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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Discard 1 Level 8 monster to draw 2 cards.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.13
Advanced: 3.33 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - July 2, 2012

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All right, we're not looking at anything new this week, nor are we reviewing Tues or Weds in order to celebrate our freedom from British Rule--Pojo...but the three cards this week, as well as the first three next week, were picked by me.  There isn't necessarily a theme here, just as to whether these cards are still any good, useful as tech, and whatever else comes up in the reviews.
Having said that, we open with Trade-In.  Trade-In is a card I assume most players are familiar with, and one of the ever growing army of cards that requires a cost, in this case, discarding a Level 8 Monster from the Hand to the Graveyard, allowing you to Draw two cards from the Deck.  First, let's point out this doesn't give you any immediate advantage.  This, plus the discard, and you replace both cards.  It of course doesn't mean you didn't Draw something that will lead to advantage of course.
Now, the big places to play Trade-In would be a Dragon Deck, specifically say one of a Hieratic build.  There are other Level 8 Monsters people play, but odds are you'd much rather be playing what you would be discarding.  Obviously we very seldom tribute for a Level 8 Monster anyway, so this can help you get said Monster to the Graveyard for revival.  I mean, there's a place for this in a Demise Deck if anyone still or enjoys playing something like that.  Light and Darkness Dragon could be a target too.  

Traditional:  2/5  
Advanced:  3/5  Average, some Decks as mentioned, can really use it, while others have no place for it.
Art:  3/5


Today we're looking at one of my favorite draw cards, Trade-In. This card breathed new life into decks that ran around level 8 monsters for a while. Trade-In is a simple card. Discard 1 level 8 monster to Draw 2 cards. Monsters such as Super Conductor Tyranno, Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon and Blue Eyes White Dragon made great targets. My personal favorite is using Cards of Consonance to discard White Stone of Legend, getting a Blue Eyes White Dragon, then drawing two for COC, then using Trade-In to get 2 more cards. If you're using a few level 8 monsters that are more useful in your graveyard, Trade-In is your card. I just hope you have a way of getting those level 8 monsters from your deck to your hand. A good card that makes me wanna rebuild my Blue Eyes deck, again.
Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 3.5
Tomorrow: Two day mini-vacation. Be Back Thursday. Happy 4th you guys!

The "Psycho" in "Philosophical
Psycho" is short for "Psychological." "Philosophical-Psychological" is short for something else as well...

As Pojo.com is an American establishment, no new CotD will be provided for Tuesday and Wednesday in observation of The United States of America's "declaration of independence" from The United Kingdom of Great Britain on July 4, 1776. I can't really tell if any other Pojo articles (other than CotD) will still be operational, but I'd just recommend to check back next Thursday instead. 

Today's card is a Gold Series 4 Common and the other two this week are from Gold Series 2, so you can expect them to be at least a 3/5 rating and for most of them to have been commonly placed in Structure Decks.
This card, as you may know, initially made its debut for use in the Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure (Dragons are arguably the best users of Trade-In). It's very hard to go so in-depth with this card, given it's just "discard a card a draw two."
Level 8 monsters are scarcely used, although as far as any card that has an effect of drawing two cards, Trade-In would have to be one of the best. Many monsters, especially Level 8 ones, serve better use in the Graveyard than in the hand, as it is easier to summon them (Monster Reborn, Call of the Haunted, their own effects) or to use them for other effects (food for Black Luster Soldier, even discarding BLS himself and getting him back with Warrior Returning Alive). You might even want to get rid of a Level 8 monster that's taking up space in your hand. (Quoting Kaiba in episode 71: "Double Duel - Part 2"  in his tag duel against Lumis and Umbra: "It'd be better off in the Graveyard.") Many cards can even recycle the monster you just discarded back into your hand, such as with Warrior Returning Alive, Ancient Gear Workshop, or Preperation of Rites.
Perhaps even more infamously is the Diamond Dude Turbo, commonly abbreviated to DDT. Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude is notorious in using his effect to activate powerful Spell Cards without needing to pay their costs (such as, say, discarding a Level 8 monster). Destiny Hero decks are very multifarious, but this specific variation capitalizes on the very abusive relationships that Diamond Dude has with Trade-In and Destiny Draw (with Destiny Hero - Plasma being available if either of those Spell Cards are drawn).
I would say the biggest letdowns of this card, aside from not being able to discard 8 or above, is that the cost of a discard is a painful one, and admittedly it's a very restrictive discard (Pot of Greed was banned for being a complete +1, and if there were a card that could discard any other plain card for two draws, that might be broken still). If your card gets Magic Drained (an admittedly infrequently used card), you would be placed in a tight position. (Most people, however, find it very counterproductive to use Dark Bribe or Solemn Judgment on draw cards.) Taking these factors into account, though, Trade-In will rarely be negated, and given that it draws two cards, there is no net card loss and it is a great help in thinning your deck size. That said, it is a good card.
Niche Decks: as a general rule of thumb, one copy should be used if you run at least three LV8's, two should be used if you run at least five LV8's, and three should be used if you're not using an insane amount of LV8's or Diamond Dudes, but here are a few of the most viable Decks that I haven't mentioned yet that most appreciate this draw card: Normal Beatdown, Fairies, Zombies, Ancient Gear, Exodia (Dragon and Destiny Hero variants)

Trad: 5/5 (I know you have Pot of Greed and other broken drawing combos, but Traditional features many Level 8 monsters such as Dark Magician of Chaos, not to mention that Trade-In is indeed one of the most balanced draw cards ever, and this type of speed alongside Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity is invaluable for FTK)
Adv: 3.4/5
Aesthetics: 3/5 It's a nice medieval, archaic artwork, providing a bronze figurine to a merchant for two gold coins. They really could've picked a better statue than Felgrand Dragon... Felgrand's effect only activates when it is destroyed on the field. Also, maybe a name other than Trade-In would've been a better fit.

Philosophy Corner: I watched the original Star Wars triology for the first time last week. Granted, I've watched The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi before, but I've never seen The Phantom Menace or A New Hope, so I never really caught on with the story. Anyway, after watching it, I got a lot more respect for people serving in armed forces. Still (and this is ironic because I'm writing an article about Duel Monsters), this concept of war and ruthless violence puts me off a lot. Violence is common in the animal kingdom; perhaps the human penchance for blood is only natural? I might be a bit rusty on the details, but the American Revolutionary War's main grievance was that during this time period, Britain was in a great deal of warring (especially against France) and heavily taxed the American colonies for their cause. American Patriots also felt the British were too harsh in imposing their jurisdiction, especially the "taxation without representation" part. It was for these reasons the colonies reluctantly agreed to sever from the motherland forever. America won because many of Britain's enemies helped the American cause for the sake of insulting Britain. Considering the bloodshed that followed, I can't really say I whole-heartedly approved of the revolution. Actually, I shed dubious light on the entire point of having countries. I wrote a story like that once...

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