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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

 Night Beam

Target 1 Set Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; destroy that target. Your opponent cannot activate the targeted card in response to this card's activation.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.00
Advanced: 3.80 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - May 9, 2012

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Hey!  It's Mystical Space Typhoon!  Only not...Night beam is certainly an interesting Magic card, and one that could very well be worth playing.  This Magic card lets you target, and then destroy, a SET Magic or Trap card your opponent controls.  Nothing special in that, but the nifty part of Night Beam is that it forbids the opponent from activating the set card in response to the activation of Night Beam.  The only real downside to Night Beam is the fact it's a Normal Magic as opposed to Quickplay (ala Mystical Space Typhoon).  Being a Normal Magic, you can play it, BUT your opponent could still chain another card/effect to it BEFORE you even select what card you're going to destroy.  I like it, I really do, but in a Format that all ready has triple Mystical Space Typhoon, I just don't see it working.

It's not bad, but it's not great either.
Art:  4.5/5

John Rocha

Yes, more back row destruction. I don’t know about you, but when my opponent has a large back row, I usually loose. I currently side deck dust tornados to deal with decks that are heavy with spells and traps. I’m thinking that Night Beam may just replace them. I may even main deck one just to see how well it does. If you are going to main or side deck this card, you first have to find a slot for it in your deck. This normally means that something is coming out. Most decks are taking full advantage of the three Mystical Space Typhoons already. If you feel that you can use more back row destruction over a monster or defense, then adding Night Beam may be a good option for you.
Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of Night Beam. Night Beam has two drawbacks. One, it is not a quick play spell card so you cannot play it on your opponent’s turn. Two, it can only target face down cards. Unlike MST, you cannot destroy Inzector Hornet when it is attached, or Future Fusion, or a Field Spell card, or even that Wind-Up Factory your opponent just played.
Night Beam has several positive aspects to it. One, it is a spell card so you can play it the turn you draw it, unlike Dust Tornado. This benefits all of the top tier decks in play today, as they tend to be more aggressive. Two, your opponent cannot activate the card that is targeted by Night Beam. That means that if you target a face-down MST, Royal Decree, Call of the Haunted, Safe Zone, Book of Moon, Mind Crush, Forbidden Lance, Super Polymerization, Scapegoat, burn card, or Fiendish Chain, they cannot activate those cards in response.
Currently we three MST’s and a Heavy Storm which in my opinion are better than Night Beam. Having 5 or 6 cards in the deck to stop the back row is good in this format. If you are playing Forbidden Lance, you are effectively adding that 5th and 6th card so you will not need Night Beam. If not, you may want to think about finding room for this card. The other thing that limits this cards playability is that there are a lot of hand traps being played now which cuts down on the back row.
Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5


Today's card is being whispered about as the possible replacement for Mystical Space Typhoon. It can, and also it can't, lets look a bit closer at Night Beam. Night Beam is a normal spell card that targets 1 set spell or trap your opponent controls, and destroy it. Also your opponent cannot activate that targeted card in response. A handy card indeed. Night Beam can wipe out Mystical Space Typhoon, Dust Tornado, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Waboku and a few others without threat of your opponent chaining to Night Beam the card your going to destroy. What separates this from MST is Typhoon is a quick play, and how many times have you played, or seen MST played at someone's endphase? Night Beam itself is an excellent card, but it is no Typhoon, while Typhoon is also an excellent card, but it is no Night Beam. I can't see Beam overthrowing the current king of one-for-one Spell/Trap removal, but it's a damn good runner up, along with Stamping Destruction and Dust Tornado.
Traditional: 3
Advanced: 4
Tomorrow: Where is this Helipolis anyway?



Night Beam
Normal Spell
"Target 1 Set Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; destroy that target. Your opponent cannot activate the targeted card in response to this card's activation."

Now we're talking! Despite being a Normal Spell, I feel that this is superior to Mystical Space Typhoon for one main reason: The opponent can't activate the card in response. MST is great at destroying, but that does little good against cards like Waboku, Raigeki Break or Shrink, which can be chained to the activation of MST, basically making the effect nearly worthless as it only forces the activation of the card it destroys. If NB was a quickplay card, it would be perfect.

Traditional: 4.5
Advanced: 4.75

For those Decks that feel triple Mystical Space Typhoon isn't enough, for those who have to resort to cards such as Malice Dispersion, Twister, Mystical Wind Typhoon, Dust Tornado, etc., this is the next best thing.

Most chainable Traps, such as Waboku or Scapegoat (people still use Goats?) tend not to be activated at the last second, and Night Beam punishes those who hesitate in the impeded activations that want to bait out a waste of an opposing MST in Heavy Storm only to chain. This is what Night Beam has over stuff like Dust Tornado, that it's not completely outclassed by MST. You draw Night Beam and shoot down an opposing Trap that could've been Chained to an MST (and NB can even gun down a nonchainable, such as Mirror Force).

That being said, MST is revered in its ubiquitous application, being able to End-Phase Traps and being able to take out faceup cards (as well as general Quickplay power). It was only unlimited due to complicated deckspace that makes it unlikely to run all three copies, For this reason, you should almost never consider Night Beam unless you're already maxed out on MST. Night Beam can eliminate key Traps that could be vital to the opponent's survival, and can do so without fear of chain. I use Final Countdown, so I can relate. Say I have down Messenger of Peace plus Threatening Roar and think I'm completely safe? Night Beam my facedown and MST my MoP, then follow up with a slew of attacks from an offensive force you may have built up from my stalling. I can surely tell you an offensive deck's best assets would be able to use MST, Royal Decree, and Night Beam to eliminate problem Traps to promote the chances of a savage beatdown.

Niche Decks: offensive decks that feel triple MST is just not enough, Side Deck

Traditional: 1.2/5 (it's not bad, but you seriously won't find the room for it)
Advanced: 3.8/5 (assuming MST is 4/5)
Aesthetics: 5/5 That is freaking awesome art. It reminds me of...

Philosophy Corner: "When we are at the end of life, to die means to go away; when we are at the beginning, to go away means to die." -Victor Hugo's Les Misérables (1862)

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