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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Cardcar D

Cannot be Special Summoned. During your Main Phase 1, if this card was Normal Summoned this turn: You can Tribute this card; draw 2 cards, then it becomes the End Phase of this turn. You cannot Special Summon during the turn you activate this effect.

Card Ratings
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Advanced: xx 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - May 7, 2012

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Skipping the boring speech of why I've been too busy and what I've had going on in life as to why I've been gone the last few weeks, I'm just hopping back into the mix! Cardcar D, a card I'm sure you have, will have, or at the very least are entirely familiar with due to the phrase "Draw two cards." Honestly, about everything related to this card that doesn't involve the Draw effect and the end of the Turn are about irrelevant. You can't Special Summon this card (which is a nice balance even with the forcable Turn end) and by Tributing it following a Normal Summon, you Draw two cards. That's a +1, and those are good things. Essentially you're giving up the rest of your turn (obviously) but it's hardly the end of the world. Play, abuse, enjoy =)


Traditional: 3.5/5 More combo oriented here, without the Bans
Advanced: 5/5
Art: 5/5

John Rocha

This is going to be an exciting week as we are reviewing the first 5 cards from Galactic Overlord which is do to hit the shelves tomorrow. This first card and probably the most anticipated card in the set is Cardcar D. It is Pot of Greed reincarnated as a monster. The only stipulation for playing this card is that you cannot special summon the turn you play it and you have to go directly to your end phase. They added some more draw backs by requiring you to normal summon Cardcar D to get it’s effect and by not allowing you to special summon it. They probably did not want this card turning into another Destiny Hero – Disk Commander.

Card advantage normally equates to winning games. Yes, you loose your summon for the turn, but the plus one advantage can more than make up for the lack of field advantage on the next turn. Cardcar D also makes a nice complement to Pot of Duality as both cards prevent you from special summoning and both cards give you draw power. If you are looking for just draw power, add in One Day of Peace, Upstart Goblin, Reckless Greed, and a host of other cards that allow you draw cards and we are just one step closer to helping OTK and Exodia Decks become viable. Chain Burn also gets a boost from Cardcar D as it relies spells and traps so using a summon to gain card advantage works perfectly with this archetype. Just make all of your plays first before summoning Mr. D.

As summoning and using the effect of Cardcar D. leaves your monster field wide open, we would like to use it in a deck that plays a good amount of traps or effect monsters that we can use from the hand like Gorz, Tragoedia, Battle Fader, and Swift Scarecrow. One such deck is the Mystic Piper deck, as it plays these cards. It also is very fond of drawing cards and then dropping Tragoedia with a very powerful attack.

It is still unknown how good Cardcar D will be. Shard of Greed gave us draw power but its drawbacks were too much for us. They are using Cardcar D in the OCG, but they do not have Tour Guides to bring out Sangan and help search for the card they need. So the only question that remains is are we going to see Mr. D. played in the current Meta decks or are we going to see some other deck types spring out of the ashes. Philly is in a few weeks, so we shall see.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5


Today we review a very hyped and beloved card, Card Car D. I'll be the first *And probably only* person to say this, I think this card is way overrated. There, I said it. Is this card good and useful, yes. In every deck? No. But that's me. Card Car D is a neat little hot rod that let your tribute it the turn you normal summoned it to draw two cards, if you do, it becomes your end phase and you cannot special summon during the turn you activate this effect. Also Card Car D cannot be special summoned in anyway. I think the best decks that can utilize Card Car D are stall, various Exodia decks and burn. I can see this card kinda backfiring in other decks as you so straight to your endphase, not allowing you to attack or special summon at all. I will give it a 5 alone just for being a great top deck if you're forced to live card by card at one point during the duel. Overall, this card has it uses, and good if your ahead in the duel and don't mind skipping a turn to draw 2 cards.

Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 4
Tomorrow: Charge!

Angelic Nightmare

Cardcar D

Earth/ Machine/ Lv 2/ 800 ATK/ 400 DEF

“Cannot be Special Summoned. During your Main Phase 1, if this card was Normal Summoned this turn: You can Tribute this card; draw 2 cards, then it becomes the End Phase of this turn. You cannot Special Summon during the turn you activate this effect.”

This card is easily the most anticipated card from Galactic Overlord, and with good reason. That single reason is that in the OCG, this card is being run in triplicates in all of their decks. This card is somewhat balanced. For the simple cost of your entire rest of your turn you can +1 and draw two cards. The best use of this card is turn 1 Cardcar D.

The best decks that this card can be used in are Chain Burn and Exodia decks because it already acts like a Pot of Greed. However, this card was hurt with the ignition priority effect being changed. If it is Effect Veilered, you have an 800 ATK scrap of metal that is waiting to get ran over the following turn if you can’t protect it.

Pros: Allows you to go through your deck faster, searchable via sangan, and can’t be special summoned at all.

Cons: You basically need to play this after you do everything you can during your main phase and be very afraid of Effect Veiler.



Cardcar D
Lv 2/EARTH/Machine/800A/400D
"Cannot be Special Summoned. During your Main Phase 1, if this card was Normal Summoned this turn: You can Tribute this card; draw 2 cards, then it becomes the End Phase of this turn. You cannot Special Summon during the turn you activate this effect."

This card has been seeing some tournament play and it's not too difficult to see why. Anything that gets more cards into your hand is good, and CD does that in an interesting fashion. Sadly, you basically have to give up your summoning for the turn by not Special Summoning and bringing this into play as your Normal Summon (although you can get around that with Double Summon), but you can still make use of other monsters you already have on the field as well as set Traps and Quickplay Spells to defend you during the opponent's next turn.

Card advantage is key to the game and CD is a 2-for-1, which is always good.

Traditional: 4
Advanced: 4.25


I was flawed in my review of Effect Veiler last Wednesday. Veiler cannot negate an effect that activates in the Grave, such as Sangan; Veiler can negate effects like Exiled Force or Reescue Rabbit that technically activate on the field even though they resolve elsewhere.
Yuma uses this card, so it must be great?
This is quite a good twist off a version of Pot of Greed. Simply put, it won't let you summon anything or continue into your Battle Phase. Is this lack of versatility worth it over the card advantage (when most Pot of Greed spinoffs require a discard cost of some kind)?
Always remember that you can use Traps and Spells (such as Ultimate Offering) BEFORE summoning and using Cardcar. Pot of Duality is also especially prominent as you won't be Special Summoning anyway, giving you the best "mileage" off the non-Special Summoning requirement. It is also possible to use Cardcar in ways aside from its effect, just as the case with Maxx C and Effect Veiler. Just like them, Cardcar can be used for any of Synchro, Xyz, even summoning it just for the sake of removing your opponent's Cyber Dragon for the sake of bringing out your own Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

Cardcar is not for every Deck: Offensive Decks such as Dark World will be hampered by the lack of movement over the extra two cards (and therefore Dark World prefers Reckless Greed much more). No, the Cardcar rides in Decks that appreciate much more setup, such as Burn, Exodia, OTK, Final Countdown, Mystic Piper (basically any Deck that does not rely heavily on attacking or Special Summoning, simply put). Cardcar is a great supplement to these milder playstyles. These more defensive Decks are also less affected by Cardcar's vulnerability by Effect Veiler, Book of Moon, Forbidden Chalice, etc. due to their use of defensive cards. The vulnerability offered by Cardcar can also be covered slightly with Gorz or Tragoedia. It also goes without saying that it's better to have this card in your first turn rather than somewhere more down along the road.

Traditional: 3.2/5 (drawing cards is good, but we already have other broken draw cards rampant here)
Advanced: 4.3/5

Aesthetics: 4/5 I don't see how it's possible to drive a flat car, but otherwise it's a very iconic card. Yuma must use it more often, even though it has near no negative drawbacks in the anime.

Philosophy Corner: I don't have any questions. I just have problems.


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