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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Heroic Advance
- #ABYR-EN069 

When a face-up "Heroic" monster you control is targeted for an attack: Target another face-up Level 4 or lower "Heroic" monster you control; double its ATK during this Battle Phase, then switch the attack target to it and conduct damage calculation, but monsters cannot be destroyed by this battle.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.33
Advanced: 1.67 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Dec. 7, 2012

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Closing the week is another Trap, in Heroic Advance.  This could be a useful card in a pinch I think.  When a face-up Heroic Monster you control is targeted for an attack, this lets you select another Heroic Monster you control as the attack target.  Said Monster has its attack doubled during this Battle Phase, and Damage is calculated.  However, Monsters cannot be destroyed by this Battle.  So you're likely protecting a Monster, and inflicting some considerable Damage, despite not destroying the Monster.  You don't technically gain any advantage, this would qualify as a -1.  But it's certainly a neat thing to use, especially if said Battle wins you the game.

Traditional:  2/5 
Advanced:  3/5 
Art:  3.5/5

John Rocha

Our final Heroic card of the week is Heroic Advance. Unlike yesterday’s card, this trap card actually does something to help Heroic monsters. The kicker is that you have to have two level 4 Heroic monsters on the field for Heroic Advance to work and then you do not even get to destroy a monster so you take a negative one in card advantage.
Normally when you have two level 4 monsters on the field, you are going to Xyz summon a monster. However, there are some instances where Heroic Advance could come in handy. If we have a Heroic monster on the field, we could activate Call of the Haunted or Limit Reverse to special summon another Heroic monster, then use Heroic Advance to keep them both alive. Then on your turn you can use your monsters for an Xyz summon.
There are a number of cool tricks you could use with Heroic Advance and Heroic Challenger – Spartan as they both require two Heroics on the field and they both double your monster’s attack points, but it is doubtful your opponent will fall into your trap. I would much rather destroy my opponent’s monsters that trade card advantage for life points.
You could base you Heroic deck around both effect and battle damage. By using Heroic Advance and cards that redirect your opponent’s attack like Magic Cylinder, you can protect your monsters on the field and cause a lot of damage to your opponent’s life points in the process.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5

Angelic Nightmare

Hello and welcome to the last CotD of this week.

Heroic Advance

Normal Trap

“When a face-up "Heroic Champion" monster you control is targeted for an attack: Target 1 face-up Level 4 or lower "Heroic Challenger" monster you control; that target becomes the new attack target, and its ATK is doubled during the Battle Phase only. The attacking monster and the attack target cannot be destroyed by this battle.”

Unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros. The pros are that it gives a relatively good attack boost to another one of your Heroic Challenger.  The best Heroic Challenger right now in my opinion is Double Lance because it’s attack is 1700 (3400 with Heroic Advance), but let’s be serious here. Why would you have a Double lance out when you probably used its effect instead of a 4000 beat stick?

This card belongs in its own dedicated deck, but I don’t see it being played too much. What really hurt this card is that you opponent has to attack a Heroic Champion  first and you must have a Heroic Challenger face up to activate this card. This card is too situational for my liking, not to mention that a lot of players are starting to main deck Forbidden Lance so that can make Heroic Advance useless.

Pros: Gives good attack boost and evades an attack.

Cons: Not Chainable, monster isn’t destroyed, and requires another Heroic Monster on the field.


Advanced: 1/5

Traditional 1/5

You have two weak Heroic monsters on your field. I summon something stronger than either of them and attack. You activate this and I probably won’t even take more than 2000 damage. (And if my monster is significantly strong enough, you still end up taking damage.)
Although I concede it’s annoying you block my attack and I take damage, and this might mean you might be able to Overlay three Level 4 monsters because you blocked my attack, this card is nothing special at all.
What really stinks about this card is that it requires you to have a LEVEL FOUR OR BELOW Heroic monster. The strongest monster that fits this category has 1800 ATK, and it rarely gets any better than that. If you’re in a position to activate this card, I need to ask you, “Why didn’t you Xyz Summon in the last turn?” If you have out two puny Heroic Challenger monsters and I summon something that’s likely to be able to overpower both of them, all what Heroic Advance does is damage me a little (I don’t even lose my monster) and let your monster live for one turn. It’s annoying, but if that’s all what your card does, it’s very underwhelming. I suppose you can combine it with Heroic Retribution Sword (a mediocre Equip Card that destroys any monster a Heroic battles with…AFTER damage calculation), but why don’t I show you a list of much better Trap Cards:
Covering Fire: only works if the attack target is in Attack Mode and will probably end up doing less damage, but it will leave either monster vulnerable to being destroyed by battle (usually in your favour)
Dimensional Prison: doing a little bit of damage is nothing compared to Dimensional Prison’s power of literally banishing the attacking monster, allowing you to possibly Direct Attack next turn
Magic Cylinder: in the most likely scenarios, this ends up dealing more damage than Heroic Advance, so the only way Heroic Advance could be better is if combined with Heroic Retribution Sword (and if you’re intending to make such a combo, you might as well use Waboku)
Mirror Force: just like Dimensional Prison but has potential to wipe out more monsters
Waboku: seriously, the only advantage Heroic Advance has over Waboku is that Heroic Advance does a little bit of damage
The Heroic archetype has very few specific support cards they can brag as having all to themselves. They are all very lacklustre, and this one is perhaps the worst. If I could say one sentence about this card: “It’s too fancy to serve any productive use.
Trad: 1/5
Adv: 1.05/5 (if you’re like me and simply don’t own anything better, I suppose it’s USABLE, but don’t let me catch you using this on Dueling Network)
Aesthetics: 1.5/5 I guess it’s cool they picked Heroic Challenger – Double Lance for the picture, although I find it extremely ironic Double Lance is standing in front of Heroic Challenger – Spartan, considering Spartan can protect himself with his effect. Here’s a fun trick, though: Imagine your Double Lance is getting attacked. Activate Heroic Advance to double Spartan’s ATK, and then chain Spartan’s own effect for him to absorb Double Lance’s ATK. Spartan will take the attack and end up doing a lot of damage, but I still don’t think it’s worth using this card.
Philosophy Corner: continued from yesterday
About the rants throughout the week…some of you may be wondering…why should I spend my time writing about someone who intentionally ended a human life…or if it’s that depressing why even put it up on Pojo at all…or maybe I’m an attention-grabber that says things that aren’t true. In case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a literary artist; I put feelings into my art, and I put art into writing/speaking. I’m not saying she’s not guilty of the wrong decisions; I feel insulted that she deserted me and I’m suffering from withdrawal without her existence. There is biological evidence that writing is a medicine for pain, but I mostly just write for the sake of writing. And then when I publish what I write and show it to everyone, I’m NOT waiting for people to say “I’m sorry for you” or “You’re so brave.” I’m not trying to spread the pain. I am a life-living, air-breathing, heart-beating human being that has the insight to uncork my bottled feelings before they suffocate me. I don’t what I wrote today is too long for you to read because at least I got to say what’s on my mind. And I never lost anyone this close to be before, so if you don’t like it, then I’m grieving in my own way, and can you really blame me for getting all touchy? And if you’re still reading by this point then I’m happy to impart some knowledge because this way I get some compensation – the pain heals faster – off my sister’s death. And I want to remind everyone that we are not perfect because we are not immune to sadness and that’s ok, because not being perfect is how you become perfect after all. Because I don’t live by myself in the forest (as cool as that sounds), it is inevitable that I will outlive a lot of the people I know and some of them might even die right before my eyes. However, if I have their love to start with, then I can cope with the tragedy at the end. I beg all of you not to copy the big mistake my sister did and if life activates a Bottomless Trap Hole on you, no matter what you should hit life back with Imperial Iron Wall instead of Burial from a Different Dimension.

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