the quick-to-summon Fuel Cell.  Typically, you would want to add Batteryman Charger (if you dont have him in your hand already) to speed things up.  This card is a level 4 and along with the combo-able Batteryman AAA, it helps the deck form into generic rank-4 XYZ's.




Power – 3/5 ; Its more of a consistency card than a power card but its still really important for the deck.  Crucial stuff, despite not being super powerful.


Versatility – 5/5 ; Being an unbridled searcher for the archetype, you can search out whatever monster you need for the situation.


Dependability – 5/5 ; There's no real cost or risk to using it and its only to your benefit.


Card Advantage – 3/5 ; I'd call it an educated 1-for-1.  It blows itself up, but if you can force your opponent into wasting a Spell/Trap on it, smack them for 2000 damage directly or use it as material for XYZ before it would expire, you got your price of admission.


Speed – 5/5 – It gets its effect on summon, making it faster than an ignition.  So if it removed with Torrential or Bottomless, you still search.




Traditional – 1.5/5 ; Traditional hates everything.

Advanced – 3.75/5 ; Will probably help bump up Batteryman decks to tier 2, making them a threat in some match-ups.

Mechanic Design – 4/5 ; A great searcher but with an actual [fair] drawback, unlike derp-derp-derp Hanzo.


Artwork – 3/5 ; It's an electrical boxy battery that looks like the Reddit mascot.



A staple for Batteryman decks.  Use 3 in that deck.


Batteryman 9-Volt

This week we are looking at cards from Duellist Alliance, and we look at Batteryman 9-Volt, anew monster for the Batteryman Archetype.

Statwise it is a LIGHT/Thunder which is good, with 1000 ATK and DEF which aren’t great for a level 4, but it can have its uses.

Effectwise; to start off it is a searcher if it is summoned, what’s more it doesn’t matter how it is summoned or what Batteryman monster you get, which is really good. Also as a bonus if you did search for a monster the original ATK and DEF of this card doubles, making it a level 4 monster with 2000 ATK and DEF which is really good. Of course it can only be used once per turn. Still able to go from searcher to beater or defender is really good.
Unfortunately this card then has a self-destruct effect, luckily for this card and you, it activates during the End Phase, so by then you have already searched, attacked your opponent and probably either used it to get out another monster or given it to your opponent and it blow up on them. Of course since it activates during your End Phase, you could bring this back during your opponent’s turn using something like Call of the Haunted or Limit Reverse, have a strong attacker and then have this and the monster you searched for your turn.

Overall a really nice addition to Batteryman decks, giving them a searcher and heavyhitter in one.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5


I've been a fan of Batteryman for a while. I liked the idea of getting 3 Batteryman AA set up with Short Circuit in hand. But they needed a lot more support in every way. And is came in forms of Batterymen D, Micro-Cell, Charger, Fuel Cell, Industrial Strength and AAA. They got a few spells in Recycling Batteries and Quick Charger and Judgement of Thunder for Traps. But they needed that one really good searcher. Micro-Cell and Charger do what they do very well, but it wasn't enough all the time. Now they get that added search they need, and it's a great one. It's a level 4, LIGHT/Thunder with 1000 for ATK/DEF. When it is summoned in any way, you can get to search out any Batteryman monster from your deck to your hand, and if you do, you can double its ATK and DEF to 2000. The once per turn rule is applied here and it is destroyed during your next end phase. That is not as bad as it sounds. Should your opponent attack into a Micro-Cell, you can special summon 9V, and get whatever Batteryman you might need next turn, Charger, Fuel Cell or even another copy of 9V for giggles, and sit on a 2000 ATK/DEF monster to stall. You can tribute for Charger, get Fuel Cell, special summon that Fuel Cell you just got from 9V, play Battery Charger to special summon...well, you get the idea. You can even use Pinpoint Guard on 9V. Batteryman always had potential, now with this card, they can be a legit threat to other decks in the game.

Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 4.5
Side Note: Notice no one talks about Batteryman C?


Last week, my reviews for Thursday and Friday didn’t get received somehow. Not sure why, but hopefully I’m sending them to the right place.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, we’re getting more Batterman support! I’m not even going to bother and look back at the last time we got new Batterman cards, but I think it was the set Light of Destruction. That’s before Xyz and Synchro monsters, if you were keeping track, and let me tell you - the deck’s been absolutely off the radar, but for good reason. Batterymen have suffered from the problem of having too many good support cards without having a good deck.

Don’t believe me? Check out their on-theme powerhouses like Portable Battery Pack and Battery Charger. This archetype is not failing when it comes to the Special Summoning department, and some of their heavy hitters like Batteryman Industrial Strength and Batteryman Fuel Cell are nothing to scoff at. The inherent problem with them has always been a lack of Turn 1 cards, or at least cards that aren’t terrible early in the game. Sure, if you could have a perfect setup every turn one, the deck wouldn’t need Batteryman 9-V, but since it was in dire need of the card, let’s just be thankful it’s finally out.

Why is it so good? It’s stats are nothing special, but you can bring it out with Thunder Sea-Horse. Being able to be tutored is already a major strength for the card, and it’s ATK doubling ability is a nice boost. Sure, it blows up during the End Phase of your turn, but hey, a 2000 beater isn’t bad, right?

Everything else aside, its real strength comes from the searching ability the card possesses - it’s like Elemental Hero Stratos, and if you were around for the 1 week period of Air Blade, a searchable searcher (because why not) is absolutely busted. And since we’re at it, you might as well Special summon 9-V off Batteryman Micro-Cell because it’s the perfect target.

I won’t get into all the Batterman combos, but this card is absolutely ridiculous for the deck. It’s hard giving it a fair rating to determine exactly where it falls on the scope of awesomeness, but let’s just say for the Batteryman theme, this is a 12 or 13 out of 5.

Traditional: 2.5 (You can OTK here faster, or something)
Advanced: 3.75 (It still is a battery man after all)

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