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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

10th Anniversary of COTD!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.40
Advanced: 3.67 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - April 2, 2012

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Well today is a very momentous occasion my friends...this is the TEN year anniversary for the Pojo Yugioh Card of the Day! We open the week and honor this by looking at a blast from the past, the very FIRST card reviewed here, the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon. Right off the bat, sadly a monster like Blue Eyes White Dragon has little to no place in any real competitive play. A Dragon Deck CAN be a force to be reckoned with, but most of those wouldn't even be playing Blue Eyes White Dragon. This card has a lot of support however. Most of its support I would consider to not be great, but things like Ancient Rules (allowing you to Special Summon a Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from your Hand) or something like Paladin of White Dragon, or even Kaibaman. Kaiser Sea Horse can help as it can count as both tribute Monsters as Blue Eyes White Dragon is a Light attribute Monster. Dragon's Rebirth is a Trap that can help you easier summon Blue Eyes. Decoy Dragon can help, and being Level 8 Blue Eyes can be used for Trade In. The White Stone of Legend can assist in getting Blue Eyes to your Hand more easily, although doesn't really help in summoning. Burst Stream of Destruction is an awesome Magic card support, although it doesn't allow Blue Eyes to attack the turn you use it. Dragon Tactics can help, although the two Tributes are still required, the Monster is Special Summoned. Photon Sanctuary is another helpful Magic card in being able to Summon Blue Eyes. IF you truly want to play a Blue Eyes Deck, honestly it's not the most difficult thing in the world to pull off. It's got enough support, for Dragons, Light Monsters, and the card itself.


Blue Eyes is a card like Dark Magician, that in the fact as to how playable or good it may actually be, it's above the ratings system.

Art: 5/5


It's the Pojo's YGO COTD's 10th birthday today and we're taking a modern day look at the very first card our founding fathers of Pojo ever reviewed, the mighty Blue Eyes White Dragon. First, this card had a spot in my heart, as it is my favorite monster ever. In the beginning, there were very few cards that helped ol' Blue Eyes. Lord of D with The Flute of Summoning Dragon could get you one or two, depending on your hand, or Card Destruction with Monster Reborn, and Soul Exchange/Change of Heart. Now there are a lot more ways to either get it out or get the most out of this 3,000 ATK monster. Using The White Stone of Legend with Cards of Consonace to get you a Blue Eyes and two cards, then use Trade-In to net you two more. Monster Reborn, Dragon's Rebirth, Kaiser Seahorse and Kaibaman are a few ways to get it on the field, depending on where Blue Eyes is.  Blue Eyes has enough support to make its own deck, including Burst Stream of Destruction and Paladin of White Dragon. Is it big time tournament worthy? A very well built one, maybe, other than that, Seto Kaiba's ace card is good for locals, and maybe regionals. But other than that, it's still one of the best monsters in the game, just based on his support alone.
Traditional: 2
Advanced: 5 *In a deck built around BEWD*
Art: 5 All of the various forms
Tomorrow: Who wants S'mores?
Happy Birthday Pojo!


Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Lv 8/LIGHT/Dragon/3000A/2500D
(no effects)
Wow! 10 years of card reviews? That's quite the accomplishment! While I haven't been on here as a reviewer for long, I've enjoyed the experience and am glad to be a part of the 10th anniversary.  :)
Ah, the one that started it all. I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! since the very beginning, and Ol' Blue Eyes was once -THE- card to have in a deck as he was the single strongest monster to exist. Despite needing 2 tributes and lacking any special abilities, he remained the ultimate beatstick for several sets.
Nowadays, there's cards that vastly outclass him in both power and can be gotten out way easier. Still, he remains a good card that can go into certain decks, such as a Dragon deck that involves special summons (mainly using Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon), and has enough support to warrant building a deck exclusively around him, using cards such as Dragon Ravine, Totem Dragon, REDMD and several other cards that make a list a bit too large to mention here. He's also gotten some theme support in the form of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon and Kaibaman to name a few.
Still a fun card to use, but needs to be special summoned to be competative, IMO.
Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 2.75  


April 2, 2002

Hello everyone. Welcome to Pojo's first Yu-Gi-Oh! card review. Today we have for you the strongest Normal monster in the game. Imagine opening a pack of LOB. There are eight worthless pieces of trash, and sitting in the middle of the bunch is the gleaming, ferocious Blue-Eyes White Dragon locked in an uncontrollable outrage. At 3000 ATK, your opponent is doomed without a Spell or Man-Eater Bug. Trap Hole only works if your opponent actually goes through the process of Normal Summoning it.

A decade later, what else has changed? Mirror Force, Monster Reborn, and Dark Hole are still all on the loose. Scrap Dragon, Judgment Dragon, Grapha the Dragon Lord, and all other Dragons are incredibly easier to summon than Blue-Eyes and can overpower it/her (Kisara?) without a sweat. Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is a more muscular version of Blue-Eyes. So then, Blue-Eyes is complete trash then, right?

In these ten years though, Blue-Eyes has also garnered a great amount of support. The above cards can outclass Blue-Eyes by itself, but the Blue-Eyes Deck itself (hey at least you get the surprise factor going for you) has a great amount of potential. As such, I will be discussing Blue-Eyes only in her trademark Deck for this next paragraph.

Very rarely will you go through the process of Normal Summoning Blue-Eyes. You drop her straight in the Grave (usually Trade-In, Polymerization, Dragon's Ravine, Future Fusion for Ultimate Dragon or Five-Headed), and you usually revive her from there or Banish with Dragon's Mirror. King Dragun and Flute of Summoning Dragon are also swift methods to drop Blue-Eyes. The goal of a BEWD Deck is to capitalize on Blue-Eyes' name and Normalcy to swarm very quickly with high-ATK monsters, giving her a strong chance to OTK (perhaps at an even easier chance than a generic Dragon Deck). Dragon Master Knight, Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, or Thunder End Dragon are all other powerful options that should be summoned if possible.

Effectless it may be, but 3000 ATK is plenty dangerous. She recieves great benefits off her Type, Attribute, Level, and even her Name. You could even splash in some Alexandrite Dragons and add Normal monster support, but Blue-Eyes as a single archetype takes up a lot of deckspace as is. Build a BEWD Deck today and see how it works for you.

Niche Decks: Exodia FTK (certain variants enjoy a core of Cards of Consonance + White Stone + Blue-Eyes + Trade In + Super Rejuvenation and sometimes Heart of the Underdog, which is by far my favourite version of Exodia), Normalized Beatdown is noteworthy given its record-high ATK, Hieroglyphics could consider putting this to use but their Level 8 Normal Dragon is usually the one of their own namesake considering BEWD would be at 0 ATK if they try to swarm her

Advanced: 2.5/5 (at the very least, she has Fiendish Chain immunity and Non-Spellcasting Area support going for her)

Traditional: 2.8/5 (same score for different reasons, given BEWD's potency in Exodia)

Aesthetics: 5/5 Legendary card, but I have a nagging feeling how blue eyes and white skin probably has a hidden connotation... In any case, I have always felt BEWD is more of a silvery blue than a white hue. The signed Takahashi artwork (atop a skyscraper) is one of the most beautiful artworks in the game. The tablet version's pose is much better when she's charging up her laser. The original artwork from Legend of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon that depics her thrashing about is a painting that clearly exudes passion and hard work, but I would have to say I absolutely love Kaiba's classic BEWD, the one that's crouching down. Blue is such a pretty thing.

Philosophy Corner: Most of the things we call evil are not evil at all; it is just that we don't understand them and so we call them evil. And we fear evil only because we don't understand it. -Gabriel Mįrez, fictional character of Rudolfo Anaya's Bless Me, Ultima (1972)



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