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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark Magician

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.4
Advanced: 3.0 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - August 3, 2012

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Okay, show of hands now...who honestly didn't see this coming?  Dark Magician closes out this special week.  What is there to say about a card with as much lore and fame as THE Dark Magician. I am a man of Spellcasters as most anyone knows, and Dark Magician holds a special place in my heart. It's ironic for one, that he claims to be the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense, since he is neither. We have many different pictures of our magical friend out in the Yugioh world. Dark Magician, even in the time of Legend of Blue Eyes in the beginning, was never all that tournament caliber of a card. 2500 attack on two tributes isn't good, however you try to rationalize or justify how cool a card is. Now, allow too for the possibility that as good as Dark Magician may or may not be, you can actually make a very solid Dark Magician Deck. There is so much support out for the card alone, it's almost sickening. Furthermore, there are some really solid and awesome Spellcaster support cards too. Dark Magician can easily be brought to the Field via Skilled Dark Magician, Dark Magic Curtain, or Magical Dimension, for starters. He has personal cards too for support like Dark Magic Attack likely being the best. There are still some Dark Magician/Spellcaster support cards we don't have in English yet, but nothing too game breaking. I wouldn't say that a Dark Magician Deck would be Tier 1, but as something I've tried to say for years, this is one of those Decks that is all kinds of fun to play. Winning is important too, but sometimes its fun to play a Dark Magician Deck, or something else you know you won't win with. I doubt you will ever see anyone win an SJC, or anything like that with this Deck, or this Monster, but the novelty and nostalgia involved here counts for something I think.  Dark Magicain, my hat's off to you =)

Art:  5/5  Like yesterday, my favorite is totally of him no the Egyptian Tablet, but I enjoy all the pictures I've seen, even the anime one of the purple Dark Magicain, but I'm not a huge fan of Arkana's red one.

Nostalgia Corner:

"Now, Dark Magician, show him some REAL magic, with a direct attack on his Lifepoints!"  Yami Yugi from The Master of Magicains Part 2

Our last card on retro week is Yugi's favorite ace card, Magical Trevor himself, The Dark Magician. Well, there isn't much you don't already know about him....his stats, level and the fact he's a DARK/Normal monster as well as a Spellcaster. All greatly supported. But what makes DM i bit more playable is his wide array of tools at his disposal, as well as his small army of followers, such as Skilled Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. He also has different forms, like hitting the mark with Time Wizard gets you Dark Sage, or fusing with Buster Blader forms Dark Paladin. But what's a magician without magic. Thousand Knives gets rid of a monster your opponent controls, and Dark Magic Attack wipes out your opponent's spells and traps. Of course those cards need DM on the field. What's that? Need to get DM on the field? For the meager price of half your life points, you can special summon a DM from your deck. Have a Dark Magician Girl on your side of the field? Use Sage's Stone to get a Dark Magician from your hand or deck. Magical Dimension is good as well as the Summoner's Art/Ancient Rules combo. I could go on, but I will leave the rest to my fellow reviewers. Dark Magician is great in only one deck, his own.
Traditional: 2
Advanced: 5 *In a Dark Magician deck*

Angelic Nightmare

Dark Magic Attack!

Today we are reviewing Yugi’s favorite monster, Dark Magician!

Dark/ Spellcaster/ Normal Monster/ Level 7/ 2500 ATK/ 2100 DEF

This lovable guy has been here since the very beginning and hasn’t left. It is unfortunate that there is viable deck that can really bust this guy out efficiently and competitively. There is plenty of support for spellcaster decks, but there isn’t one great build. One of the best support cards this card has going for it would have to be “Magical Dimension” or “Skilled Dark Magician”.

As great as this card is for nostalgic memories of years passed he unfortunately should remain there. :’(

Pros: Special Summonable via Dark Magician and Ancient Rules

Cons: Two tribute monster with no effect.

Advanced: 1/5
Traditional: 1/5


Oooh, snap, I totally forgot to mention something important in the Aesthetics section of Polymerization yesterday. It should be up there now.
Behold: Mahad no Burakku Mujishan! Whew we haven't reviewed this many Normal Monsters since...well...Pojo's very first year reviewing cards!
Well, if you remember from my allusions last Monday, a Deck based around an effectless 2500 ATK monster is iffy at best. Not only that, but Mahad's support isn't especially broken, either.

Being the main monster of the first main character (assuming the Pharoah is the main character, Yugi Muto once alluded his favourite was Maha Vailo), Mahad has a relationship with many obscure monsters through Fusion (Flame Swordsman, Buster Blader). It is through these Fusions that the Duck Magician Deck obtains most of its strength. As always, King of the Swamp should be used in a Black Magician Deck, because Buster Blader and especially Flame Swordsman are out of place when you use the "real" monsters.
Dark Flare Knight is a strange card, having even less ATK than Mahad! I suppose it's worth including DFK in the Extra Deck though. You probably won't use Mirage Knight...ever...but I'm reading it over and I feel as if it could make some evil combo with Imperial Iron Wall. Dark Paladin, unarguably the best Dark Magician card, happens to be an exceptionally powerful monster and is what makes Mahad worth using. After using Mahad for Fusions or other things, you can use Dark Factory of Mass Production to easily recycle him. There are other possible support cards, but they require a large amount of Normal Monsters.
Besides Fusion, there are other ways to have fun with Mahad's body. For instance, once I played against an effective deck that utilised Knight's Title and Dark Magician Knight. Dark Eradicator Warlock is not especially good, but has the potential to possibly fling some good damage. Thousand Knives is only average at best, but the Spell Card Dark Magic Attack has a much greater potential for destruction. Dark Magician's special Equip Card Magic Formula is rather lame, but no where near as lame as old Dark Sage.

Finally, being the Normal Monster that he is, he receives some privileges. Summoner's Art and Ancient Rules summons him quickly while Silent Doom and Swing of Memories recycles him for a fast Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz.  Champion's Vigilance is a free Solemn Judgment when you control Dark Magician (but in all truthfulness Vigilance can be used with REBD and BEWD too...I can't believe I forgot to mention that when reviewing). Delta Attacker will deal 7500 damage, assuming you can get triple Mahad on the field.  Miracle Restoring can be used to revive him, but Call of the Haunted is better, the same way Dark Magic Curtain is rather outclassed by Sage's Stone. The most effective way to summon Mahad, however, would have to be through Skilled Dark Magician.
Dark Magician is not the worst archetype out there. After all, I mentioned before that I have a Dark Magician Deck that is to be more funny than successful, but it still wins often, so that should be saying something...
Trad: 1.25/5 (if you can think up a way that makes Dedication Through Light and Darkness an effective card, it'd be an interesting effort)
Adv: 3.04/5 (average at best, some brownie points for potential)
Awesomeness Factor: 4.7/5 So Mahad is an Egyptian magician (who seems to have very strong links to British wizards) that was a consort of the Pharaoh Crazy-Hair whom later became reincarnated as a Japanese boy. Best of all, the Dark Magician's best student is a German-looking girl. Makes perfect sense. And apparently Mahad is a Metamorphmagus like Nymphadora Tonks because he seems to be able to change his hair from purple to brown to blond to gray to snow-white, not to mention his skin tone (or maybe "Dark Magician" is only the title given to the best magician in a given country!). Not to mention, he is not "the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defence." Silent Magician LV8 has 3500 ATK and three other Spellcasters have 3000 DEF (Dark Sage has 3200). Loki, Lord of the Aesir has the highest total ATK and DEF, with 6300. What I don't understand most of all is, compared to Dark Magician Girl's skimpy outfit, how does he take all that purple armour off when he needs to go relieve himself or something? He magic's it off? And doesn't it get hot under there or does he have a magical air conditioning system also? Continuing the antics, the original Dark Magician art, the one with purple armour with "hand on hat and legs tucked in"...I dunno, he looks like he's dancing some funky disco or something. The red-purple one with the green wand (standing straight) is the most well-known one besides the purple one. The tablet artwork is the most dynamic-looking one, however, featuring the same red-purple scheme on his wand. The latest "Final Fantasy" (the muscular one with black armour) one drawn by Kazuki Takahashi and looks like Cecil is the one I'd like to call the "Dark Physician." And finally, there's always the iconic red Japanese-only "Arcana."
Philosophy Corner: Fourteen days ago, in the city of Aurora, a single man robbed twelve people of their lives when they just wanted to enjoy a summer morning with a superhero movie. This was an American record of casualties for a single instance of gun violence. I did not know any of those people personally, and frankly if you are reading this right now I will be surprised if you did know them. "Well, it's only twelve people." Not to mention fifty-eight injuries with countless levels of heartbreak and physical/emotional trauma with such a sudden, massive loss of life. It is logical to be sad, mad, even, for such senselessness. Violence is but of senselessness. But, like wars of life before it, live and let live: Let life live. Time machines are not real and neither is resurrection. It is not a crime to mourn, it is not a crime to pray, it is not a crime to remember. But it is a serious crime to forget to move on. If you realise that, you are a blessed person. July 2012 was a very bad time in my life, but hey, it's August today, and I still have the right to life. After all, at the end of The Fray's very first music video "How to Save a Life," the people aren't smiling for no reason ;)
Double Philosophy: The worst part about dying is not getting the chance to say good-bye.
Triple Philosophy: All humans, regardless of race or beliefs, are still kept alive by the same color blood.

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