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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Mirror Gate

When an opponent's monster declares an attack targeting a face-up "Elemental HERO" monster you control: Switch control of the opponent's attacking monster with the targeted monster you control, then calculate damage. Control of both monsters switches back during the End Phase.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.00
Advanced: 1.60 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - July xx, 2012

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All right, this one is tricky for me, thanks to the errata this card received.  Mirror Gate, something you obviously only play in an Elemental Hero Deck...as to why you play that Deck, I'm not sure.  But let's assume you did, and wanted to use this...should you?  This is one of those weird support cards I wonder why you'd run in even the Deck you could, as opposed to say Creature Swap (in this particular instance).  When an E-Hero you control is attacked by an opponent's Monster, you switch control of the two Monsters.  Then Damage is calculated, and THEN control returns to the original position.  Now, unless I'm missing something, if you're doing this, are you not doing it to protect yourself from Damage?  Odds are your opponent's Monster is stronger, thus meaning the end of your Monster anyway.  But I think the errata allows you to keep the opponent's Monster if yours is destroyed.  Even so, I'm still not sure why the hell you would play this, OR what the hell is going on.  I'm sorry

1/5 both Formats  (2/5 if you go through that, and get to keep your opponent's Monster)

Art:  3.5/5

John Rocha

Today’s card is a fun card to use against your opponent. The look on their face when you spring this card on them is priceless. “What?” “And then you get to keep my monster?”. With the new text stating that “Control of  BOTH monsters switches back during the End Phase.”, if one monster is gone then other monster is not affected. In addition, cards that respond to the declaration of an attack like Mirror Force and Dimensional Prism will miss their chance to activate.
Mirror Gate has the problem of being a combo card. You have to have this card and an Elemental HERO monster one the field for it to work, unlike other defensive trap cards. With the release of Return of the Duelist, Elemental HERO’s will get even more support with Miracle Contact. The chances that there is going to be room in a HERO deck for Mirror Gate is slim to none.
The best fit for Mirror Gate would be in a deck that does not Fusion Summon like crazy. Maybe a Gemini / HERO deck with Gemini Spark and Masked Change. That type of deck plays smaller attack monsters where Mirror Gate would be more useful.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5


Today we're looking at a card that just may be looking back at us, Mirror Gate. A card for the E-HERO genre, it allows you to switch monsters with your opponent when they declare an attack against one of your E-HERO monsters, they switch back to their original owners at the end phase. It's not that bad of a card, considering that you take a stronger monster for a little bit, but you have to give it back. It may save you a turn of damage, and inflict some on your opponent, but if that's the case, you can use cards like Magic Cylinder, Mirror Force or Waboku. It's good for slowing down and catching your opponent off guard, but in the end, you might lose an E-HERO monster while they get back the stronger monster at the their end phase. An ok card, but there are better choices.
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 2.5
Tomorrow: Magical Pointy Stick...


Mirror Gate 


What's up duelists, Blackmarketyugioh back for yet another round. Today we are reviewing Mirror Gate.

Normal Trap

"When an opponent's monster declares an attack targeting a face-up "Elemental HERO" monster you control: Switch control of the opponent's attacking monster with the targeted monster you control, then calculate damage. Control of both monsters switches back during the End Phase.


With that being said, I believe this card was made as filler, and will not ever see play, lest on the casual side. Yes you can use your E-hero effect, then when it gets attacked by a large monster, flip Mirror Gate, switch them, let your opponent take a little damage, and then use the monster to fusion summon during main phase 2. I really see this card as being situational, but I do see how it can be a little disruptive. I fule my graveyard, while dealing you damage, and then using your monster to further my field advantage. But most E-HERO decks are so jammed packed, that you may not find room to fit even 1 of these into the build that you run. I like the card, but can't oblige any logical reasoning to actually change a deck just to put this in.


Advanced: 1/5 Just no room in current HERO builds

Traditional: 1/5 I haveno clue if HEROs are even played in this format lol.

Artwork: 2/5 Thank god it was a foil!

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but have my HERO, just please don't hurt me. I'll borrow your card, destroy my HERO, but you take all the damage, so here's back what I owe. Whoop-dee-doo.
Um, actually, according to the way they rewrote Mirror Gate's text in the TCG, both monsters need to still be alive for the switch-back to happen. In short, if you attack my HERO, you're gonna be the one taking all the damage and then I get to keep your monster...permanently. It's not a chainable Trap, but that should never be a reason to write off a card.
In most scenarios, you should come off beneficial. By using one Trap Card, you lost your HERO but got a stronger monster that you nicked straight from the opponent, and probably did some damage as well. If the opponent springs one of those Damage Step cards such as Honest, Shrink, or Forbidden Chalice, things might backfire tremendously, but those are just extraordinary circumstances.
Some E-HERO users hate it, others love it. By no means is it a staple, but it's certainly got utility going for it. Super Polymerization, especially combined with a Fusion with lax Fusion requirements, is also a successful method of monster removal for HEROs; Mirror, on the other hand, allows you to use your opponent's best monsters for yourself or just to steal just about any monster to use with Polymerization/Fusion Gate.
Ruling Clarification: In the OCG with the original rules, you still need to return the monster, as Jaden Yuki demonstrated in the anime once.
Trad: 1/5 (attacking does not happen in Traditional especially when there's a suspicious facedown card, but moreover, for Mirror Gate to work both itself and a faceup HERO monster need to avoid destruction, and that just doesn't happen in a format where everything blows up at once)
Adv: 3.25/5
Adv (with the real rules): 1/5 (since the winner of the battle is on your side of the field, it would prevent your opponent from activating effects like Shura the Flame or Gladiator Beasts, but that's not worth the effect of one card).
Aesthetics: 2.2/5 Pretty...just take care not to cut yourself, or else some mirror-based superhero will curse you with seven years' bad luck. Most protagonists have a Mirror Trap that activates in response to a Trap. Yugi has Mirror Force, Jaden has Mirror Gate, Yuma has Mirror Mail, and Yusei has...Scrap-Iron Scarecrow. Out of all of these, Jaden's Mirror is the only one that directly supports an archetype, and I really can't see the correlation between Mirrors and HEROes. I won't deny, of course, it would be significantly better if it worked with any HERO.
Philosophy Corner: When I first started watching the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, whenever I saw a card I liked, I instantly copied it down and made a fake version of it. Nowadays, I copy down their dialogue so that I can repeat everything when I copy their decks on Dueling Network. I seriously need to get a life.

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