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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

The Huge Revolution Is Over

When a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect is activated that destroys 2 or more cards on the field: Negate the activation and banish it.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.87
Advanced: 2.67 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - April 16, 2012

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Miguel This is a rather interesting card, as the great debate is Huge Revolution V. Starlight Road is on. Huge Revolution has pretty much the same effect as Starlight, except it is a counter trap, and you don't get a Stardust Dragon. In a format that has 3 Judgement Dragons, Heavy Storm, and a few other cards that can destroy more than 1 card at a time, Huge Revolution does what is does very well. An added bonus is that it not only negates, it banishes the card as well. Some people see it as a side deck card, others main deck it, while the others see it as too situational. I think it's good in either the main or side deck.

Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 2.5
Tomorrow: You can take someone's eye out with that.


The Huge Revolution is Over
Counter Trap
"When a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect is activated that destroys 2 or more cards on the field: Negate the activation and banish it."

Such a short and unremarkable revolution it was...

With Heavy Storm and Mirror Force legal at 1 each per deck and Torrential Tribute semi-limited, this card could be handy, but the fact that the card in question has to destroy 2 cards limits this one's usability and therefore makes it a situational card. Because of this, I wouldn't run more than a single copy in your deck. It's a nice card, but can only work in certain situations.

Traditional: 3
Advanced: 2.5

You know, Starlight Road does the exact same thing, except it destroys the opposing card and gives you a bonus Stardust Dragon. Granted, Revolution banishes, which is better than destroying OR sending to the Graveyard, but...Stardust...
Other than the fact Starlight Road gives you a very powerful monster while still carrying practically the same effect (and granted you're only allowed to use Stardust Dragon's protection effect once, but still...), there are a lot of technicalities that separate Starlight Road and Revolution.
The biggest differences: Revolution banishes the target and Road gives you a new monster. Banishing is a nice touch, but it's nothing compared to bringing out a new monster. Granted, if you fail to destroy the target, you're not allowed to summon Stardust, but this should not be the sole factor in not using Revolution. This is one of the biggest points of Starlight Road, that you can trigger it without relying on your opponent and still benefit from it. Also, Starlight Road can be stopped by Solemn Warning, but again, is not a big enough factor to NOT use Starlight. The banishment is also usually negligible, as the such cards you're trying to protect against are Normal Spells (Dark Hole), Normal Traps (Mirror Force), or Nomi monsters (Judgment Dragon).
If you watched the 5D's anime, you might remember once Yusei targeted his own cards for destruction for the sake of using Starlight Road. Players in real life may use Starlight Road in combo with their own Dark Hole and Heavy Storm just for the sake to summon Stardust. Keep in mind, however, that Starlight Road requires that two of YOUR cards are going to be marked for destruction, meaning you cannot Starlight a Scrap Dragon. Revolution does not go into such specifics, so you can Revolution a Scrap Dragon, although in general this is too situational a scenario to immediately want Revolution over Starlight Road. This also goes into more complex technicalities, like Icarus Attack. Icarus targets any two cards on the field to be destroyed, so if your opponent has at least one card on the field out when resolving Icarus Attack, you are NOT allowed to use Starlight because your opponent might target only one of your cards (despite what the actual targets are going to be), and Revolution does not go into these specifics. Again, just an unlikely scenario, but it's to prove a point.
Finally, Revolution is a Counter Trap, which is usually good, as it means it's hard to Chain against it and it can be used during the Damage Step (Revolution can be used against Red Dragon Archfiend whilst Starlight can't, ironically; Red Dragon Archfiend is the only such example I can think of).
Oh yeah, and Revolution is a Short Print/Normal Rare in Order of Chaos. Starlight is slightly easier to get as a tin promo or a Normal Rare in Duelist Pack 10: Yusei Fudo 3.
Ok, enough with the comparisons. I may prefer Starlight over Revolution (if only for gaining a bonus monster), but I also dislike Starlight itself due to the situational activation requirements that multiple cards are to be marked for destruction. If your Extra Deck is cramped for space and you're not running Stardust Dragon anyway, I would not splash in Stardust Dragon just to get the get the full mileage off Starlight Road, as you should focus on keeping your Extra Deck filled with the important stuff before using a splashable protection card like Revolution or Starlight.
If you intend to have many cards on the field at one time, then by all means run a Starlight or Revolution for protection. The Huge Revolution is Over is a perfectly splashable card.
Other comparable cards:
My Body as a Shield, a Quickplay that has a 1500 LP cost and will negate/destroy any card that intends to destroy at least one monster on the field
Destruction Jammer, a Counter that as a discard cost and will negate/destroy any card that intends to destroy at least one monster on the field
Traditional: 3/5 (it does get that Chaos Emperor Dragon good and makes it untouchable by Fiber Jar, although it does make it touchable by either player's Dimension Fusion)
Advanced: 3/5
Aesthetics: 4.5/5 I think that the series following the French revolutionaries and the "Imperial Order" king is intricate and very interesting.
Philosophy Corner: www.duelingnetwork.com is fantastic for its selection of all released cards and allowing for unlimited and free deckbuilding and dueling. I go there too, so it must be worth visiting. Ask your parent's permission before going online.

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