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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Effect Veiler

During your opponent's Main Phase, you can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard to select 1 face-up Effect Monster your opponent controls. Negate the effect(s) of that monster until the End Phase.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.00
Advanced: 4.67 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - May 1, 2012

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John Rocha

Effect Veiler has hit a new high with the new Fast Effect Timing rule. Any monster that has a spell speed 1 or ignition effect gets hammered by this card. It was really good before, but now it has reached broken status. Almost every monster in the game now has an effect and most of them activate on the field and therefore get hit by Effect Veiler.
The top 3 decks in the game right now, depend on the effects of their key monsters. Dino Rabbit need to have the Rabbit or Tour Guide to go off to be successful. Veiler stops that. Wind-Ups need Rat, Hunter or Tour Guide to resolve successfully to be successful. Inzector’s are the least effected but still need the effects of Centipede and Dragonfly to be consistent.
Effect Veiler also gives us a light monster, so if we are running a dark deck, we can run the all mighty Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. It is also a Tuner, so if you have a monster on the field with a decent level, you can always Synchro summon a monster. Mind Control also becomes viable in your deck.
If you are not running 3 Effect Veilers in your decks these days, you probably are going to have some problems competing at the top levels.
Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5


The rest of the week, we will be looking cards that have been impacted by the recent removal of what was known as "Priority". First off, I personally, have dealt with a few players that held dearly by this technicality. Games were won by this. Now I like to think a lot will change, don't let YCS Chicago fool you. I think that will not last too long. Anyways, today's card was always a popular choice, but now has skyrocketed to having duelists having 3 copies either in their main/side or in both. Effect Veiler has the ability to stop your opponent's monster effect when you discard it during their Main Phase. Just by being able to do that, can stop your opponent from pulling anything that monster effect wise for the rest for that turn. It could stop them from summoning another monster, getting something from their deck or graveyard, destroying one of your monsters or even drawing a card or two. But i think what a lot of duelists are overlooking is that Effect Veiler is also a level 1 tuner. If you're running 3 of these, a copy of One for One wouldn't hurt, you never know when you might need a level 1 tuner, and besides, most likely you'll have two more to spare.
Traditional: 3 
Advanced: 4.5
Tomorrow: There was a hole here.....

Angelic Nightmare

For those who don’t know, the TCG no longer has priority on Ignition effects. I find it appropriate that the remainder of this week is going to be cards that benefited from this new ruling.

Effect Veiler

Spellcaster/ Light/ Level 1/ 0 ATK/ 0 DEF

“During your opponent's Main Phase: You can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard to target 1 face-up Effect monster your opponent controls; negate that target's effects until the End Phase.”

This card was the practically the first card that came to everyone’s mind about how great this card has become. With the release of Cardcar D and the continuous reign of Rabbit, this card has been seeing a lot more play in the main deck. Luckily because this card has been reprinted in the ORCS SE pack, there are many and some to spare.

The big keynotes about this card is that it can now stall Rescue Rabbit and Cardcar D, but if you follow this game , play semi-competitively,  or if you follow any yugitubers we all know what great use this can be now.

 Pros: Negates effects, chaos food, and is a tuner

Cons: 0 ATK and DEF.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5



Effect Veiler
Lv 1/LIGHT/Spellcaster-Tuner/0A/0D
"During your opponent's Main Phase: You can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard to target 1 face-up Effect monster your opponent controls; negate that target's effects until the End Phase."

It's kind of funny that we're reviewing this card now when I've finally gotten around to ordering some copies of it...

EV is a rather useful card as it can shut down almost any monter effects. It can stop Master Hyperion, Dark Armed Dragon, Tour Guide from the Underworld, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, etc., etc. The one sad thing is that it only works during the oponent's turn, which is the one thing keeping her from being the perfect card. There's some effects that could stand to be shut down during your turn, such as those of Archlord Krista, Black Luster Soldeir - Envoy of the Beginning, Spirit Reaper and Stardust Dragon, but until Fiendish chain is released in a more affordable rarity.. *hint, hint, Konami*, this card can do wonders to ruin the opponent's strategies and while it's not fit for every deck out there, it's one of the best cards available so far.

Traditional: 4.5
Advanced: 4.75

Blocking a monster's effect may be more valuable than you think; it's easy to underestimate a card that might not to seem offer any instantaneous advantage.
EV's greatest strength comes in her ability to be played during the opponent's turn. Suppose the opponent just summoned, say, any of Judgment Dragon, Black Luster Soldier, or Celestial the Lightsworn Angel. Either JD or Celestial will pay their costs and then Veiler them to void the effect. If BLS declares his banishment effect, Veiler him; he won't be allowed to banish NOR attack that turn.
Your opponent just Flip Summoned Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter? Big waste. Make Stardust Dragon, Legendary Six Samurai Shi-En, Jinzo (that still sees use?), and countless other monsters all that much easier to destroy. Even if you Veiler a Leviathan Dragon long after it's been summoned, you drop its ATK down to 2000 with a worthless Overlay Unit. If you Veiler something such as Naturia Bamboo Shoot or The Winged Dragon of Ra, they have lost their qualifications of being Normal Summoned, meaning Bamboo's effect has been permanently disabled and Ra's ATK is at pitiful 0, forever alone...
Veiler's effect even works through the Grave, meaning she can neuter the likes of Sangan, Tour Bus of the Underworld, and Treeborn Frog. One of the biggest complaints on Veiler was her inability to address Trigger Effect monsters that release themselves as a cost. The first three examples that come immediately to my mind, from most to least commonly used: Rescue Rabbit, Exiled Force, Amazoness Scouts. Right when they were summoned, your opponent could exert the right to priority and use their effects right away, sacrificing themselves IMMEDIATELY, and since they're already sacrificed by that point, Veiler can't touch them. But now Konami says that right after a summon, you cannot call that priority on Spell Speed 1 cards, such as the aforementioned Trigger Effect monsters. That means that Veiler has gotten overall stronger, as when your opponent summons the humanitarian rabbit intending to transistion to an Evolzar, THIS TIME, you can turn it into a 300 ATK rabbit stew.
There are times when monsters' effects have you locked into a corner, and this little angel is sometimes your only key out of that pickle.
Oh yeah, and Veiler's a Tuner that can be summoned via One for One, which is always useful. In an offensive deck, using Veiler (usually with Treeborn Frog) is oftentimes the only way to summon Formula Synchron. In some other decks, it is possible Veiler is the only Tuner in the entire deck, which is Veiler’s key factor in being used over the similar card Forbidden Chalice.
Traditional: 4.9 (there is probably no single card that will save your life against those FTK's)
Advanced: 4.45 (extremely, extremely splashable and is fantastic at executing what she does, and if you don't have one in your Main Deck you are almost guaranteed to have some stashed in the Side)
Aesthetics: 5/5 One of the most beautiful cards ever drawn. I sometimes use this card's picture to send to friends on their birthdays or as other gifts.
Philosophy Corner: The shortcut is the path with the least travel on it, so assuming everyone takes the shortcut, wouldn't that mean that the path with the least travel is most traveled upon?

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