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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Heroic Gift
- #ABYR-EN068 

If your opponent's Life Points are 2000 or less: Make their Life Points 8000, and if you do, draw 2 cards. You can only activate 1 "Heroic Gift" per turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.17
Advanced: 1.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Dec. 6, 2012

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I'm really intrigued by todays card, Heroic Gift is definitely one of the oddest conditioned Draw Two cards out there.  You can only activate this card when your opponent has 2000 or less Lifepoints.  Then, their Lifepoints become 8000, and IF successful, you Draw two cards.  I'm really struggling to find a use for this card that doesn't bite you in the ass.  I mean, I suppose best, and I use the term "best" loosely, case scenario, you still have 8000 Lifepoints, and then you're even.  MAYBE you could combo this with Life Equalizer, but your opponent would have to have 8000 more Lifepoints than you for that to work, so this alone wouldn't be enough.  Hope for Escape could be a fun combo with this, assuming your Lifepoints were quite low, say 2000 or less so you could pay the 1000 and then Draw three more cards.  That would leave you at a +3, ignoring Lifepoints.  It's a very unconventional card, and aside from fun or shock value, I don't see much use for it.

1.5/5 both Formats, it does have some combo potential as I tried to state, but I don't see the pro outweighing the con
Art:  4/5

John Rocha

OK, so today’s Heroic Gift card does not exactly fit in a Heroic deck even though it has Heroic in its name. It is still worth looking at as it has an interesting synergy with Hope for Escape and with the next set being based on fire, burn may be coming back in vogue.
First we have to get our opponent’s life points down to 2000 or under ether by battle, burn, or both. So let’s say we are down to 3000 life points. By playing Hope for Escape and then Heroic Gift, we will be able to gain a plus 3 advantage. Card advantage wins games, but the above scenario is tough to achieve and still leaves you 6000 points in the hole.
You could probably use Heroic Gift against a deck that uses Hope of Escape like Exodia decks, but then you would have to have this card in your side deck that already has no room. It also requires you to do another 6000 in damage, but with a plus two advantage, and stopping your opponent’s plus two it may be possible to make that up in the next turn.
In truth, I do not see Heroic Gift ever seeing the light of day, but you never know what the future may hold. It could become the key card in an OTK deck. For now, I am putting the kibosh on Heroic Gift and regulating it to the bottom of my collection.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5


We look at an interesting "Draw 2" card in Heroic Gift. 
If your opponent's life points are 2000 or less: Make their life points 8000, and if you do, Draw 2 card. You can only activate Heroic Gift 1 per turn.
You have to be pretty desperate or very, very sure of yourself that you can either win after drawing the two cards from Heroic Gift. This works well with Megamorph, Life Equalizer, and even Hope for Escape to draw a few more cards. But resetting your opponent's life points back to 8000 is one of the biggest drawbacks you can have in a card. Im trying to think of other way to fully utilize Heroic Chance, but Im sure the other reviewers will find something I might have overlooked.
Traditional: 1 *Pot of Greed/Graceful Charity are all you need here.*
Advanced: 2

Why would you ever want to give your opponent 6000 LP? This doesn’t even count as an increase to LP so you can’t use those fancy cards that turn healing into damage; it just CHANGES the LP. I mean, sure, you get two draws, but if you have to give your opponent 3000 LP per card, I think it ends up setting you back even more from winning.
The only way I can really justify restoring your opponent’s LP back to 8000 is if you have some OTK strategy to take out all those 8000 LP again. But if you’re really that reliant on the OTK, you wouldn’t even have reduced them down to 2000 in the first place, OR if you have some way to win other than reducing LP to 0, but then again, you wouldn’t even get them down to 2000 in the first place. An argument can be made for aggressive decks that can reduce the opponent’s LP down to 2000 easily, and these two cards can help you win even more quickly, but as I stated in my last paragraph I believe it’s easier just to try and wipe out those last 2000 LP (and just use more reliable drawing methods). What makes it even worse is that this is a Trap Card, meaning once you draw it, you gotta set it and wait a whole turn before you can make use of it.
This next paragraph will cover the best possible uses I can think of for Heroic Gift. I once played against an OTK Deck that involved increasing the opponent’s LP. Life Equalizer is a Trap Card that requires the opponent to have over 8000 LP; it drops them down to 3000. The goal was to use Blasting the Ruins, a Trap that deals 3000 damage. Heroic Gift can be sidedecked for this Deck in case the opponent uses a lot of LP costs to try and thwart Life Equalizer, but that is really, really pushing it. You can also use Hope for Escape, a bad card we covered back in February 23, 2011. It lets you draw more cards the more LP the opponent has over you; it might work in the Blasting the Ruins Deck, but in the most “ideal” circumstance, you will have 2000 LP, your opponent will have 8000, and with Heroic Gift and Hope for Escape together you draw a total of five cards; not good enough.
I mean, if you could at least chain them all to each other and get six cards, but for now, just stick with Reckless Greed. Maybe if some more Heroic cards in the future can take advantage of this effect… It’s really kinda pushing it, though.
Trad: 1/5 (maybe if you have some sort of crazy FTK combo involving Temple of the Kings and Makyura the Destructor)
Adv: 1/5 (at best right now, this card is just a way of saying “I can beat you two times over in the same duel”)
Aesthetics: 3/5 I suppose it fits in with the motif of “chivalry,” not beating down on a wounded opponent. It really does not fit in the Heroic Deck (or any Deck at all) though. There isn’t even any support for Heroic Trap cards. The only thing I really like about this card is that it has the red butterfly-phoenix symbol in the background.
Philosophy Corner: continued from yesterday
Conclusion: She said she loved me and she that she was so sorry but she was in so much emotional pain and it was time she helped herself. It reminded myself of how selfish I get and how I stop caring for other people when I feel there are times life isn't treating my fairly. This is just one of the many things I wish I told her and can't believe I didn't.
It’s beginning to rain a lot now, now that it’s December. As I stand under a roof and watch the water on top streaming down horizontally in front of me, it makes me think of raining needles or the Veil of death from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I imagine walking into the rain is death and I stand just inches away from outside. How can an act so simple feel so incredibly hard? And then I imagine each water droplet is a shattered fragment of Han-Kat’s essence and it splatters as it slams into the ground. I'm angry at Han-Kat. I'm mad at how foolish she was and I wanted to get over it by never forgiving her and deleting her from my memory. I've never even taken a photo with her. My poker face suggested my non flinching nonchalance at the tragedy. But as I am writing this at this very moment, I am crying in a manner I have never cried before. Because Han-Kat was never a tiny little footnote in history; she was an extraordinary person that actually existed, and the reality of her character can never be dismissed. I loved, love, and always will love you.

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