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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gem-Knight Citrine
- #HA06-EN012 

1 "Gem-Knight" monster + 1 Pyro-Type monster Must first be Fusion Summoned. If this card attacks or is attacked, your opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.13
Advanced: 3.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - August 23, 2012

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Gem-Knights are fun, their Archytpe kind of strikes me as similar to the Crystal Beasts.  Funny I said that, after looking them up on wiki, apparently they are a hybrid of Jesse's Crystal Beasts, and Jaden's Heroes.  Gem-Knight Citrine is one of nine current Gem-Knight Fusion Monsters, and one of the weaker ones, with 2200 attack.  It's Level 6, and a Pyro, ironically of the Earth attribute, Fusion Summoned with a Gem-Knight Monster, and a Pyro-type Monster.  If Citrine attacks, your opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step.  While I see this as good, if only as protection for itself, it has some problems.  It should protect the theme, or even all Gem-Knight Fusions.  If I were playing Gem-Knights (although a few of the Fusions are still Japanese only) I think I might do without this one.

Traditional:  1.5/5
Advanced:   2.5/5
Art;  4/5

John Rocha

Today we are going to be looking at Gem-Knight’s and more specifically Gem-Knight Citrine. With Mirror Force at two and Forbidden Lance being popular, Gem-Knight’s ability to lock down cards or effects during battle can be priceless. I’m not crazy about 2200 attack for a level 7 monster, but with the right support, Gem-Knight Citrine could be quit useful in the right situation.
In addition to spell and trap cards not being able to activate, monster effects cannot activate ether. This means that cards like Cataster, Utopia, Gorz, Battle Fader, Mystic Tomato, Honest, and Ryko are useless to your opponent. Gem-Knights have plenty of support cards to fusion with. Gem-Knight Fusion, Particle Fusion, and eventually Tablet Fusion are the key fusion cards while Volcanic Shell’s give you plenty of Pyro fodder.
Gem-Knight Citrine is just one of many Gem-Knight Fusion monsters with awesome effects. Let there be no mistake about it, Gem-Knights will be a force to be reckoned with and Gem-Knight Citrine is just on tool in its fusion arsenal.
Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5


I've never really given the Gem Knights a good look at until I saw today's card, Gem Knight Citrine. This makes me want to make a build a Gem Knight deck. Citrine is a EARTH/Pyro Fusion monster.Citrine needs one Gem-Knight monster and one pyro type. Volcanic Shell is a decent choice. He stands in with 2200 ATK and 1950 DEF (there goes that 50 thing again). First, he must be fusion summoned properly. Then, and here is where it gets good, when Citrine attacks, your opponent cannot activate cards or card effects until the end of the damage step. If there is a card that activates whenever a monster attacks, this guy gets around it. Mirror Force? No, Dimensional Prison? Stop it.....Honest...Battle Fader? Useless. Cyber Valley and Kalut? Don't even bother. A very good fusion monster, and unless you are playing HEROes, you're not seeing too many of those.
Traditional:  2
Advanced: 3.5
Tomorrow:  That is a very big bug.


As many of us as said in the Polymerization article two weeks ago, Fusion was never greatly popular due to the fact it requires three cards out of your hand to summon just one possibly strong monster. I can symphathise with you if you're surprised how we gave Citrine above-average marks, especially when his subpar 2200 ATK is easily trumped when we've all played with ease Synchros or Xyzs much stronger than that. Furthermore, Pyro-Type monsters are largely uncommon, meaning it will be difficult to to rip your opponents off with Super Polymerization and that you will need to supply your own Gem-Knight Garnet or Ruby as the Pyro Fusion Material for Citrine.
When he attacks, you can always be assured that the attack will go through as planned with no ill effects to plague him afterwards, which is always a relief. It means you smack your opponent with 2200 ATK, no if, ands, buts, Shrinks, Dimensional Prisons, or Gorzes the Emissaries of Darkness. He can even bust through Flip Effects and Wind-Up Zenmaines! (Actually, I'm not too sure of the ruling with Zenmaines because when it comes to Zenmaines, the protection effect doesn't qualify as "activating.")
When playing against Citrine, be mindful that even though you cannot stop him when he is trying to attack, you can spring chainable cards that are not forced to respond to an attacking monster. This includes using Book of Moon when he's summoned (although with 1950 DEF he is well-protected) or using Forbidden Lance as a desperate attempt to dissaude him from attacking. Although Mirror Force can't respond directly on Citrine, it is still capable of destroying him. This is, I concede, an annoyingly protective quality of Citrine. He doesn't scream out to me as anything special, but based on what I've been told, he's a solid addition to the GK arsenal. Quite admittedly, I don't have much first-hand experience witnessing good action out of a Gem-Knight Deck, but I've heard it's not bad. I only expect it to be hampered when Future Fusion gets banned next week.
Trad: 3/5
Adv: 3.15/5 (having one or two might be a good idea for its utility or in case you find yourself in a situation in which Citrine is the only monster you can Fuse, but actually I feel he is more formidable when used for the cost of Gem-Knight Master Dia)
Aesthetics: 3.8/5 The Gem-Knights are of a noble clan with the utmostly prestigious codes of honour, crediting their roots to the inseparable alliance of Jaden's E-HEROes and Jesse's Crystal Beasts. They hold their great strength and arts of Fusion in proper esteem and responsibility, never bearing arms unless to shield the weak. So how unfortunate it may be that the Laval brutes that live on the nearby territories are of an aggressive mind that would love nothing more than burning things to ashes and to try the temperance of the Gem-Knights' stone hide! For this reason, the Gem-Knights forsooth have no alternative choice but to defend...themselves. Constructed with the magma of a Pyro-Type monster, Citrine should prove a most valuable asset to the Gem-Knight front, allowing him resistance to the Laval barbarians he is to smite. He is further augmented with natural abilities that enable him to scoff at any devious effects from enemy forces that may attempt to hinder him during his assault. What I find most contradictory of all, however, is why Gem-Knight Citrine is made out of...citrine. Citrine is a type of quartz with iron in it. Quartz in general is a hexagonal, brittle mineral and contains silicon, but primarily oxygen. Citrine itself is mostly yellow (like topaz) and can be brownish. Citrine is a very rare type of quartz, but when you apply heat to amethyst (a purply kind of common quartz), it will look more like citrine, which could be how Citrine needs a Pyro-Type Fusion Material. My point is, I wish they picked a better mineral to name this monster after.
Philosophy Corner: On the Monday Evigishki Gustkraken was covered, my friend (or, more properly, my friend's friend) was hit by a drunk driver and was reduced to a coma. He was pronounced dead the next night. 17 years old, he was the only kid his parents had. Since I estimate most people that go to Pojo.com are maybe 13 years old or younger, this probably doesn't apply to most of you, but I might as well tell you now: Please don't ever try to get drunk and at least don't drink and drive. It's not worth it for you and it most certainly isn't worth it for anyone else. Alcohol and driving accidents are one of the utmost leading causes of teenage death. I don't want people to be mad at who killed him or be destroyed that he's dead, but I want people to remember him as the brave person he was. Please do not send me your condolences; I didn't know him all that well, really. It's just that I probably won't be able to do Pojo stuff at the same frequency as when I first started.

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