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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Pojo's 2500th COTD
Spectacular  :-P

Dark Magician Girl

This card gains 300 ATK for every "Dark Magician" or "Magician of Black Chaos" in any Graveyard.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.35
Advanced: 2.40 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - July 30, 2012

Back to the main COTD Page





Welcome to a momentous occasion here on Pojo--this is the 2500th Card of the Day!  Join us for a trip down nostalgia lane as we review five very old cards.  For those of you who may not be aware, the CotD here for Yugioh on Pojo started over ten years ago, in 2002.  I joined the team and am very privileged and honored to have been here since 2005, and we're still going strong!  To kick off this special week, we open with the one and only, Dark Magician Girl!

You know, not many people know, but Dark Magician Girl and I go way back.  We dated for several years, and were engaged to be married in college.  Life led us our separate ways however, and rumor has it she and Pojo even had a thing once upon a time.  I remember I bought box after box of Magican's Force trying to obtain this card, and was never successful.  One day, I bought one online, and that same day I pulled her Special Edition variant card from (if memory serves) Rise of Destiny Special Edition.  I've never actually played this card, despite being a Magician player. 

Dark Magician girl is very special, she carries with her a lot of history and lore, for a card that gets little to no play.  Can you blame her?  If I looked as good as she did, I would hope people would notice too.  This week is pretty much beyond rating, as sadly the cards aren't really playable, although you could make various arguments for each card this week.  Albeit some more than others.  At least the cutest Spellcaster in the Yugioh world has marked her place in history, whether you like it or not.

Nostalgia Corner:  "And I have just the card to do it in my hand.  Come forth, Dark Magician Girl!  You're Lifepoints are wide open!  Dark Magician Girl attack him directly!"--Yami Yugi from Merger of the Big Five--Part 2

Art:  5/5  I think my favorite is the picture with the Spellcaster ring that shows her entire body, but I love the close-up art and hearts too.  You can't go wrong.

John Rocha

Welcome to retro week in celebration of our 2500th card to be reviewed, Dark Magician Girl. This is one of Yugi’s favorite cards and most Yu-Gi-Oh player’s favorite anime characters. Even in her prime, Dark Magician Girl was never a contender for deck space. Her only use is in a Spellcaster deck.
This card could be very powerful in a Dark Magician deck. There are 5 “Dark Magician” monsters that are not banned that can power up Dark Magician Girl: Her, Skilled Dark Magician, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Knight, and Toon Dark Magician Girl.
With all of the support cards for Spellcasters in the game, getting Dark Magician Girl to the field is not terribly difficult. Probably the easiest way to summon Dark Magician Girl is to use Magician’s Circle and summon it from your deck as her attack is only 2000 in the deck. You can also use Magical Dimension to summon it from your hand. Once she is on the field you would like to have at least 3 Dark Magician’s in your grave to give her a pretty dominate attack of 2900.
Dark Magician Girl has some pretty nice stats that make her playable. She is a Dark monster with at least 2000 attack so she can be used with Deck Devastation Virus. She is a level 6 so she can be summoned with only one tribute putting Apprentice Magician to good use. With her out, you can summon Effect Veiler to special summon Black Rose Dragon or Arcanite Magician. She is also a “Dark Magician” so she can be used with Dark Magic Attack.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5
All time greats: 3/5

Addendum - A Day Later: I would like to make a correction on Dark Magician Girl. Apparently she is far worse than I made her out to be. First, she only gets the 300 attack points for the cards that are specified in her text and not any “Dark Magician” monster. Also, she can not use support cards that use “Dark Magician” as their requirement. That drops her to about .5 in both my ratings. Thanks go out to PhilosophicalPsycho for pointing this out to me. Maybe Konami will reprint her with better text in the future to help revive her. One can only hope.


Today is a special day for Pojo, it's the 2,500 card review. And they said it wouldn't last. I'm honored to be a part of this crew at this point in time. Today's mega special review is a card close to all of our hearts. The original It Girl in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Magician Girl. You know her stats, you know her attribute, you know her effect. Now that leaves us with what to say about her and what to do with her. She is best used along side The Dark Magician in their own deck. You can tribute for her, and use cards like Sage's Stone to bring out Dark Magician. Or you can use Magician's circle to special summon her. Using cards like Foolish Burial or Armageddon Knight can be utilized to get more Dark Magicians or Magician of Black Chaos in the grave to boost her ATK. You can even use Deck Devastation Virus on DMG. Overall, she's not the best card in the game. But she is good in her own deck and fun to play for old times sake. On a personal note, i'd love to see someone make a Dark Magician deck with DMG in it and top a major tournament, but that's wishful thinking. 
Traditional: 2.5 (She is DARK)
Advanced: 2
In her own deck: 3
Art: Infinity, every version *Suck it Tour Guide* :P
Tomorrow: This dragon could use some Clear Eyes.


3 months ago, we covered Blue-Eyes White Dragon to commemorate ten years of providing Yu-Gi-Oh card reviews. Now, for the 2500 review ever, we have Burakku Mujishan Garu, whom we have not touched since October 2003 (and even then the only person who actually reviewed her went by the name of DuelMonster).

Behold: Mana the Black Magician Girl. By herself, she is just an underexperienced, weak Tribute Monster, but with the postmortem power of her professor, Mana will unlock her power by growing up to a potential of 5600 ATK for a Level 6 monster. Not bad.

That is, of course, assuming both players have three each of Dark Magician and Magician of Black Chaos in their Graves.

Outside of a planned casual game, the chances that two people that will actually use Dark Magician Decks in a professional, high-stakes game is...well, it just ain't happening. This means Mana will rely on mostly your own Grave to give herself a power boost. And really, Magician of Black Chaos, a Level 8 Ritual with no effect...has even less playability (well...actually 2800 ATK isn't bad at all, so maybe if you have some Ritual support cards, it just might be able to be pulled off). So, in a realistic scenario, Mana can only ever go up to 2900 ATK (assuming you used up all three of your Dark Magicians for the Tributes and Fusion Materials and whatnot they were intended for).

That poses the question: Why not just use Trance, the Magical Swordsman, another Level 6 Spellcaster? He has 2600 ATK to start off with, and can even benefit from any possible Normal Monster support you have for Dark Magician. Pfffft, forget the Dark Magician Girl, Trance even outpowers the Dark Magician himself!

Well first you ask yourself, “Why ARE you using a Level 7 2500 ATK Normal Monster over a Level 6 2600 one anyway (aside from the coolness factor)? The answer, of course, is due to the name. Dark Magician has specific support that allows him to be easily summoned and to have access to various strong support cards.

So the next question is, how do you justify using the GIRL over Trance, when the Girl “might” get over 2000 ATK? There’s one card that specifically requires the Dark Magician Girl: Sage’s Stone. If Dark Magician Girl is on the field, you summon Dark Magician right out of your deck. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. However, I play with a Yugi Deck on Dueling Network, and even though it’s a very weak deck in general, the fast one-two punch of Sage’s Stone still wins me many fast games regardless (but yeah, if your Deck isn’t strictly Dark Magician-based with all his tricks and three copies of DM himself, you have no reason to bother including DMG).

Being Level 6 is significant. This allows you to summon Sorcerer of Dark Magic, who really is easier to summon than he seems. Also (usually with the assistance of Gagaga Magician), this allows you to bring out one of the strong Rank 6 Xyz Monsters. The most prominent one is Magi Magi Magician Gal, which can only have Spellcaster Xyz Materials. Although her ATK pales in comparison to the other Rank 6 Xyzs, her effect allows you to turn any card in your hand into a Change of Heart or Monster Reborn (very powerful indeed).

There are two more things I must mention:

1. Because she has 2000 Original ATK, she can be searched using Magician’s Circle. Basically, if any Spellcaster monster declares an attack, that Trap lets you summon Mana right out of the deck with absolutely no cost. This is a key aspect of Mana, because she is often the strongest monster you can summon with Magician’s Circle.

2. Magician’s Tome is an Equip Spell that only Mana or her teacher can use. It’s not worth using.

She's like...Pikachu. She's not very powerful at all, but she has hidden potentials that could be deadly if exploited correctly. And if you are brave enough to at least try to use her, you deserve to win.

Trad: 1.4/5 (I mean, if you plan on using some silly combo with Painful Choice, Sage's Stone, and Dedication Through Light and Darkness, plus I've seen Magician's Circle used in Trad before)

Adv: 2.3/5 (based off her own strengths, the strength of the Dark Magician Deck as a whole, and how well the Dark Magician Deck can function without her...but I promise you, more on that later this week...)

Awesomeness Factor: It is ineffable, beyond words and ratings, how significant Mana is for YGO. I'm sure Pojo himself would agree with me, if she is not the most important card, she's definitely in the Top Ten. She is one of the most iconic characters of the entire franchise, perhaps the most iconic character behind Yugi Muto himself. Her blue-and-pink magician's cap, her wand, her blonde hair, those anime eyes...she just really has cemented herself as the soild happy-go-lucky anime-symbol of Yu-Gi-Oh. Aside from being Dark Magician's student, she was developed in the image of the "magic girl" anime genre (you know, like Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, sorta like that). There are four official DMG artworks. Personally I feel the art from Duelist Pack: Yugi (legs tucked in, hand on hat) is her most serious-looking depiction and is the one that captures her essence the best. Her Series 2 Collector's Tin card in 2005 (wand raised, surrounded by hearts) is her coolest and most dynamic pose. Also, the one we are all most familiar with, the Secret Rare from Magician's Force (close-up of her face) has got to be her most beautiful. The "Kaz" one (flying on her wand like a broomstick) was drawn by the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh himself and has not yet been made into English; that one IMO is her goofiest-looking one. Finally, as far as I know, Dueling Network has a special "Arkana" red version that's so creepy-looking, it's not funny... You know...it's funny. She's really cool as a cartoon character, but if you ever met a person like her in real life, she'd come off as a very strange sort of person! 

Philosophy Corner: "Yeah it would have been nicer if they didn't edit her chest, not trying to sound perverted, but her cleavage was what helped make her so popular in Japan." -DuelMonster

Double Philosophy: Japanese people aren't naturally supposed to have blonde hair and green eyes...but I guess it's supposed to make her look sexier? Send out your thoughts!


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