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Card of Last Will

If the ATK of a monster(s) you control becomes 0 by a card effect: Draw until you have 5 cards in your hand.

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Date Reviewed - Oct. 15, 2013

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Card of Last Will, one of Marik's cards, that was Banned outright for tournament play, in both Formats, is one hell of a card. Seems simple enough, If the attack of a Monster or Monsters you control become 0, you Draw until you have five cards in your Hand. It doesn't matter what part of a turn, it doesn't matter on your turn or your opponent's, it doesn't matter what type of card or effect does it, and it doesn't even matter if you or your opponent does it. Yea, this thing is broken as hell...


Banned everywhere, but 5/5 if you actually could play it

Art: 5/5

John Rocha

You can not play the card we are reviewing today, so that should tell you something about Card of Last Will. It should tell you that it is a good card and will give you too great of an advantage. Cards like this are needed in the Anime because the characters are constantly over extending, but too good to play in real life. Personally, I do not think that Card of Last Will is all that powerful, especially when it is compared with Sixth Sense.
Card of Last Will was changed from a monster having its attack changed to having it go all the way to 0. The Anime version is the one that should be banned, not this one as having a monster’s attack reduced to 0 is no way near as easy. Besides having your opponent reducing your monster to 0 with monster effects like Black Rose Dragon, Mist Bird Clausolas, or Starliege Paladynamo, you could do it yourself with Forbidden Lance on a monster with 800 attack or less, or even better with a card called Alchemy Cycle. Cycle takes your monster’s attack to 0 and allows you to draw a card when that monster is destroyed by battle leaving you with seven cards in hand on your turn.
Quote from Konami’s web site – “Card of Last Will is not allowed in tournament play due to the card’s insane power level”. Sorry Sixth Sense, but you do not even get an honorable mention. 
I have three issues with Card of Last Will. First, you need up to three cards to allow you to draw up to five cards. That is a plus two at the most. Second, it is a situational combo card. Combos are never a good thing as you usually have only one piece of the puzzle and that piece is dead until you get the other piece. In this case, we need three pieces – a monster, a card to give our monster 0 attack, and Card of Last Will. Finally, we are not guaranteed to get five cards from playing this card. If we are stuck with monsters in our hand or can not set anything, then we will have five cards minus the cards we have in hand. If we had two cards in hand, then we will get no advantage from this card other than digging deeper into our deck.
Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2/5


Card of Last Will
Normal Trap
If the ATK of a monster(s) you control becomes 0 by a card effect: Draw until you have 5 cards in your hand.Limitation Text: This card cannot be used in a Duel.

Today we are looking at the final promo from Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World, Card of Last Will. According to Konami due to its "insane power level" it cannot be used in official duels and yet they still decide to nerf it.
The original version of this card as used by Yami Marik, allowed you to draw up to five cards if the ATK of one of your monsters changed. Now you can only draw if a monster you control’s ATK becomes 0. Of course there are a number of cards that can do this but not as many as say simple stat modification. Still it doesn’t matter since this card cannot be played in official tournaments and even if it was playable, only certain decks would be able to use it.
Overall, next time Konami get an anime/manga card and decide that it cannot be played in a duel, they should leave it alone.
Traditional: N/A
Advanced:  N/A

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