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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Number Wall 
- #NUMH-EN058

Activate only if you control a "Number" monster. "Number" monsters on the field cannot be destroyed by card effects, and cannot be destroyed by battle except with another "Number" monster. When a "Number" monster you control is destroyed, destroy this card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.20
Advanced: 2.25 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - July 19, 2013

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Closing out our week is Number Wall.  This is a Continuous Trap (bad) that protects Number Monsters on the Field from being destroyed by card effects, or by Battle, except by another Number Monster.  That's a decent enough effect, aside from the part that it protects your opponent's Numbers as well.  In my opinion, this would have at least had a shot if it were a Continuous Magic Card, as opposed to a Trap, or even a Field Magic Card (same thing I gather).  I mean, the card is destroyed when a Number you control is destroyed, appropriate, I suppose.  I just don't see this as warranted protection, at least in the form presented.  Even say if you ONLY played Number XYZs, but even then, they probably protect themselves better via their own effects.

Traditional:  1.25/5 
Advanced:   2.25/5 
Art:  4/5


Okay I’m finally back and ready to do some card reviews.  Today we are looking at a new continuous trap card that came out in the Number Hunters booster pack.  So here it is!!
Number Wall
Continuous Trap Card
Activate only if you control a "Number" monster. "Number" monsters on the field cannot be destroyed by card effects, and cannot be destroyed by battle except with another "Number" monster. When a "Number" monster you control is destroyed, destroy this card.
So this card might not seem very good at first glance.  It can protect your number monsters from destruction via card effects or battle.  When a Number monster dies on your side of the field, this card dies too.  This card is actually very playable.  It doesn’t get destroyed if your opponent bounces back one of your monsters with Compulsory Evacuation Device.  It also combos nicely with Number 39: Utopia, Number 85 Crazy Box, Number 22: Zombiestein, and eventually Number 66 Master Key Beetle.  Utopia and Crazy Box can’t be destroyed by their own effects while Number Wall is up and Zombiestein can use its effect while staying protected.  The Master Key Beetle is a card that is supposed to come out in the Judgment of the Light booster pack.  It will combo perfectly with this card by making a virtually unbreakable wall.  Master Key Beetle can use its effect to protect Number Wall and this wall will keep the Beetle safe too.  There are a lot of ways to get passed this wall but it’s still a notable combo.
Advanced: 3/5
-I don’t know how much of an impact this card is going to make in this game but it’s still a pretty decent card.  It helps to make some cool combos.
Traditional: 1/5
-I don’t think this card would be too good here.
Art: 5/5

Number Wall
Continuous Trap
Activate only if you control a "Number" monster. "Number" monsters on the field cannot be destroyed by card effects, and cannot be destroyed by battle except with another "Number" monster. When a "Number" monster you control is destroyed, destroy this card.

To wrap up our Number Hunters week we look at the only card this week that has anything to do with Number monsters. Number Wall is designed to give your number monsters ultimate protection and it even gives them their anime protection effect. All which is very good, but it is a Continuous Trap card use it is vulnerable to every single trap destruction effect out there and if your opponent plays a stronger number monster this card is a goner. Not only that but it affects all Number monsters including your opponent which isn’t a good thing.

Overall unless you play a lot of Number monsters and your opponent doesn’t and you have room in your deck, I would rather play something else

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 1.5/5

YouTube Site

Hey guys, today we're going to be doing number wall an interesting card might I say. While Number Wall is active your Xyz monster are active your number monsters can't be destroyed by battle or card effects but when I number monster is destroyed you destroy this card.

This card seems pretty unnecessary because not all of the Xyz monsters you play are Number monsters. Even in an area where the card can truly shine it's not hard to get over it with a simple card effect, but with decks starting to side board Mystical Space Typhoon this card could see some  play at a local level. Overall not a bad card for a number deck, you just wont catch a lot of people using just that...
Trad: 1/5
Adv: 2/5


If you may remember, Trey used this card in his duel against Yuma and Kite (consider the Numbers are alien cards, I don’t even know how the Number Wall card got made…). I think that the first time we reviewed Utopia, Dark Paladin mentioned some Number monsters can only be destroyed by other Numbers (he may have removed that note or maybe I just mixed him up). However, as we know now, this is an effect present only in the series and got removed for our game. Number Wall turns this into a reality and helps makes the Number Deck an actual thing. Regardless of whether you’re assembling an offensive force or a blockade of walls, by focusing on Number Xyzs, Number Wall forces your opponent to destroy your monsters with a higher ATK Number (not all Decks run Numbers*, and for those who do, hopefully you have other Traps ready), or to destroy Number Wall before your monsters (unfortunately, nowadays there are a lot of high-ATK monsters with effects that can destroy any card on the field).

*The twenty best Number Cards and the Decks that use them are as follows. Since this list is meant to represent Numbers that your opponent can use against you, I am leaving out any that have low ATK (since they can’t hurt you anyway).

6 Chronomaly Atlandis: Chronomaly

9 Dyson Sphere: Phantom Beast

11 Big Eye: any Deck with Rank 7 (especially Dragon Lord)

12 Crimson Shadow Armour Ninja: Ninjas (actually, not even), Inzektor, Wind-Up

15 Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder: Puppet

16 Shock Master: any Deck that swarms Level 4 (especially Machine)

17 Leviathan Dragon: splashable as a high ATK Rank 3

22 Zombiestein: Dark World, HERO (with Escuriduo)

30 Acid Golem of Destruction: splashable as an extreme ATK Rank 3

39 Utopia: splashable in Decks that focus on Level 4 monsters

40 Gimmick Puppet of Strings: Puppet (actually, not even)

50 Blackship of Corn: popular splash

61 Volcasaurus: any Deck with Rank 5 (namely Constellar, Inzektor, Wind-Up)

66 Master Key Beetle: lswarm

69 Heraldry Crest: Heraldry (actually, not even)

74 Master of Blades: any Deck with Rank 7 (especially Dragon Lord)

88 Gimmick Puppet of Leo: Puppet

92 Dark Mist: Frog, Ojama

102 Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon: Galaxy/Photon

105 Battlin’ Boxer Star Cestus: Battlin’ Boxer

The Number Deck itself isn’t that strong, because it’s completely based around Xyz Monsters and doesn’t have good support. Other than this card, there is Chronomaly Atlandis which basically copies the ATK of a different Number in your Graveyard, and also Number Overlay Boost which simply adds more Xyz Material from your hand (I guess you can also include Giant Red Hand). Other than a dedicated Number Deck, other Decks that have a strong Xyz or focus upon a particular kind of Number may enjoy Number Wall. For instance, you could be running a Number C Deck (which is really just a specific strategy of using Numbers, unless you’re focusing on one specific one). The most supported of them would be a Utopia Deck, in which you have the original Utopia and three different Chaos versions of him. Otherwise, the Gimmick Puppets have three Numbers to their name, but usually they prefer to summon other Xyzs (Number Wall messes up Leo’s strategy anyway). Likewise, I’ve seen both of the Chronomaly Numbers in action, but again, usually they like using other Xyzs. Other than Puppet and Chronomaly, other Numbers that are part of families include Ninja, Shark (which doesn’t even have support), Galaxy, Line Monster (also no support), and Battlin’ Boxer, but these Decks don’t even use their Numbers that much.

In most cases, it should be extremely easy for your opponent to destroy Number Wall and Number monsters are not that rarely used, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your Number monsters get wiped out in battle anyways (it doesn’t help that Wall protects opposing Numbers also). I think Number Wall is ok, but it won’t give you immediate card advantage and is extremely easy to blow up; it’s best to consider more consistent to use chainable protection, like Forbidden Lance. However, if you use a lot of Numbers, whether that’s how your Deck works or you just don’t use other Xyzs, give Number Wall a test run; you might find it beneficial. One last thing: Number 66: Master Key Beetle has the ability to protect other cards on the field, creating a hard-to-dismantle lock with Number Wall. However, if you aren’t really using many other Numbers, you might as well just use Safe Zone, as it will protect Beetle from targeting, battle against Numbers, and because Safe Zone can work with non-Numbers.

Trad: 1.8/5 (even if you get out an indestructible army, there’s still a lot of different ways to win, but it does always help to have cards on you immediately after a Chaos Emperor Dragon explosion)

Adv: 3/5 (versatile in helping general Number Decks and Decks that focus on just a specific Number, and while those Decks in general aren’t that consistent, Number Wall is a helping hand)

Aesthetics: 2.75/5 Because maybe… You’re gonna be the one that saves me… And after all… You’re my Number Wall…

Riddle: Everybody was lying on the floor, painfully dying, surrounded by shards of glass and water. What had happened? The goldfish tank fell.


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