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 Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms
- #JOTL-EN036 

This card gains 100 ATK for each Plant-Type monster you control. Other Plant-Type monsters on the field cannot be destroyed by card effects.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 2.5 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Oct. 23, 2013

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Another big Monster today, in Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms. Not quite as powerful as her counterpart yesterday, with 2800 attack (and a much lower defense at 1200) being Level 8, a Plant-type Monster, and oddly Water, which can hurt her playability in a Plant Deck. First, she gains 100 attack for each Plant Monster you contorl. A negligible attack increase considering she's all ready at 2800 attack. But she does protect all Plants from being destroyed by card effects...except herself. Protection is great, but since she herself isn't protected, it doesn't do you much good. The attack is very good, but since she can be destroyed via the usual methods, you don't need her.


Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5
Art: 5/5

John Rocha

Today’s card, “Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms”, gives Plant decks an interesting twist. If you can get two of these bad girls on the field at one time, your opponent will not be able to destroy ether of them and you will have two 3100 attack monsters on the field. That is not as hard as it sounds.

Lonefire Blossom can easily summon it from the deck, while Violet Witch can get it to your hand. If it is in you hand, you can discard it with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Trade-In, or Raigeki Break. Or tribute the monsters we get with Bird of Roses or Dandylion tokens. Once we get Talaya in the grave, we can use Lord Poison, Gigaplant, Miracle Fertilizer, or Call of the Haunted to bring them to the field.

The problem with Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms is that it is too easily disposed of with cards like Dimensional Prison, Big Eye, Spellbook of Fate, Caius the Shadow Monarch, Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Phoenix Wind Wing Blast. You also have to worry about your first Talaya not being destroyed as it does not protect itself. Finally, Plants are just too slow for this format.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5

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