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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Reveal 1 Dragon-Type monster in your hand, add 1 Dragon-Type monster with the same Level from your Deck to your hand, then shuffle the revealed monster into the Deck.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.90
Advanced: 2.90

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - May 25, 2012

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Closing the week is Draconnection...just as an opening thought, would the name of this card not been way cooler if it were "Dragoconnection?"  In my mind, this isn't as bad a Magic card as it seems.  Or maybe my view is skewed and it's a better Magic card than it seems?  Regardless, I digress...you reveal a Dragon-type Monster in your Hand to add a Dragon-type Monster of the same Level from your Deck to your Hand.  That may seem rather mundane, but it's obviously a combo card to set you up for bigger and better things, as opposed to just having to wait to Draw whatever piece you are waiting for.  But I see a couple of downsides.  The first one isn't such a big deal, where the Monster you reveal gets shuffled back into your Deck after the Monster you select is added to your Hand.  I suppose you could reveal something that you didn't need or was just sitting in your Hand.  The big problem I see with this is that it's a -1.  You give up this card, and return a Dragon to your Deck, just to add one new Dragon to your Hand.  It's obviously immediate, which I bring up because I feel you should play something like say Gold Sarcophagus over this.  Just a though.


Traditional:  1.5/5
Advanced:   2.5/5
Art:  4/5

John Rocha

Draconnection gives us more search power for dragons but at the cost of a card. If the monster searched is more useful than the one returned to the deck and can make up for the loss of a card, then this card would be a good addition to a Dragon deck. We currently have three types of Dragon decks in play today: Dragunity, Hieratic, and Chaos/Lightswarn.
Dragunity decks do not offer us a lot of options as switching out Dragunity Aklys for Phalanx is the only viable option in Dragunities present form. Chaos or Lightswarn Dragons do not offer us any options as they consist of Level 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 different monsters. That leaves us with one current deck type that can make good use of Draconnection.
Hieratic decks can play several level 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 monsters with several of them being normal monsters that we would rather have in the deck. Depending on what you need for the situation, you can switch Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb with Alexandrite Dragon, Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord with Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, Hieratic Dragon of Teenuit or Su with Wattaildragon, Nebthet with Eset, or Hieratic Dragon or Asar with Lightray Diabolos or visa versa.
There are other Dragon decks both now and in the future like Photon and Lightray decks that could also use Draconnection. As long as you are gaining some type of advantage to offset the negative card advantage, then this card would be a good fit in your deck.
Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5


Our last card of this week is a major boost to Dragons. I know what you're thinking, "Don't they have enough?"  Yes, but not like this. Draconnection is a normal spell card that allows you to trade a Dragon of a certain level in your hand for one of the same level from you deck. There are a lot of possibilities with this. Need to get to Koa'Ki Meiru Drago? Draconnection gets you to Drago a lot faster. Opened up with two Masked Dragons? Use this card to get another dragon while preserving your other masked dragon. Of course, it could be negated by the Solemn brigade, or not that good of a top deck if you don't have any dragons to trade for. But when you look at the big picture, Draconnection is a good way to get what you need, if you have the right level dragon in your hand.
Traditional: 2
Advanced: 4 


Dem American-made Spell Cards...
So you get any Dragon in your deck that matches the Level of a Dragon in your hand. Touche.
...Hold on, I just realized this card is an effective -1. I don't like to greatly bias against a card just because it doesn't give effective card advantage, but it does make the card more disgusting.
I don't think Hieratics have much use for this card, assuming Hieratic Seal of Convocation won't get Limited this September. If I were to use this in a Hieratic Deck, I'd mostly use it to shuffle high-Level Normal Monsters back in and retrieve a more dynamic Hieratic monster (such as exchanging Wattail Dragon for Hieractic Dragon of Su). As Hieratic plays focus on Summoning straight out of the deck, this doesn't tend to be a liability, although I would be more inclined to run generic staples rather than a "cool card" like Draconnections.
Eclipse Wyvern and Red-Eyes Wyvern are Dragons that particularly like to live in the deck. You can use this card to throw it back in there and get refunded any of Dodger Dragon, Alexandrite Dragon, or Divine Dragon Apocralyph.
Now that I think about it, both Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode and Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode are Dragons that like to live in the deck? And who's our favorite Level 10 Dragon to compensate? Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. I guess the same also applies to Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon and Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, but neither of those are as good as the Assault Dragons and I don't think I'd ever want to exchange me REDMD for any of these guys. Otherwise, no Dragon Deck really has a great use for this card.
What do you expect to see in these card reviews? Do you just want the number rating? Do you expect a clear cut answer: use it or don't? Or do you hope that a reviewer will think up an epic combo you missed out on? I don't especially recommend this card, but I invite you to find your own combos.
Time to get hypothetical, the part where we completely disregard Draconnection is already a published card.

I'm having an issue debating with myself if this card (hypothetically) would've better as a Continuous Spell. The -1 really turns me off, but you take into consideration, would you really use this card more than once? I also would be hesitant in targeting this card for MST, but that's just me...
I suppose the fact the monster you need to reveal has to be a Dragon IS a liability, although in a likely scenario it rarely ever matters.
If I could change this card:
"Discard 1 Dragon-Type monster; add 1 Dragon-Type monster with the same Level from your Deck to your hand."
This is much better because sending a card to the Graveyard hurts Dragons less (or, rather, benefits them more) rather than returning a card to the Deck.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.9/5 (it's not abhorringly bad, but it's nothing amazing at all)
Aesthetics: 3.76/5 Nice pun between "Dragon" and "Connection." It's not groan-inducing, at least, although I don't really know if the "a" is a short or long sound (I think short). Dragons don't exactly strike me as very social creatures though, although I guess they're known to SWARM LIKE CRAZY in this game. In any case, this art looks like White Dragon Ninja materializing back into a light Dragon to disappear back into the deck while connecting with Dark Armed Dragon to exchange places. I guess it suggests a complicated combo for a Ninja Deck... Exchange Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, White Dragon Ninja, or White Night Dragon to effectively search for DAD and then summon the first Dragon with Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation. Not cool enough to justify usage of this card though, IMO.
Philosophy Corner: Life is a lot like a game of Duel Monsters. You have a maximum of 60 cards, but you want to keep it near 40 and by that time you are too many staples in the game by this point to reasonably fit them all in. Likewise, life is awesome, but the fact is the human lifespan isn't long enough to fit in all the cool stuff we want in life.

What's up duelist, Blackmarketyugioh back again. Let's get it on with the last card of this week, Draconnection.
    A normal spell, that lets you reveal a dragon monster in your hand, to pull a dragon monster from your deck, with the sme level as the revealed dragon. Then, you shuffle the revealed dragon back into your deck.
    Now I see this card possibly being used in some of the Hieratic builds, buy not much elsewhere. Say you need a Tefnuit, but have a Su that you cannot use, Draconnection to the rescue. Holding a Eset, but need a Nebthet? Draconnection to the rescue.
    To be honest, I don't see the need for this card in any other dragon builds, as Chaos Dragon builds have such a variety of levels in the deck. I have not tested with this card yet, but i do run Hieratics, and saw the chances to use this. But once again, the maindeck space is so limited that this card is really not a advantage other than what I named above. I think it's a awesome card, and it looks phenomenal as a ultimate. but time will tell if this card is good enough for all the dragon duelist out there.
Advanced: 2/5 Just no space in the deck for this.
Traditional: 3/5 With CED still being used widely in this format, I can see this card seeing some play.
Artwork: 3/5 Looks good, but ultimate is totally sweet!

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