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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dimension Slice

When a monster(s) is Special Summoned to your side of the field: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; banish that target. If the Summon is an Xyz Summon, you can activate this card the turn it was Set.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 3.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - May 24, 2012

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Any Trap with the text "You can activate this card the turn it was set" is certainly worth a look.  Dimension Slice is one of the more fun Traps out there, and something that has been popping up here and there over the last little while.  It can only be activated when you Special Summon a Monster to your Field, but that's good.  When you Special Summon said Monster, you get to remove an opponent's Monster from play.  I don't see a problem with that either, maybe it was something at present you didn't have the means to destroy.  There is the restriction that the Monster removed has to be face-up, but we don't set many Monsters these days in this aggressive Format of ours.  Now referring to the beginning of this review, IF the Monster you Special Summoned was an XYZ Monster, you can activate this card the turn you set it.  Obviously that greatly increases the playability of this card, and makes it that much faster.  The only real problem I see is that it's more or less tech, hardly a bad card, but do you have room to play one in your Deck?


Traditional:  2.75/5
Advanced:  3.75/5
Art:  4.5/5

John Rocha

Dimension Slice is actually a pretty good card in most decks. Finding space for it could be a problem with so many good cards in the game and the need for many of those good cards to be cards that negate monster effects. Let’s take a look at this card in more detail and try to determine if there is a spot for this card in your deck.

Starting with the first effect, we see that all we have to do is special summon a monster to be able to banish a face-up monster your opponent controls. We can do that pretty easily on your opponents turn with cards like Call of the Haunted, Limit Reverse, and Scapegoat. Of course, we need to have two cards on the field to accomplish this while a card like Bottomless Trap Hole or Solemn Warning does not. Those cards destroy, however while Dimension Slice does not. Those cards also do not target while Dimension Slice does. I would therefore go with the above cards over Dimension Slice.

You can use Dimension Slice on ether player’s turn, much like Bottomless and Warning; however you can also use it the turn you set it if you Xyz summon a monster. It is like playing Smashing Ground or Fissure, except that those cards have no requirements like Slice does. Dimension Slice is also still susceptible to being MST’d while Smashing Ground is not. Unlike Smashing Ground, Dimension Slice does not destroy so cards like Stardust Dragon and Wind-Up Zenmaines can not stop it.

I like the versatility of Dimension Slice and the fact that it banishes monster instead of destroying them. It definitely makes playing a Banish Deck more exciting, and gives us more options in stopping decks like Dragon’s, Wind-Up’s, Inzektor, Lightswarm, and HERO’s. I do not like this card over Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning, Smashing Ground, and Effect Veiler. If you still have room in your deck after you have adding in your tech cards and theme specific cards, then I would recommend you give Dimension Slice a try.

Traditional: 2/5 (Lack of deck space with too many broken card)
Advanced: 3/5


We're reviewing Dimension Slice. A rather interesting trap card as it does something about almost all trap can't do, but i'll get back to that. Slice says, when a monster(s) is special summoned to your side of the field, you can target 1 face up monster your opponent controls, and banish that target. if the summon was an Xyz monster, you can activate this card the turn it was set. While it may seems a little slow and needs some set up to simply banish a monster, but the requirements aren't that hard to meet. Special summon a monster to your field? Easy as pie, we all know how to do it and the million ways to do it. If the summoned monster is a Xyz monster, you can set it off the same turn you set it. That, to me, gives it a bit more reason to try it. Xyz summoning is really fast and if you open up with a way to Xyz summon and this card right away, you're good. Also regular special summoning is just as good. Dark World, Dragons, Wind-Ups and several other decks that rely on special summoning, including Hieratics. The down side is that is still a trap and can be wiped off the field in the 3 MTS, 1 Storm format as soon as you set it. But with some good planning ahead, you can catch your opponent off guard.

Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 3.5
Tomorrow: How to connect with your dragon.


Well, you can interpret this as a really flexible Trap, or a really botched-up Quickplay Spell. I'm going with the latter as, outside of Call of the Haunted, it's very rare you would summon something on your opponent's turn or have the need to chain this to anything.

Very few decks are incapable of Special Summoning. If you at least have a Monster Reborn, you have a method of Special Summoning, and of course Synchro Summons and Xyz Summons qualify as a Special Summon (as are Fusions and Rituals). However, this card is a Trap, requiring it to be Set and disallowing it from being used immediately. This severely hurts the tempo/momentum at which this card can be played, which is very bad in an emergency situation. As an experienced player can tell you, any turn is liable to turn into an emergency situation.

Xyz Summoning, while being unable to protect this card from Mystical Space Typhoon regardless, will bypass the stalled activation, acting as a free Dark Core. Now, thankfully, Xyz Summoning isn't a rare occurance, but it is still uncomfortable to rely on an activation requirement to use such an effect. Now why is Caius the Shadow Monarch so popular? Well, it could be due to Caius' burn effect and also since this card is also severely limited in the way it can only target faceup monsters. Being able to target any monster or Traps/Spells would greatly increase the utility of this card; perhaps the card makers felt in the instance of Xyz Summoning, you're at such an advantage that the opponent deserves to have as much defence as possible. The most practical application I can see this card is transitioning from Rescue Rabbit to Evolzar Laggia, then removing an opposing Zenmaines for a potentially heavy direct hit; something else would be transitioning from Tour Guide From the Underworld to Levair the Sea Dragon and using Levair to steal the monster banished with Dimension Slice; a third example is with the summon of Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh to eradicate as many of the opponent's defences as possible. The point is, if your opponent has a monster worth banishing, you're likely to be in a situation difficult to Xyz.

Take a look at Smashing Ground and Soul Taker, popular staple cards that have been seeing waning use. Smashing Ground does not target, a fact that comes with different pros and cons, one pro being that Smashing Ground defaults to the monster you want destroyed anyway. Soul Taken targets a monster for destruction while gifting your opponent 1000 Life, an insignificant payment (especially in an antiheal Deck). Both cards, like Dimension Slice, can only touch faceup monsters.

Now, neither Smashing Ground nor Soul Taker banishes, which is only a neat little tidbit for Dimension Slice. Dark Core is a Spell that requires a discard to banish a faceup monster. For most decks, I would recommend Dimension Slice over Dark Core in most decks, even if DS is suspectible to being halted by Solemn Warning. Similarly, Raigeki Break is a useful Trap that requires a discard to destroy ANY card on the field. Offerings to the Doomed similarly is a Quickplay that destroys any faceup monster at the cost of your next Draw Phase, though with the increased popularity of Reckless Greed you might find ways around this weakness.

Traditional: 1/5 (you're better off using much more reliable cards such as Ring of Destruction and Raigeki, and the likelihood of successfully banishing a monster here that really matters during your own turn is quite slim)

Advanced: 2.8/5

Aesthetics: 3.5/5 I like the effect. You could tell they really wanted to make this card work. They tried to make it good and didn't do a particularly strong job in trying to restrain it. It's not really a bad card, but usually you can fit something better over it. I do agree that Grapha is a particularly good target to banish, as this card art suggests. It's as if the Xyz Summon of Tiras, Keeper of Genesis is pushing Grapha into the black hole from which Tiras came, or as if Tiras is carving a dimensional hole to consume Grapha.
Philosophy Corner: There is only one thing that is truly infinite:
The rate at which Sinister Serpent regenerates.


Dimension Slice
Hey duelists, Blackamrketyuioh back again with another CotD. So let's roll with it.
Today we have Dimension Slice, a normal trap that I believe has some cool potential.
    When you summon a monster or monsters to your side of the field, you can activate Dimension Slice and target a monster of your opponent's and banish it. Cool right! Wait, If the summon you performed was a Xyz monster, you can activate Dimension Slice the turn you set it. Now if you ask me, I think this is a great card that may actually see some play. It's 1for1, which is mediocre, but being able to possibly use it the turn you set it is what makes the card viable in my opinion.
    It could very well turn the tide of a game if your opponent has a big threat on the field just waiting to trample you, and this card will be very disruptive. Got a CotH waiting? Wait for your opponent to make a push, activate CotH, bring out a monster, chain Dimension Slice, possibly stop that push.
    Now even though I think this card is great, the meta will not see a lot of use in this card, as main deck space is so limited as it is. In casual play, I feel this card will see more play, as it could actually mess with a player's combos, as well as turn the game in your favor.
Advanced; 2/5
Traditional: 3/5
Artwork: 3/5 Looks like Grapha is getting diced!

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