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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

 Trial and Tribulation

You can only activate 1 "Trial and Tribulation" per turn. During the End Phase of the turn this card was activated, apply this effect, depending on the number of the monsters you Tributed from the field and from your hand this turn, except Tokens. ● 1: Draw 1 card. ● 2: Add 2 monsters from your Graveyard to your hand. ● 3+: Destroy up to 3 face-up cards on the field.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.30
Advanced: 2.83 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - May 14, 2012

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Continuing to look at Galactic Overlord cards, I've picked out 5 cards for the week, and we open with a Magic Card (and look at XYZ for the rest of the week) Trial and Tribulation. This is a really fun Magic card that could benefit you, and I think this is also a card that gets better as the Duel progresses, as you're not likely to get much (or have much) very early. You can only use one of these a turn, but based on the total number of Monsters you Tribute in your Turn, (from your Hand and (not or ) Field) (excluding Tokens) you gain the following effect(s). One, you Draw a card, which is good, but technically a -1, as you gave up this card and one Monster, just to Draw. If you actually Tribute Summoned, that's a break even (sort of). Two, you can add two Monsters from your Graveyard to your Hand. Resource replenishment is a great thing, but this effect is still a -1. Again, the card, plus the two Monsters Tributed, (even here say in a Tribute Summon you're still down one Monster) which still ends up even (or as even as the first effect.) Three, Destroy up to three cards on the Field. I consider the recycling from the second effect the best, but this is good too, however (not to be repetitive) but that's still a -1. The card itself, plus the three Monsters, assuming you destroy three cards. OH, and the cards destroyed have to be face-up, so you're better off with Heavy Storm if you're looking for a back row wipe out. This card IS a lot of fun, but I'm not sure how practical it is.

3/5 Combo, potential, but not likely to be used I think.

Art: 4/5

John Rocha

Last week we took a look into some of the new cards from Galactic Overlord. One of the new themes in this set is Hieratic. It is a theme based on tributing monsters. Trial and Tribulation is a card designed with this deck type in mind. Trial and Tribulation has three effects based on how many monster’s you tributed that turn. The first effect allows you to turn Tribulations into a draw card to replace itself if you are low on options. The second effect replaces the tributed monsters you just lost by getting two monsters from your graveyard to your hand. The last effect allows you to destroy up to 3 face-up cards on the field. You have to tribute the number of monsters that each effect requires however as you do not get to choose the effect.

The perfect example of playing Tribulation would be to summon Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis, use its effect to tribute 3 monsters from your hand or field to destroy 3 cards on your opponents side of the field, then destroy 3 face-up cards on your opponents field to clear your opponent’s field of up to six cards.

Trial and Tribulation is not just for Hieratics however. Wind-Ups are another deck type that loves this card. Use the Wind-Up loop with Hunter and Carrier to clear your opponent’s hand, and then during the end phase destroy all of your opponent’s face-up cards. You can also use the Wind-Up loop twice and recover your Carrier and Rat.

Ritual monsters need to have monsters tributed to be special summoned and they normally need two monsters which are ideal for Trial and Tribulation as you can recover your tributed monsters at the end of your turn. Deck types that can make good use of Trial Tribulation are Steelswarm, Monarch, and Gishki.

Trial and Tribulation can be a good card in the right deck and the right situation, but it is too situational for my tastes. Using one in a deck that tribute a lot like Hieratic and Gishki decks may be advantages, but only maybe.

Traditional: 1/5 Just too many broken cards for this card to find a spot in a deck
Advanced: 2/5 too situational


First card we're reviewing this week on "Dark Paladin week", and there are some good ones, has a name I like a lot, Trial and Tribulation. This card is screaming to be put in a tribute heavy style deck. A normal spell card, this card has three effects during the end phase, and what you get, depends on how many monster you tribute from your and and field after you activate it. 1 monster nets you a free card, cool. 2 monsters, Add 2 monsters from your grave to your hand, not bad, but tribute 3 monsters, you can destroy up to 3 face up cards on the field. 1,000 yays on that one. Doing research for this card, i read of a loop involving Wind-Ups Hunter, Rat and I believe Zenmiaghty. That requires a bit of setting up to do. Monarchs and SteelSwarm could also benefit as well, but the very least you'll just be drawing a card most of the time. The true home of this card is in Hieratics. That deck can have more tributes than a Hunger Games movie. This card will make sure you get the most of of your tributing. A well balanced card for a tribute heavy deck. I just hope you guys are able to draw it when you need it most.

Traditional: 1.5 Tributes....here? HA!
Advanced: 3.5 I can only see this in a Hiearatic deck to make full use of it.
Tomorrow: How lucky is the number 7?

Angelic Nightmare

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new week of reviews. Today we have new cards from the new set Galactic Overlord.
Trial and Tribulation

You can only activate 1 "Trial and Tribulation" per turn. During the End Phase of the turn this card was activated, apply this effect, depending on the number of the monsters you Tributed from the field and from your hand this turn, except Tokens.

● 1: Draw 1 card.
● 2: Add 2 monsters from your Graveyard to your hand.
● 3+: Destroy up to 3 face-up cards on the field.

No matter what way you look at it this card will always be a -1. There are a few decks that can make that -1 almost worth it. Decks like Heiratics and Frog Monarch decks. These are possibly the two decks that can use this card.Heiratics use cards that get effects one they are tributed and frog variant decks have treeborn frog, battle fader, etc. that are practically free summons and tribute fodder.

This card isn’t really worth it in many other decks.
Pros: Multpile effects.
Cons: It’s always a -1 and the effects are set, so somewhat situational.

Advanced: 2/5
Traditional: 1/5



Trial and Tribulation
Normal Spell
"You can only activate 1 "Trial and Tribulation" per turn. During the End Phase of the turn this card was activated, apply this effect, depending on the number of the monsters you Tributed from the field and from your hand this turn, except Tokens.
● 1: Draw 1 card.
● 2: Add 2 monsters from your Graveyard to your hand.
● 3+: Destroy up to 3 face-up cards on the field."

TaT is an interesting card for fun decks, but won't get much play in competative ones simply because Tribute Summoning is seen as poor card management. On the professional scene, the only deck that's used lots of tributes in recent years was Monarch and that hasn't been used for awhile now.

As for TaT itself, it's not a bad card, it's just that you really need to tribute a lot to get the good effects. Replacing itself with a different card in your hand for 1 tribute is fine, but this isn't the best self-replacing card to use. This could be fun in a deck that brings out 3-tribute monsters, but those are very slow and will never see any proferssional-level play.

A fun card and worth the effort at 3+, but not that great otherwise.

Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 1.5


I've never seen this card in action before, so when I looked it up in preparation for this review, my first thought... "Wow." And that was just looking at the art.

If you love Hieratic Sun Dragon of Heliopolis, then by golly you will like this.

TCG-Exclusives Secret Rares have gotten much better, and this card follow that tradition. There's no cost to activate it, and, in the proper deck, it is very VERY easy to Release three monsters in a single turn.


Firstly, just a single Tribute will automatically refund T&T for itself. This is very comparable to the very old Spell "Super Rejuvenation" from Legacy of Darkness (gives you a draw at the End Phase for each Dragon you Tributed or discarded for a turn). Seeing as you almost always will use Trial at the end of your Main Phase 2 (Trial does not need to be activated before the Tributing), so you can almost always be certain to get Trial refunded. And, as I mentioned, you're unlikely to do a single Tribute per turn if you intend to use this card, so the two other powerful effects are most definitely likely to go off: an instant Monster Reincarnation x2 and destroying any three cards you want.


I really don't think there's anything else to say. This card speaks for itself.


Niche Decks: Wind-Up (Gravekeeper (Descendant), Dragon (especially Hieratic), Ritual/Gishki, Machine (Gear Gia) Dark World, Mystic Piper, Egyptian God, so much more


Traditional: 4/5 (a tad bit slow, but still workable; just remember Rescue Cat won't count for this)

Advanced: 4.455/5 (high award, easily abusable)

Aesthetics: 5/5 Such a poignant picture. The monster in the back is Steelswarm Hercules, and it is said the Steelswarms are the creators of the Evilswarms. It's a very interesting storyline. It's pretty much a given Steelswarm Herculus is the same character as Gishki . The symbol circling Gishki Noella (the red-haired girl, but on her own card her hair is up in a beehive hairdo), as alluded to in Creeping Darkness. Perhaps it means something that Noella is perhaps the same character as Evigishki Oh yes, and the girl lying down on the ground looks so...she's what makes this such a poignant, nostalgic art. What does this actually have to do with the card's effect? The Steelswarm archetype revolves around a lot of Tributing, like Monarchs; I just don't know if it's effective enough to warrant using Trial and Tribulation ("trial and tribulation" is an actual term used in English language, with tribulation meaning pain or hardships as well as being related to tribute).


Philosophy Corner: This is going to be LEGEN—


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