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Inzektor Axe - Zektahawk

Equip only to an "Inzektor" monster. It gains 1000 ATK. When the equipped monster declares an attack, your opponent cannot activate Spell/Trap Cards.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.20
Advanced: 2.29 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Jan. 27, 2012

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Inzektor Axe, one of the more interesting Equip Magic cards out there...as you might have guessed only equippable to Inzektor Monsters (an Archtype I don't really see taking off, but we'll ignore that.)  has an Axe of Despair effect, gaining an extra 1000 attack.  But for an added bonus, when the equipped Monster attacks, your opponent cannot activate Magic or Trap cards.  That's good, if only in a Monster, but I'd like for all those of the type, or all Monsters...oh and we have triple Mystical Space Typhoon, and its an Equip...yea

Traditional:  1/5
Advanced:  2/5 
Art:  4/5

John Rocha

I am not a big proponent of equip cards as they tend to be a (-1). However, if you can destroy a monster due to its effect, you can at least draw even with it. Inzektor Axe – Zektahawk, has an Axe of Despair type attack modifier and a nifty effect of negating your opponent’s spells and traps when you attack. A pretty nice effect if your opponent is playing Mirror Force, Dimensional Prisms, and maybe even Shrink. Unfortunately, today’s game mostly has summon negation and destruction effects like Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning, and Solemn Judgment.
The nice thing about Inzektor monsters is that like Dragunity’s, they like the equip mechanism. Dragonfly has the effect that allows you to summon an Inzektor monster from your deck when an equip card is sent to the graveyard, so MST and Heavy storm would not hurt you. While Centipede will allow you to get any Inzektor card to your hand. I was not a big fan of Dragunity’s and I am not a big fan of Inzektor monsters, however, if they go off on you, the dark bugs can destroy your field and swarm the field.  Inzektor Axe – Zektahawk could provide that additional punch needed for the victory, but I doubt you will need it and there are better choices for your deck space.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5


Friday has us reviewing a card that makes Inzektors a bigger threat than they are. Inzektor Axe - Zektahawk. Axe can only be equipped to a Inzektor  monster, it raises its ATK by 1000 and when the equppied monster attacks, your opponent cannot activate and spells or traps. The ATK boost is very good, making almost smaller Inzektor monster able to hang with the bigger monsters, and the bigger Inzektor monsters, well, even bigger. Its second effect makes it so darn good. The ability for a huge Inzector to strike and your opponent can't activate spells or traps, nice. You run Inzektors, I hope you're using a copy or two of this.
Traditional: 2
Advanced: 5

Angelic Nightmare

Hello everyone and welcome to the final card of the day for the week. I apologize for the inconsistent reviews. I’ve been struggling with my internet services and have a very moody wireless router. Anyways, on to the card!
Inzektor Axe- Zetahawk

Equip only to an "Inzektor" monster. It gains 1000 ATK. When the equipped monster declares an attack, your opponent cannot activate Spell/Trap Cards.
For all the Yu-Gi-Oh! Veterans out there, this is an Axe of Despair, Mirage Dragon/ Pitch Black Warwolf hybrid. You get a pretty decent attack boost and your opponent can’t activate trap/spell cards like Dimensional Prison, Mirror Force, etc. when the equipped monster declares an attack. This can be somewhat decent, but not absolutely necessary in every Inzektor deck. Maybe if you have an extra slot in the deck for maybe some protection, you could test this card out and see how you like it.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5


Inzektor Axe - Zektahawk
Equip Spell
"Equip only to an "Inzektor" monster. It gains 1000 ATK. When the equipped monster declares an attack, your opponent cannot activate Spell/Trap Cards."

Inzektors are a new monster thype that focuses on monsters that can equip themselves onto each other. Unlike the rather limited Dragunity archetype, any Inzektor can equip onto any other Inzektor, making for a much more fluid archetype.

The Inzektors, however, have one major drawback... They are almost all very weak monsters that can get steamrolled rather easily.

The axe fixes that with a hefty ATK boost and a rather handy side effect to go along with it. With this card in play on a strong enough Inzektor, the opponent will have to resort to cards like Smashing Ground to get rid of the bug.

I would recommend running 3 of these in any Inzektor deck, which is sadly the only place it can be used, hurting it's usability overall.

Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 3


Inzektor Axe-Zektahawk finishes this week. Equip cards don’t see much play these days and it is highly doubtful this will be any different. It boosts Inzektors by 1000 attack, which is good considering their base attacks are rather lackluster for the most part, and turns of all spells and traps when said monster declares an attack. With Yu-Gi-Oh simply declaring attack does not mean that attack will go through. Also, Inzektors will destroy the field prior to an attack even being made. Just pass on this sneak peek promo all together.

Trad: 1
Adv: 1

Jeff Lang

Inzektor Axe – Zektahawk
                Oh geez do I hate these sort of cards that you need a specic card face up to play it. As I mentioned earlier this week, why use cards that cannot do well for you if you are topdecking, or if your opponent breaks your plays up? It is neat you have an attack booster and a backrow negator in one card, but so many things can go wrong while using this card, like them killing it before the battle, or simply wiping your monsters out and gaining pluses. Use this at your own risk, but I would decide against it 99 out of 100 times, but just go with Inzektors do best which is their spamming and card popping, and build around those cards, not ones like this.
Trad: 1/5
Adv: 1/5

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