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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Emergency Teleport

Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Psychic-Type monster from your hand or Deck. During the End Phase this turn, remove from play that monster.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.75
Advanced: 3.75 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - April 5, 2012

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Remember when DAD-Teleport made Yugioh total hell? Emergency Teleport was the utility card in that monstrous Format, and you can use two of them as well if you so desire. The cool thing about Emergency Teleport is that it makes things like XYZ and Synchro Summoning easier, even though the target HAS to be a Psychic-type Monster. You don't need a Deck specifically built for Emergency Teleport (although it doesn't hurt) but you would need to tweak your Deck in order for it to not be a dead Draw more often than not. Obviously it has a use in a dedicated Psychic Deck, and can even be helpful in Summoning Tribute Monsters if that's something you like to do.


Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5
Art: 3/5

John Rocha

I love the card we are reviewing today. Emergency Teleport is good in a lot of decks not just Psychics. Now, we can play two of them. For many of us older type people, we remember the days of TeleDAD where we could play three of these cards along with 3 each of Malicious, Destiny Draw, and Allure of Darkness and a bunch of Dark Armed Dragons. We need to start a revolution to bring back TeleDAD to see if it can compete with today’s top tier decks. But I digress. I am not going to talk about the obvious deck choice for Emergency Teleport as Psychic decks will certainly get a big boost from this card.
Instead, I am going to talk about the some of the decks that can get a big boost from two Emergency Teleports. Let’s start with Chaos decks. By adding in two or three Krebons we have access to dark monsters and the ability to Synchro summon Light monsters for a quick special summon of a Chaos monster. Try summoning Sangan, Emergency Teleport into Krebons, and then Synchro into Magical Android. Or you can use our card of the other day, Marshmallon and have your dark and light in the grave right away.
If you are using level 3 monsters and like to XYZ summon as well as Synchro summon, try using Psychic Commander with Emergency Teleport. You could put this combination in with Wind-Ups to bring out your Carrier and get your combo’s running faster especially if you do not have Tour Guides. If things get out of hand, use your Psychic Commander with one of your level 4 Wind-Ups (or change one to a level 4) and summon Black Rose Dragon to blow up the field.
Try using Emergency Teleport with Serene Psychic Witch for a level 3 monster. Like Krebons, if you draw these cards, they are not dead draws. Get Serene Psychic Witch with Teleport or another Witch’s effect to get a level 3 on the field and summon another level 3 monster for an easy XYZ summon. This could work well in Dino/Rabbit decks to bring out Leviar the Sea Dragon to special summon your Rabbit.
Using a mix of Psychics with different levels can add more options to your deck. You can build decks with 2 different themes, like Psychic/T.G., Psychic/Gravekeeper, and Psychic/HERO decks. Emergency Teleport is also good for defense to block your opponent’s attack and offense to bring out a monster to finish off your opponent’s life points. Let’s not forget about future decks like Gusto decks that have Psychics in them.
Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5


Emergency Teleport is one of those cards that is safe enough to put back at 2 only because it's not the major threat it used to be. But don't let that fool you, it can still cause headaches. E.T. is a quick-play spell that lets you special summon a level 3 or lower Psychic type monster from your hand or deck, and banishes that monster at the end phase. But we all know it will be put to use by then and off the field way before that happens. Nowadays, you can use E. Teleport to get out what you need to synchro, and/or Xyz summon as well. I believe this card still can be as useful now as it was back in the infamous Tele-DAD days. Just beware of those Solemn counter traps and Torrential Tributes that lie in wait. 
Traditional: 2
Advanced: 3
Tomorrow: You shall not pass...if your level is 4 or higher.

Emergency Teleport
Quickplay Spell
"Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Psychic-Type monster from your hand or Deck. During the End Phase this turn, remove from play that monster."
ET is a staple card in the infamous Tele-DAD deck, which focuses on getting DARK monsters into the Graveyard to allow for the Special Summon of Dark Armed Dragon. Also, it works very well in any deck using Psychic monsters, which are rather versatile as you can go multiple routes with them, such as Life Point manipulating, Synchro Summoning, and even a One-Turn KO using Master Gig, Destructotron and Psychic Snail to allow each of them to attack 2 times during a turn.
Now being legal at 2 per deck like the two previous cards this week, Psychics just got a major boost with this card. Definately worth using in any deck using Psychic monsters.
Traditional: 3.5
Advanced: 3.75


Ironically, as hyped up as this card is, the first time I've actually seen this card in action in a Gusto Deck on Saturday. And by that point, I had an imminent win and my opponent just used it for the hopeless heck of it.

I think it goes without saying that summoning from the Deck is more beneficial than taking out a card from your Hand, and that the fact the monster has to be removed at the end of the turn is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. Unless there is a specific Level of monster you want that for some reason the deck can't offer you, or if you're so acute as to know the monsters in your deck are that important to be used so quickly, you don't want to throw out another card from your Hand. When you use Emergency Teleport to summon from the deck, it's handy, cuts your deck size down, and most prominently doesn't subtract from your total card advantage. Oh wait, but you lose the monster that same turn, don't you?

Yeah well, Emergency Teleport doesn't have a lot of restrictions on its summon, other than it being a Psychic. Yes, it has to be under Level 4, but that rarely matters anymore. Put that monster to good use by using it as Synchro material! This card has grown much more powerful than it was a year before, also, now that we have Xyzs as an option.

If you really want, Imperial Iron Wall saves the monster from Banishment, although most Psychic Decks wouldn't really go through the trouble. Also, a good amount of Psychic Decks would purposely use this card for the sake of Banishing a Psychic straight from the deck, which can serve a later use.

A riskier move, you can also use this card to bait out a Solemn Warning or Judgment, then proceed with a play you could've done without reliance on Emergency Teleport and capitalize on the LP loss from that Trap Card.

Traditional: 4/5 (I don't know what place Psychic Decks have in this format, but damn if summoning any from wide range of monsters straight from the deck isn't a good thing; and besides, isn't opening with Emergency Teleport + Catapult Turtle + Last Will an instant win?)

Advanced: 4/5 (powerful yes, but it lost a lot of influence as Psychics or TeleDAD isn't as monstrous as they were before, hence the Semi-Limiting; also, there aren't as many Level 3 Psychics as I initially thought)

Comparison to last format: Perhaps Konami or UDE or whomever's in charge now thought Wind-Ups or Inzektors were becoming too grossly overpowered and had the incentive to give more love to Psychics. Psychics have become more diverse and splashable since their debut (although considerably less destructive, as TeleDAD was their biggest thing), notable playing styles including LP manipulation, Banishment, and Gustos.

Aesthetics: 3.6/5 says HAI! I also don't know what it's business is with being a Quickplay and all, but it's definitely better than a Normal Spell. Say you're about to attack for the game bet get stopped cold with a Mirror Force. During your own Battle Phase, it's beneficial to summon monsters only at the last second. Also, during your opponent's turn, it gets points for chainability and perhaps as a desperate defense against attack (and, if you happen to have Urgent Tuning set, you can still Synch with that Psychic monster, but as it is, don't expect to utilize the Quickplay function of this card). I guess the Quickplay works with the "Emergency" part of this card, though, and the Teleport idea is cool.

Philosophy Corner: Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance. -Epicurus, Greek philosopher

They #^@& you at the drive-thru. -Stephan Pastis, cartoonist of Pearls Before Swine


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